Christ Jesus is still coming! By Pastor F.M. Riley #Rapture Watch Summer Solstice June 21, 2017; Venus,Moon Conjunction

                                June 17, 2017

Christ Jesus is

still  Coming!  

                                                                                                  By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                                                                                  June 17, 2017

     "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also."

                                                                                                                     John 14:3

    "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

     Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken."  Luke 21:25-26.


     Yes, Pentecost has come and gone, and the Lord Jesus did not return on that date, in spite of the anticipation of many of God's people.  So as one fellow said to me, "Perhaps we have been wrong about the coming of Christ, and His coming is only spiritual, not literal."  

      Hogwash!  I don't buy the fellow's statement at all, not in any sense of the Word.  The Lord literally and bodily and visibly went back to His Father in Heaven some 2,000 years ago [Acts 1:9-10], and the Lord is literally and bodily and visibly coming again, ".....for He is faithful that promised," Hebrews 10:23.  

     And what did the Lord Jesus Himself say would indicate His return, just after "the times of the Gentiles" are fulfilled, Luke 21:24?   The Lord explicitly stated that there would be.......

Signs in the Sun, and in the Moon, and in the Stars

     Yes, the Day of Pentecost is past, but there are other "possible" dates for the Lord's coming which need to be carefully "watched" by every true believer.  

     Right now I am thinking of the Summer Solstice, June 21st, which is just four days away as I write.  June 20th is the last day of Spring, and June 21st is the first day of Summer.  So one day ends and another day begins!  So what makes the first day of Summer so special?  I'm so glad you asked!  

     The night of June 20th-21st, is the time when the Planet Venus occults, or comes into conjunction, with the Moon.  This means that Venus will cover or conceal the Moon for a period of some three to four hours during that night.  

     However, let me make it clear that no reader will be able to see this occur in the night sky unless you have an infra-red telescope, for the time will be "the dark of the Moon."  The "dark of the moon" is caused by the shadow of the Earth covering the Moon, and hiding it from the light of the Sun.   While the Planet Venus will be easily seen in the night sky, the Moon will be totally dark as Venus comes into conjunction with it, and it will require some three to four hours to cross in front of the Moon's location in the night sky.  So what does this have to do with the coming of the Lord?  Possibly nothing!  Possibly everything!  

     Types and Shadows

     That there are types and shadows in the inspired Word of God is clearly stated in Hebrews 8:5 and 10:1.  These are  things  mentioned in God's Word, which typifies or shadows something else also mentioned  in the Scriptures.   In other words, one thing illustrating another thing.  

     Over and over again in God's Word the Sun is set forth as a type  of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  And since all the light that the Moon sheds down upon the Earth, is the reflected light from the Sun, then the Moon is obviously a type of the Lord's Church.  The source of all the spiritual light the Church sheds forth upon mankind, is reflected directly from the Word of God.  And WHO is the Word of God?  None other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, John 1:1-5; 8:12; 9:5.  

     So the Moon is a definite type of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  

     But there is also the Planet Venus.  Venus, throughout human history has traditionally served two purposes for mankind.  Venus has always been regarded by mankind as the "evening star."  In other words, the very bright star which first apppears in the night sky at evening.  

      However, Venus is also regarded as the "morning star."  One of the brightest stars in the early hours of the morning which appears just before the dawning of the day.  So for centuries Venus has served as both the "evening star" and the "morning star."  And the Planet Venus is another type of Christ.  

     Some reader may be wondering how Venus could serve as both the "evening star" and the "morning star?"  I do not pretend to know enough about the movements of the stars and planets to explain this, but I do know that the Lord Jesus Christ explicitly stated, ".....I am the beginning and the end.....," Revelation 21:6.  Christ claimed that He filled both of those positions.  Do our readers believe the Lord's statement?  So why should it be thought impossible for Venus, who typifies the Lord to serve as both the evening and the morning star?  

     The Planet Venus is therefore a type of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Who said so?   The Lord Himself said so!  In Revelation 22:16 the Lord Jesus explicitly stated, "I Jesus have sent Mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches.  I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."  See also Revelation 2:28 and 2 Peter 1:19.  So the Planet Venus definitely typifies the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ, as the "morning star" is going to appear in the heavens above the earth, very early in the morning, to resurrect and rapture His Church and believing people to Himself, before the dawning of "the Day of God."  

     Oh glory to God!  Hallelujah!  Praise be to the Lord God!    

A Possible Application

     Now since the Moon typifies the Lord's Church, and Venus typifies the Lord Jesus Himself, and......

     Since Venus is going to come into conjunction with the darkened Moon on the summer solstice, occurring the night of June 20th-21st, could this "possibly" be the Lord's way of warning His people that the rapture is going to occur over the whole earth as that conjunction of the Moon and Venus occurs?   Is that "possible?"

So what if the Rapture doesn't happen at that time?

     Then this believer will just keep "watching" for the Lord's coming, as the Lord's disciples were instructed to do by the Lord Himself.  

     I would add that astonomers tell us that there are more eclipses, meteor showers, and conjunctions which will occur in the months of July and August, and the constellation of Revelation 12 in September.  As the Lord Himself said in our text Scripture for this study, ".....there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars...."  Just keep "watching."  


     Remember, as you read this study, the summer solstice is just four days away!   Does any true believer want to risk meeting the Lord with unconfessed sin in your life?  Read 2 Corinthians 5:10, and let the truth stated there soak in.  If you need to make things right between you and the Lord, before being brought before His "bema seat of judgment," now is the time to do so.  Hurry!  

     If any reader is unsaved, with no real assurance of forgiven sin and salvation, do you want to risk being left behind on the earth when the rapture occurs, to enter the terrible Tribulation period?  Then seek the Lord for salvation right now.  And hurry!   Tomorrow could be too late!  Just bow your head [and your heart], and in simple prayer ask the Lord Jesus to reveal Himself to you in His saving grace, and if you really mean it, He will!  Read and believe Ephesians 2:8-10 and Luke 18:9-14.  

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    Permission is granted to reproduce this study to share with others as the Lord leads, while there is still time.  

     I truly thank each dear reader who is praying for me, and for this ministry, for every kindness you have shown.  May our gracious Lord reward each of you abundantly.   

     All comments, questions, and correspondence should be addressed to me at:  Pastor F. M. Riley,  14275 County Road 8120,  Rolla, Missouri 65401.  All phone calls should continue to be directed to 573-201-0491.  My phone problem has been determined to be my location, rather than the phone.  I am having difficulty receiving the signals, but sometimes I am in the right place and the phone rings, so don't give up.  

     God bless you all is my prayer.  

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