A Perfect Case Study of Spiritual Blindness; Today's Pharisee

I rarely save and blog on bad comments - bad meaning Pharisees, i.e., WILLFULLY

 IGNORANT BLIND FOOLS who squawk like Parrots with words without TRUTH.

 With words without KNOWLEDGE. These Pathetic FOOLS are actually non-

Bible reading - especially the King James Bible. And IF they do read the Bible, it is

 most always a perverted translation from which they've been taught by an apostate

 heretical bible teacher.

 Another Blind person being led by the Blind. And if they do read, they do not study the

 scriptures for themselves. These talk away with words without knowledge who are not

 seeking truth, but want to argue without actually reading my response or study they

 question.  But today I just have to share this comment as both a witness and testimony

 to this person writing this and as an example for the Body of Christ (Matthew 12:37,

 Philippians 3:17) to witness what WILLFUL IGNORANCE looks like and how and

 why this is so dangerous as being exactly what the PHARISEES were like.

Here is the Video and Blog they commented on:

More Scripture to Knock-Out the Trinitarians; New add 1 Timothy 6:16 and 1 Corinthians 8:6 (thethirdheaventraveler.com)

This person made the following series of comments to this Blog and Video I posted above.

 See my response. NOTE:  After my final response this person will most likely continue wasting my time with worthless words and after I block them, they usually delete their comments.  I do not want this person's comments to disappear.  This needs to stand as I said as both a witness and testimony against them at judgment and for the Body of Christ to have an example. 

Arena heta  • 1 day ago

God never claimed to be Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ never claimed to be God The Holy Spirit never claimed to be God or the Christ. If there is one verse whereby either claimed to be the other then it is outside of the scriptures. Yet scripture repeats time and time again that there is only one God.l

Andrew Sheets  • 1 day ago

This is a seriously rhetorical question...: Have you honestly ever read the Bible?

Arena heta  • 1 day ago

Its not a question or questions Its a fact Its the truth. Read your bible

Andrew Sheets  • 1 day ago

 @Arena heta  Normally I'd brush such outrageously ignorant comments like yours aside, but it appears you somehow actually believe you read the Bible. The final authority of the King James Bible clearly states Jesus Christ is God. Paul opens his letters with the standard Greeting: ...from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ ex: Ephesians 1:2. Use of the conjuction "and" to introduce the subordinate clause means > that being OR WHO IS... If you don't believe this, then you won't believe John 8:58 or Exodus 3:14 or Colossians 1:15,16, 2:9 or Isaiah chapters 43, 44 45 or Hebrews 1:8 and over hundreds of other scripture. If you sincerely want to understand please email me. I can help you IF your heart is open to understanding.  Otherwise this is my final response to you.

Arena heta  • 9 hours ago

So what what Paul Peter James jack or jill say. Give me one scripture just one where Jesus said he with his own mouth that he was God or God or the Holy Spirit where did either claim to be the other. Nowhere that's where. God did not say 3 times this is my beloved me listen to me No he said my Son listen to him. God addresses Jesus as my son and he will forever be the Son of God. Stephen saw Jesus at the right hand of the Father He saw two people. How many is two.

Andrew Sheets  • 17 minutes ago

Arena heta: This is the absolute final response to your continual willful - blind ignorance. You continue to blabber without reading the scriptures and obviously have not read the Blog where we discuss ON THE Right Hand of God. This is a well-established metaphor meaning to WHOM IS GIVEN ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY and that is Jesus Christ. Acts 7:55, 56 reads: "STANDING "ON" THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD". So, Stephen saw Jesus standing on top of God's hand?"  ON is used here as a metaphor. See these scriptures and compare:


Stephen was confirming scripture: Acts 5:31, 1 Peter 3:22, Revelation chapters 1, 4 and 5. John didn't see 2 gods sitting in 2 thrones or Jesus standing on top of God's hand. Isaiah didn't see 2 gods sitting in 2 thrones or Jesus standing on top of God's hand.. Ezekiel didn't see 2 gods sitting in 2 thrones or Jesus standing on top of God's hand.. And certainly, Stephen didn't see Jesus standing on top of God's hand. OR 2 gods. IF Stepehen saw 2 gods it would have been written as such BUT IT IS NOT! Scripture is clear that NO MAN HAS SEEN GOD - John 1:18 KJB... So Stephen did? If he did, which he did NOT, he would have seen Jesus standing on top of God's hand.

If you don't care what Paul, Peter, James writes you're saying you do not care what God's word says.  The KJB says ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN BY INSPIRATION OF GOD. 2 Timothy 3:16 KJB... READ IT FOOL!  And then you use Acts to support your belief??? Are you a troll or are you really being serious here? This is nothing but WILFULL IGNORANCE... You will be judged at the final judgment for this blatant, defiant blind fool headed willful ignorance exactly as the PHARISEES.  Jesus Christ did not write Acts. Do you know who wrote the book of Acts? Never mind. You, Arena heta, have proven beyond all shadow of doubt that you are a lost soul. You deny God's word. You deny that Jesus said he is GOD.  Just as the Pharisees who were blind so are you blind. Jesus said clearly in John 12:5 KJB.  The Pharisees could not see it and denied it and so are YOU   The Pharisees kept asking Jesus if he were God and this is what Jesus said:  I HAVE TOLD YOU BUT YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME AND THE REASON YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME IS BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS NOT IN YOU BUT YOU ARE AS YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL.... READ IT: John 8:42-47


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