Bands of Angels, Evil Angels, are coming.


He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them. Ps 78:49

 Angels do play a very important role in life.... 

They were involved in the annunciation, (Mt. 1:20-24; Lu. 2:8-15). Angels were involved in communication, (Mt. 2:13, 19; Mt. 28:1-8; Acts 8:26; Acts 10:1-8; 11:7-14). Angels were involved in special acts of deliverance. (Acts 5:17-25, Acts 12:1-11, Acts 12:20-24) See also Ps 55:18 and Ps. 34:7. Angels were involved in impartation of power and protection. (Acts 27:21-25; Luke 4:10; 2 Li. 6:16-17) Angels will be involved in the Great Tribulation. (Rev. 5:1-2, 7:1-3, 8:1-13` 13-14, 10:1-11, 11:1-15, 14:6-20, 16:1-17, 17:1, 18:1, 21, 19:17, 20:1-3, 22:11-17). Angels will be involved in the separating of the lost from the saved! (Mk. 13:24-27, Mt. 24:31). Angels are involved in observation as we live our lives. (1 Cor. 4:9, Heb.12:22...

Some examples of messengers of death are Sodom and Gomorrah and Killing the first born of every Egyptian family household not covered with the blood of the Lamb over the door post...

The angels are coming to do God's bidding.   When this happens make sure you're not on the receiving end of their work...

How?  Run to the Cross now and find Jesus.... Time has run out.

Commentary on Psalms 78:49:  "He cast upon them the fierceness of His anger, wrath, an indignation, and trouble. His last arrow was his sharpest. he reserved the strong wine of his indignation to the last. (note how the Psalmist piles up the words, and well he might; for blow followed by blow, each one more staggering than its predecessor, and then the crushing blow was reserved for the end (when after all the plagues he hit Pharaoh and Egypt he reserved killing the first born for last). ... God used the last by sending evil angels among them. Messengers of evil entered their houses at midnight, and smote the dearest objects of their love. The angels were evil to them, though good enough in themselves; those to the heirs of salvation these angels are ministers of grace, but are the executioners of judgement to the heirs of wrath. When God sends Angels they are sure to come, and if HE BIDS THEM TO SLAY THEY WILL NOT SPARE.... SEE HOW SIN SETS ALL THE POWERS OF HEAVEN IN ARRAY AGAINST MAN; he has no friend left in the universe when God is his enemy....By sending evil angels, evils come uncalled, but not unsent....   

Lo, the destroying angel flies
To Pharaoh’s stubborn land;
The pride and flower of Egypt dies
By his vindictive hand.
He passed the tents of Jacob o’er,
Nor poured the wrath divine;
He saw the blood on every door,
And blessed the peaceful sign.
Thus the appointed Lamb must bleed,
To break the Egyptian yoke;
Thus Israel is from bondage freed,
And ’scapes the angel’s stroke.
Lord, if my heart were sprinkled too
With blood so rich as Thine,
Justice no longer would pursue
This guilty soul of mine.
Jesus our Passover was slain,
And has at once procured
Freedom from Satan’s heavy chain
And God’s avenging sword.


  1. I like hearing angel stories. One time this evangelist was preaching at this church. After the meeting, he went back to his motel room. Then the phone rang. This man on the phone asked the evangelist if he could meet him at the bridge outside of town. The evangelist walked to the bridge and waited for an hour, but no one showed up. So he walked back to his motel room.

    A year later, the evangelist was preaching at this church and this man walked to the altar, weeping. He told the evangelist that he was recently saved. He also told him that he was the guy who phoned him and asked him to meet him at the bridge. He then told him that he was under the bridge with a gun--he was going to kill the evangelist.

    Then he asked, "Who was that big guy with you?"

    The evangelist replied, "I was alone. There was no one with me."

    "He was around 8 feet tall and he was carrying the biggest machine I have ever seen."

    "The Killer Angels"

  2. I really love the picture above where we see this Hebrew family reverently and humbly surrendered to the will of God. The Lord told them to kill a lamb and paint the lintel of the door with the blood of that lamb. And the angel of death PASSES OVER them and kills those not submitted to God's will.

    How many Christians are surrendered to Christ? If we are not surrendered to Christ, we are not covered by His Blood.

  3. Randy: You may want to read this sometime:

    "Recent Virginia Church Service"

  4. Thank you for your input Tim. God bless you... I love your Blog "Killer Angels" and will reread it. What an inspiration to those who're covered by the Blood, the Precious Blood of the Perfect Sacrifice of the Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ. That story of the Evangelist is so wonderful and amazing.... He said the biggest "Machine GUN" right? not machine?

  5. He said machine gun. So as we can see, the Lord has a sense of humor.

  6. "Carrying the biggest machine gun I'd ever seen......" WOW... IF this don't make you laugh and really understand that God definitely has a sense of humor, then nothing else will.

    Praise God for His angels and their machine guns...


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