#Syria Bible Prophecy; Wake Up Call Saints

Commentary by Tom Gaston: Rapturetj@comcast.net

 In light of all the "destruction" which is taking place in Syria right now at this present time,  then it would seem to me that all of this destruction and devastation is the "prelude" to the final destruction of Damascus.  This is all conclusive to me and I think that you would agree!  The whole state of Syria is being wrecked and becoming a heap of ruins in many places already due to all the war and conflict which is going on at this present time.  Therefore perhaps it may be that the "last city" of destruction will be Damascus, the headquarters of the Al -Assad regime. 
 I really believe that the events taking place in Syria right now are a "sign and a "harbinger" which is indicating that the "Day of the Lord" is fast approaching when God will smash and destroy the city of Damascus and bring it to its final end as predicted In Isaiah chapter 17:1, 2.   Syria and its internal conflict therefore is an unmistakable sign and signal to the body of Christ and to its members who are avid students of Bible Prophecy, and who know about these prophcies,  that the Rapture of the Church is indeed AT THE DOOR! 
Sadly,  many within the body of Christ ( pastors and members alike ) think we have "years" still yet down here on this planet.  NOT SO!  The reason they have this distorted view is because they are totally ignorant and totally oblivious to the bible prophecies which will play out in these last days in which we live.  They see "no connection" whatsoever between what is going on around them, and more importantly what is going on in the whole middle east and within the state of Israel.   They haven't got one clue as to how these events are connected to the coming of the Lord for His Church, the judgments of the tribulation period, and the visible bodily return of Christ to the earth at the time of His second advent.  Their spiritual eyes have become "waxed over" with "Laodicean blindness."
Our departure is at the door!  

90 killed, says opposition group

The bombs -- drums packed with explosives and shrapnel -- can level entire buildings with one hit. Women and children were among the victims in Aleppo, Syria, a human rights group says.FULL STORY


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