As of today, we are not in the Tribulation period Daniel's 70th week. #ccot End Times

By Tom Gaston :

Be very careful what you read online, and don't pay any attention to such foolish and ignorant teaching by those who are devoid of understanding on this subject which you mention below, and who are teaching that the 70th week of Daniel has already started.

This is absolute total nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel's 70th week cannot commence UNTIL the Church has been removed from the earth.  Israel's prophetic program does NOT  "overlap" God's program for His Church during the "age of grace."  Israel has to come to faith in Yeshua her messiah through "judgment" since she is presently in national unbelief during the "age of grace."  But once the "fullness of the Gentiles comes in ( The completion of the body of Christ / the Church which concludes the Church age ), THEN and ONLY THEN will Israel be saved.

Rom. 11:25,26....."For I do not want you,brethren, to be uniformed of this mystery- so that you will not be wise in your own estimation that a "partial hardening" has happened to Israel UNTIL the "fullness of the Gentiles has come in" ( The church completed at the time of the Rapture ). And so all Israel will be saved ( After the Church age of grace has concluded ); just as it is written, "The Deliverer will come from Zion ( Christ's second advent to the earth at the END of the tribulation period - Matt. 24:29 ), He will remove the ungodliness from Jacob." This is My covenant with them, when I "take away their sins."

  The Church is already saved and righteous by faith in Christ.  And the Church is already seated with Christ at the "right hand of God the Father" in spirit ( Eph. 2:6 ).  Israel on the otherhand has NOT experienced "national redemption and salvation" as of yet as they are in national unbelief in their messiah Yeshua presently at this time.  The whole purpose for the tribulation period ( Dan. 70th week ) is so that God can bring Israel to national repentance and faith in her messiah, and return to the earth and restore Israel.

The Church is NOT under, nor will she ever be under any condemnation of God whatsoever ( Rom. 8:1  Col. 2:13,14 ). And therefore neither will any members of the body of Christ be present upon the earth during the tribulation period experiencing any of God's wrath during that period of divine judgment ( Rom. 5:9;   1Thess. 1:10,   5:9 ).  The Church possesses the very righteousness of God through faith in Christ Jesus. And so therefore God could NEVER pour out His own wrath upon "His own righteousness" which every member of the body of Christ possesses by faith in Christ ( 2 Cor. 5:21 ).  For if God did such a horrendous act, then what would God be saying about His very own righteousness which every member of the body of Christ already possesses?  God could NEVER do such a thing at it would go totally against His own character and the redemptive work of His own Son which was accomplished at the cross of calvary.  Therefore there is NO WAY that the Church is presently experiencing the 70th week of Daniel, nor will she be here upon the earth to experience any of God's 21 divine judgments which will be poured out during the seven year tribulation period.

The prophecy of the 70 weeks which was given to Daniel by Gabriel does NOT involve the Church, but rather this prophecy is specifically directed towards Israel and the city of Jerusalem, as the Scripture passage below makes this very clear.  The Church was non-existent and out of the picture when this prophecy was given to Daniel concerning God's people Israel.

Dan. 9:24...." “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people ( Daniel's people Israel ), and your holy city ( The city of Jerusalem ), to finish the transgression ( Israel's transgression ), to make an end of sin ( Israel's sin first ), to make atonement for iniquity ( The crucifixion and blood atonement of Christ at calvary ), to bring in everlasting righteousness ( God will establish His righteousness and His kingdom within the earth when He returns - Luke 11:2..."Our Father, who art in heaven..etc. ), to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place ( This takes place at the time of Christ second advent to the earth when the 70th week of Daniel will have concluded - Matt. 24:29 ).

And so you can see that the Church / Church age has to conclude BEFORE God's program of "national redemption and salvation" of Israel can begin to take place.

I hope this was helpful.  And once again don't pay any attention to those who are teaching otherwise, as they are totally devoid of any understanding on this subject matter.  We are living at a time of "great deception." And many Christians at this time are being totally deceived by "false teachers" who have convinced them that what they are teaching is God's word.  Nothing could be further from THE TRUTH!

1rst Timothy 4:1......."But the Spirit explicitly says that in the "latter times" some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons."

Such demonic teachings are here right now!!!!!

God's blessings to you

In Christ,

On Aug 1, 2016, at 4:33 PM, Tom <> wrote:

This gematria is really exciting to me in what it might be suggesting!  And could it be that perhaps that what it is suggesting is that the End-time prophecies in Daniel, and more specifically the 70th Week of Daniel, may commence in the year of 5776 / 2016?

[............And the book of Daniel...........]
ו  ה  ס  פ  ר     ש  ל     ד  נ  י  א  ל
30   1  10  50  4       30  300      200 80  60   5    6 / total = 776........Wow!  That's amazing!

( 2016 ) present Jewish year of 5776 = 776
Fullness = 776
Resurrection = 433 + 343 Rapture = 776

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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