Double Bind, Satan's most effective weapon

This Blog Post will be, by the grace of God Almighty,  the shortest yet most effective Post I've written.
1. Please study the meaning of "Double Bind" in the link provided above.
2. Please know that Satan is real. He  knows and continually uses the word of God as his primary weapon against the Saints and to keep the lost souls in darkness.
3. Since the mind is the most powerful part of man's soul. The Devil attacks here.
4. Since the fear of eternal damnation is our deepest fear, Satan makes a foothold here in one form or another making the Saint question his salvation. To question salvation drives the lost soul to feel hopelessly lost or worse give the lost soul a false sense of their security based on works. (Note: why are we told to put on the helmet of salvation in Ephesians 6:17?)
5. The easiest way for Satan to double bind with God's Word is when Christians fail to properly study God's Word and or rightly divide  (by proper dispensational truth. 2 Timothy 2:15). False doctrine, Wicked False Teachers of the Bible, these fake pastors and so called evangelists are Satan's tools and have mastered Double Bind Tactics.
For a deep understanding of Dispensational Truth and Rightly Dividing please open this link:


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