Heretical Calvinism among some Protestants is the Bridge to Catholicism #Apostasy #EndTimes

I emailed this message to my Brother in Christ:

Brother I must share this with you. 

Your study on Calvinism is the best I've ever read.  It's now a part of my best reference material.  I am eternally grateful for meeting you and learning so much from you. 

I had no idea how connected Calvinism is with Catholic Doctrine until I read your study.
Read Study here in link:  Calvinism and Catholicism 

Proof your study is SPOT ON ACCURATE is found in a real life example in the life of a pathetically lost PhD Catholic apologist layman named Dr. David Anders of Catholic radio EWTN...  

He is a self proclaimed: Former Protestant and Calvanist who converted to Catholicism.

Biography link

I called in onto his live nationally syndicated radio station with thousands of listeners and exposed his false teaching on purgatory and teaching another gospel. He is extremely crafty and cunning. I kept asking him to give me an exact scripture to support his theology but he kept blabbering jibberish. Anyway just wanted you to know about his bridge to Catholicism was CALVINISM...

I'm going to write him a letter as the Lord leads perhaps call the station and ask him directly to debate me online or on YouTube. The word of God will destroy his PhD Catholic false doctrines.


Debate The Theology of 

Salvation and Eternal Security 


Debate Dogmatic Theological  teachings of the Catholic Church and The Traditions of Man vs the KJV Bible.




Here is his brilliant response I must share:

​Thank you, Andrew, your such an encouragement, yes John Calvin introduced clericalism and baby baptism into the reformation and it's still with us today, it's another false gospel yet Christians turn a blind eye to all that, and these clergy love the title, Reverend or right Reverend, vicar (Vicarious in place of Christ) Pastor, father, holy father etc, all from the devil, what about Jesus what does the bible say about his title? in Philippians 2:7 Jesus is called servant and the word Doulos is used there, it's bond slave or the lowest person in society a person who had no rights, and consider this, Paul the apostle said "I am the chief of sinners," Peter said "Depart from me Lord I'm a sinful man" Hezekiah said "Woe is me, for I am undone, because I'm a man of unclean lips", John the apostle when he saw an angel in the book of the Revelation fell down at his feet and the angel said Rev 22:9 "Don't do that I'm your fellow Doulos" Daniel said in Daniel 9:5--19 "We have sinned and committed iniquity, we have done wickedly and rebelled "etc, yet these hirelings in the RCC and the protestant churches give them self all these pompous titles yet many saved people honour them?, It just shows the power of the Devil in this world.
          I looked at those links about David Anders and it just makes me all the more grateful that the Lord opened my eyes to all that deception and I ran as fast as I could from the Catholic church, and when this pope becomes the false prophet to serve his master the Antichrist and the Devil, these deluded people like Anders will still follow and promote them, thank God we're saved Andrew, this video I'm sending is a guy called David Robertson who is the moderator of the free church of Scotland (their top man) and he's debating a ex Calvinist ex protestant who is now the same as Anders an apologist for the RCC and Robertson says on it "I accept the Pope is a brother in Christ because of his baptism" Calvinism inevitably leads its followers back to Rome, and their eschatology is the same as the RCC
​Andrew you could send the circus video to Andres and tell him that the pope is not interested in boring people like him he's interested in circuses with almost naked young girls as the video proves,

​Keep fighting for the faith Andrew as the bible tells "Contest earnestly for the faith delivered one and for all to the saints" we will soon be with the Lord as I believe the rapture is very close, the Lord bless you.    Brendan


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