Capital One's Big Little Secret

Watch the pathetic video above regarding the upcoming Government "SECRET" bailout of the Reprobates at Capital One .  Please keep in mind the trillions of dollars the US Government is planning to bail out the too big to fail banks and industry. 

The Corbett Report 

Here's my comment regarding:

Of course Capital One wanted to keep this a secret.  One of the greatest days of my life was the day I made Capital One EAT $15,859. of my debt. Good ole Cap 1 came after me with relentless fury to collect through their law firm following fruitless attempts by several tiers of collection agencies.  My lawyer told me, "they will make you pay your debt.". I asked, "what about the trillions of bailout dollars the government pays out to big banks with my tax dollars? No response. So... after a few years of fun in court with an ultimate Bankruptcy, The Leviathan was finally silenced... However, it won't be until my Lord Jesus Christ steps foot back upon The Mount of Olives will this Leviathan be silenced for 1,000 years, form his rebellion for a season and praise God be cast into the lake of fire forever. Amen! 


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