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Listen everyone!


 If this ground invasion of all the Arab states which have formed a coalition invades Syria, then you can be assured that the city and captial of Syria which isDamascus will be Bashar Assad's LAST STAND!  Also if Bashar Assad sees that he is going to fall and be uprooted, then he could very well try and start a war with Israel by shooting missiles into Israeli territory, either out of Syria or out of southern Lebanon where they have over 250 thousand + missiles pointed at Israel according to Israeli intelligence reports. Such a scenario could start an all out middle east regional war.  But to tell you the truth I think the Rapture is going to happen and disrupt the plans of the Arab enemies of Israel.  God is NOT going to allow Israel to be overtaken and destroyed by thousands of incoming missiles from every direction. Therefore I believe that the Rapture has to be SO CLOSEnow!...RIGHT ON TOP OF US!  God will remove His Church and then intervene and foil the plans of Israel's arab enemies who according to Psalm 83 are ploting her destruction.



 Now as I was sitting here contemplating the Isaiah 17:1,2 prophecy and the situation which is unfolding in Syria the following phrase of "THE LAST STAND"came to my mind.  Therefore I decided to put together the following phrase of "Damascus Syria the last stand in Adar." We are now in the month of Adar 1, and the 14th Adar 2 is the 1rst day of Purim.  And don't forget that I have already shown all of you how the phrase "In 14th Adar 2" is miraculously encoded in Isaiah 17 in the opening verses of that chapter ( less than on in a million chance of being encoded there ).  Now when I saw what the gematria value was of this phrase I just about fell out of my chair!


Totally freaking me out!!!!!!!!!!!


[....................................Damascus Syria the last stand in Adar...............................]

ד  מ  ש  ק     ס  ו  ר  י  ה     ה  מ  פ  ל  ט    ה  א  ח  ר  ו  ן     ב א  ד  ר

200 4    1    2       700 6  200  8    1    5       9   30  80  40    5        5   10 200  6  60     100 300  40    4 / total = 2016


Time is very short folks!


Even so, come Lord Jesus!


In Christ, Tom Gaston





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