My Dream about the Rapture in May 2013

May 1, 20135:55

Disclaimer:  I'm not sharing this as a "thus saith the Lord" prophecy from God.  I'm not sharing this as God told me the rapture would occur on May 1st 2013.   I'm simply sharing this as a  true dream I had today that I "personally" believe is a very possible sign that we saints will be taken up to go home with our Lord in May May 2013. 

If the Rapture does not take place in May I'd suggest that something very significant will take place in May.  Thank you for allowing me to share this experience: (July 2013 I found the significance of May and the 555 above by reading an old Blog.  . May obviously was not the rapture, but it was showing me how we are separated by God's grace from the world to soon be raptured)

In my dream, I saw a white light that was brighter and more intense than anything humanly possible to explain  or experience. I felt a powerful force drawing me that was also humanly impossible to explain or experience.  

I knew this light was Jesus. We were talking without words but each word uttered was a clear spiritual experience with profound significance. I was sobbing great tears of unspeakable joy and relief and thankfulness and also a tremendous groaning of a debt of unimaginable gratitude for my complete  unworthiness of being a wretched sinner, a worm to be found worthy by the creator of all the universe to have been saved by grace.  By simply coming to my Jesus in simple faith through repentance and acceptance.

Over and over again I kept sobbing this thought: "I'm so unworthy, and you are so worthy, thank you. thank you, for your salvation."

This went on for some time and then, there was a very strong, sudden mental image of MAY ! I then heard MAY come out at the end of a booming Bang. 

   I then woke up and I intuitively knew immediately that this was personal revelation of the Rapture coming in May.

I got up and google'd   May 2013 and found  May 1, 2013 5:55.    (555 was revealed to me last year 3 times in profound ways pls see my blog separating His sheep from The goats.)
NOTES from Blog I found regarding the significance of May and the number 5:
The same day at exactly 1555; I looked at my cell phone time because my wife walked into the living room and asked me why I was so emotional about the video I had watched earlier in the morning.  I hadn't noticed she noticed.   I told her all about it. She was concerned when I told her I had to separate because of the financial security.  I hadn't at that time noticed numbers although I knew numbers were important to God. (note: I'm not promoting numerology which is a sin;  Biblical numerology can be found on: )   But the Holy Spirit told me to "Mark the Time" and to "Note the Time" i.e. the numbers 555.   I did.

Later in the day at around 2000 hrs I got a call from the director, telling me there was a late meeting and for me to come and meet with a group of people in a 5 star hotel lounge.  When I got there, I was repulsed to find myself sitting with a group of men who were talking of grotesque and explicit sexual perversion. Mind you there were families sitting within earshot from our table.  The man on my right was smoking and set down his cigarette lighter on the coffee table next to me.  I looked down and the cigarette lighter was white in color with large black numbers 555 on it.  I was stunned.  I couldn't get home soon enough to to research the significance of the number 5.   I did and found that 5 is basically representation of God's Grace and Redemption.  A number repeated 3 X signifies great importance.

A few months later, I was fired for completely crazy reasons. As I sat down at first bewildered and confused the Holy Spirit directed me to lift up my head and praise God for my redemption and for delivering me from the jaws of the Lion.   I went through the motions, but in truth I was devastated and even tried to reason with some people to get them to change their heart.   (Imagine this, the horror of how low we will stoop and how blind we become and the power of money and the lures of this world).  I was treated badly and told to remove all my belongings from the office and turn in my key. 

This couldn't have happened at a worse time. My wife was having a baby. We had incurred debt, pinning hopes on money coming in from the venture.  Although I receive a retirement it doesn't go far if we're not extremely frugal.  We were living in a small apartment that was infested with rats and mosquitoes and had no AC.  In Vietnam this can very unpleasant.  I prayed and prayed. And the only thing God kept telling me was don't worry, my grace is sufficient.

Less than a month later, exactly May 5, 2012 (555) ) I was asked to come back, they figured they probably needed me, but by then the Holy Spirit had taught me enough and I had been weaned off the tit of the world to a great extent and refused. I didn't realize the date until I sat down and drafted an official resignation letter and dated it (fifth month, fifth day and 2012 = 2+0+1+2=5 = 5 5 5).  

During the very hot summer I came down with Typhoid Fever and my wife and I and the newborn baby were really struggling.  The baby had heat rashes and couldn't sleep in the sweltering heat.  I cried out to God over and over again.  I had also burned some bridges in other work related ventures.  Finally, thank God we were able to move after one year in that place.  I've gotten teaching work again. Thank God.

Today is Eleven months, Six days (336 days = 12 (Governmental Perfection) ) after the day I was fired.  I was cleaning the floor and started thinking about the events of this past year and felt twinges of anger about how treacherously I was dealt with.  At this point The Holy Spirit told me that every single time I yearn for the world I would feel anger. When I truly let go and let God I will feel great joy to be apart from it.

When I sat down to do my morning bible study. I came to Ezekiel 42:20 :  "He measured it by the four sides: it had a wall round about, five hundred reeds long, and five hundred broad, to make a separation between the sanctuary and the profane place."

The Holy Spirit quickened me to study this verse.  5 is used to MAKE SEPARATION BETWEEN HOLINESS AND THE PROFANE PLACE.  5 is God's grace that allows us to be separated.  4 x used means God's Character.  Lesson here: It is God's very nature to be Holy and to make his children holy and he will separate them by his great grace and redemption by the power of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior AMEN.

Praise God!  Hallelujah!  Please dear one, give your heart to Jesus and when he takes you through times of testing and correction, ask him to give you his GRACE to sustain you.  He is getting us, His bride ready for the wedding.. THE GREAT WEDDING, THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB Revelation 19:


Repentance is not living a sinless life – if it were, then repentance would be forever beyond the reach of flawed and sinful mankind.  Repentance is changing one’s mind about one’s sinful condition and seeing oneself as the Lord does.
Salvation is a gift offered to the repentant.  They aren't repentant in order to get the gift.  They are repentant when they recognize that it IS a gift.  It is only by changing one’s mind about one’s own sin that one can recognize the need for a Savior.
“But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (Matthew 9:13)
(taken from 


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  2. Sarah, thank you very much for comment. No, my sister, I didn't, at first, pray asking for the Lord to reveal the meaning and wait for confirmation to test the spirit behind this. ("Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see .. 1 John 4:1...") I am now and ask for your comments and discernment. This must stand up to scrutiny and testing and truth. Amen!!! Please be advised.... I can't stress enough that I am NOT trying to say "God told me the rapture is 1 May". I'm only saying, I had a very powerful dream that I know May was clearly shown following and experience with Jesus and I believe (I believe) from intuitive belief that this is the the rapture. I could be wrong. If this is a deceiving spirit, it truly is as scripture shows us as an angel of light, a great deception. If I were to say for sure God showed me that this is the rapture I'd be a false prophet for sure, because God did not show me or tell me RAPTURE IN MAY. Praise God! Come soon dear Jesus!

    1. Amen, dear sister, Amen!!! I will check out Patrick Winfrey and please send me a quick email when you post your videos. I subscribed to your video link but it doesn't always notify me of new posts.


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