Strain; God's Amazing Revelation


So much can be learned from just one word and how that word comes into our life. 

I relocated back to the US from Vietnam with my new family after being away for 73 months. 

By God's great mercy and grace through the unfathomable love of our Lord Jesus Christ we were led out of Vietnam after accomplishing our Lord's bidding and in amazing ways we were brought back to the US.  Thanks to the gracious love of my cousin and her husband we were able to begin our transition and resettlement.

I was struck by the name of the street we lived on called STRAIN.  Prompted by the Holy Spirit I began researching the meaning and its application in my life.  

The word strain is used in the Old Testament "Hebrew" to mean purification through testing.  The word strain is used in the New Testament "Greek" to mean strive ahead by forgetting the past.

  Little did I realize that my transition was more difficult than expected and we were faced with humbling, difficult experiences that I wasn't prepared to face.

God clearly showed me and spoke to my heart that this is our last home stretch before we reach our eternal home in Heaven whereby we the saints are being purified one more time and are called to strive forward to our rewards, our crowns that await.



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