It's not your money.

Study Luke 16 :9
We have a GREAT lesson here. We need to focus on the future by making wise decisions. Godly, wisdom, spiritual decisions in the here and now with all of our resources in the same manner that the worldly man stores up his wealth as if he could take it with him into the next life which he never can. Naked enter, naked return. But for us we need to look at life with eyes toward our final home by caring for the poor and the things of God. We CAST OUR BREAD UPON MANY WATERS THAT WE MAY FIND IT AGAIN IN HEAVEN... AS THEY SAY.. YOU CAN'T OUTLIVE GOD... MATTHEW HENRY WRITES: " ALSO GOD gives to a good man, that is good in his sight, that is, to a free-hearted charitable man, wisdom, and knowledge, and joy (Ecclesiastes 2:26).  That is, to a man that is faithful in unrighteous mammon
He gives the true riches. The riches of this world are another man's, not our own. They are ta allotria, not our own, for they are foreign to the soul and It's nature and interest. They are not our own, for they are God's; his title to them is prior and superior to ours; the property remains in him, we are only stewards. They are another man's; we have them from others; we usethem from others, and what good has the owner from his goods that increase, save beholding of them with his eyes, and must shortly leave them to others, and we know not whom?  BUT SPIRITUAL AND ETERNAL RICHES ARE OUR OWN THEY ENTER INTO THE SOUL THAT BECOMES POSSESSED OF THEM.  AND INSEPARABLE. THEY CAN NOT BE TAKEN FROM US.. IF WE MAKE CHRIST OUR OWN, AND THE PROMISES OUR OWN, AND HEAVEN OUR OWN, WE HAVE THAT WHICH WE CAN TRULY CALL OUR OWN.... BUT HOW CAN WE EXPECT GOD TO ENRICH US WITH THESE IF WE DO NOT SERVE HIM WITH OUR WORLDLY POSSESSIONS, OF WHICH WE ARE BUT ONLY STEWARDS... AMEN


  1. And we ourselves are not our own, being bought with a price.

    God bless!

  2. Oh, so true, so very true, Sarah. Praise God for this. Amen. Thanks for sharing. God bless you dear sister.


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