My Testimony of The Groom Texas Cross

 My personal testimony about the Groom cross.
Over the years I've driven by this cross several times.  Regrettably I never stopped to observe as I had no idea about the existence of that fascinating park on the location.
My last time I passed this cross, I was travelling from Tulsa OK to La Quinta CA. I had just separated from my ex wife, had been drinking heavily and was broken hearted.   I was heading West on I-40 (which follows old route 66) approaching Amarillo Texas. It was nearing sunset. As I had been watching the sunset before me, I began thinking my life as I knew it was also declining to its end. I then began dealing with some very depressing thoughts including suicide.
About this moment, the Groom Cross came into view. Because of its enormity - one can drive for nearly 30 minutes while viewing its majestic presence.
As the massive cross kept increasing in size, almost appearing to raise right in front of me, I started to weep and pray, asking God to please help me. Very clear thoughts from my Spiritual Heart kept repeating: "I am with you always...I am the way,  the truth and the life. It's all about the cross."
Soon, my heavy heart began to warm and it felt like 10 tons of grief were removed.  John 14:6, Galatians 2:20. Amen!
This day was the beginning of a series of events that changed my life forever.  I found true Salvation, I quit drinking and gave my life to Jesus Christ.
Please watch this video on true Bible Salvation
True Salvation


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