America will not turn back to God

Below are powerful emails my dear brother in Christ,  Tom Gaston has sent to concerned Christians who've been caught up with "Kingdom Now Theology" also known as "Dominion Theology"

"You need to watch this 8 minute Youtube on "political activism" which has failed.  This guy is "on the money",  Watch the video after you read my commentary."

Tom G.

An email Tom Gaston sent a concerned Christian:

" Sorry sister, but  NO!   You don't have it right, and neither does the rabbi's and preachers who believe this.   These people who are always blaming the Church for the direction and path that America has taken are mostly all "kingdom now /dominionist thelolgy" people.  I call them the "2 Chronicles 7:14 crowd" who are taking a Scripture text out of context which strictly applies to Israel under the Law , and they trying to apply it to the Church today who is ALREADY FORGIVEN  FOR ALL SIN FOR ALL TIME and UNDER GRACE!   And to think that there are those delusional Christians who think that "the Church" is responsible for every bad decision these political reprobates make in America, and of which they say is the fault of the church as some suggest, and therefore we ( the Church ) are required to personally repent  for the "sins of government officials" who personally made all the bad decisions in government which they have made, and of which neither " I " nor any other christian has committed  are totally delusional!   And their theology is certainly NOT Scriptural.  NO christian is responsible for any ungodly leaders decisions which they make themselves. They are responsible for their own decisions and choices.

You said the following ....Quote:...."As I see it the true Christian has repented for our own sins and the sin of our nation."

What in heavens name are you talking about?  We christians are NOT responsible for the "sins of our nation" which are committed by our corrupt political leaders.   Where in the world did you get this, or more importantly "where did you hear this?"  You are listening to the WRONG PEOPLE who are influencing your thinking Michele. The Church is NOT hear to save a nation or nations, but we are instructed in Scripture and commissioned to take the gospel to the world and make disciples.  Jesus never commissioned his disciples to be involved in governmental politics.  Political Activism Has failed, and our government and our leaders in Washington D.C. are "controlled" by higher powers behind the scenes who control the whole political system in this country.  This is why nothing changes, and this is why things are only getting worse.  Our "system" is broken, and it is no longer "For the people and by the people", but it has been "high jacked" by the "NWO Elite" who are pulling the strings behind the scenes.  The 2 Chronicles 7:14 crowd do not understand this!

You said....Quote:..."according to different rabbi and preachers, there are enough christians in the united states to keep God's command and elect Godly men in all aspects of our Government.

Let me ask you a question....."Since our government in Washington is all controlled by the "unseen global Elite",  then tell me, how in the world is the church going to elect Godly men to serve and change our government?   Do you actually think that the "powerful elite" who control the world are going to let such men run this country?  Are you kidding me!    If you do, then you are delusional as many others. 

I don't know where you heard this, but such statements by such people ( pastors, rabbi's...etc..etc.) shows that they are totally clueless as to what is really going in this country.  They are not living in the world of "reality."  This is because they have a distorted view of God's prophetic program, and they have taken the word of God and Scripture texts out of context, such as 2nd Chronicles 7:14 which applies to national Israel alone,  and not to the Church.

2nd Chron. 7:11 - 14........"Thus Solomon finished the "house of the Lord" ( God's temple ) and the king's palace, and successfully completed all that he had planned on doing in the house of the Lord and his palace......Then the Lord appeared to Solomon at night and said to him,  "I have heard your prayer, and have chosen this place ( Not America ) for Myself as a house of sacrifice.....If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land ( the land of Israel ), or if I sent pestilence among My people ( Israel ).......and My people ( Israel ) who are called by My name humble themsleves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin ( Israel's sin ), and will heal their land ( Israel's land ). 

The whole purpose of God calling Israel to national repentance in 2nd Chron. 7:14 was for the purpose of "healing their land", or more accurately God's land which He gave to Israel.  This was God's promise to Solomon and to national Israel. The Church is already cleansed and forgiven for all sin for all time through the blood of Christ (  Heb. chapters 9 - 10 ).  Therefore the Church doesn't need to "repent" in order to be forgiven of "sin", as Christ under the "New Covenant" has already done this for each believer when they trusted in Christ.

   Israel was under the Law, but the Church is under grace.  The Church is under NO condemnation whatsoever ( Rom. 8:1 ).  And to try and take this Scripture and apply it to the Church today is to suggest that the church is NOT forgiven of all sin UNTIL they first "repent" all over again for "sins" committed after they have been saved.  And if they don't, then God will not forgiven them, nor will He heal their land.   This is totally unscriptural,  Christ died once for all sin for all time past, present, and future, and therefore the Old Testament promise to Israel and "her land" in 2nd Chron. 7:14  under the Law conflicts with New Testament doctrine, and it therefore cannot be applied to the Church today without bringing gross contradiction to the apostle Paul's New Testament teaching concerning "Justification" by grace through faith in Christ alone,  which provides total forgiveness of all sin ( past, present, and future ) of every believer through faith in Christ when they trusted in Him as their Savior and Lord. 

God did NOT, and has NOT promised the Church a geographical piece of land or real estate on this planet.  The inheritance of the believer in Christ is a "heavenly inheritance", and NOT an earthly one a Scripture so clearly teaches.  The "land promise" was only given to national Israel in 2nd Chron. 7:14.  And since the Church is already forgiven for all sin, for all time past, present, and future, then this Scripture cannot be applied to the church today.  And by trying to apply this passage of 2nd Chron. 7:14 to the Church today would mean then that God has failed to keep His promise concerning "healing the land", as the church is already forgiven for all of their sin, and yet God has not healed the land of America, nor any other land where the body of Christ dwells on this planet.  Those who are using this Scripture passage out of context for the Church are creating a theological nightmare by bringing "contradiction" to God's infallible word.

This Scripture text of 2nd Chron. 7:14 has been grossly abused, taken out of context, and distorted by so many ignorant evangelicals here in the US. who are actively involved in the "Christian right wing political movement" ( political activists ) which has used this Scripture passage out of context in order to support their movement.  And the reason why they are delusioned is because they do NOT have the "proper understanding" of God's prophetic word.  They are clueless!   Many of them are "kingdom now / dominionists theology" people who believe that the Church is responsible for the "rise and fall of nations" based upon their faithfulness, or the lack thereof.  The Church is NOT dictating the rise and fall of any nation by their conduct.  That's God's job.  The Church is simple commissioned to take the gospel to the world and make disciples.  God alone determines the rise and fall of any nation.

All the tears and prayers, all the laboring and hard work over decades, and all the faithfulness of Christians who have been collectively involved in the political system in this country, and who have therefore been faithful political activists have sadly NOT seen it get better in this country despite all their efforts, but only has been getting worse and worse.  And it will continue to do so until Christ comes for His Church.

In Christ, Tom Gaston

Following is an email to Tom Gaston from a concerned Christian.

Tom, according to different rabbi and preachers, there are enough christians in the united states to keep God's command and elect Godly men in all aspects of our Government. Also as the Church of Jesus Christ we have failed , so God will judge the church in America first.
As I see it the true Christian has repented for our own sins and the sin of our nation. We will not suffer God's judgements but the pretending church/Laoddicea will suffer during the tribulation. Do I not have it correct?

This is Tom's response:

  "God has made provision of power to all of His true children everyday by His Holy Spirit who indwells and seals them.  God's power is available to the Christian 24 -
365 days out of the year.   Yes, we are in a battle, but it will soon be over when we are lifted up and raptured into the presence of Jesus at His coming for us.  But as far as this country, it is OVER!  The "line" has been drawn in the sand on July 26th, 2015 when our corrupt judges made into law "same sex marriage" and perverted and defiled God's holy sacred union between a man and a woman. Marriage in Scripture is a picture of Christ and the Church......"Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for her...etc..etc.." 

So think about what they have just done in the sight of God by making into law "same sex marriage."  The sin of our "leaders" in Washington D.C. is thereforeGREATER than Sodom and Gomorrah, as they have defiled marriage and God's holy union between a man and a woman which represents Christ and the Church. And not only is our federal government condoning the moral perversion and practice of homosexuality / sodomy and lesbianism,  but they took it a step further, and on a "national level " as the Federal Government they have added Sin to Sin by passing into law "same sex marriage" on top of already accepting homosexuality.   Therefore the governing body of this country has greater sin than Sodom and Gomorrah because now they have legalized this perversion FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRY, and not just for one state or a city.

This country has REACHED ITS END!   And now all that is left is for Christ to come and evacuate His children from this cesspool of sin here below.   America is NOT GOING  TO TURN, as it has been continually demonstrating this truth by her actions.  God has been patient and longsuffering in waiting for this country to turn, BUT IT WILL NOT , even despite all the faithful christians who have been praying for this nation, and who are involved in the "right wing movement" in this country over the last number of decades,  And yet STILL NO TURNING of America!  The leaders of this country have had plenty of time to make the correct and right moral decision on this issue of same sex marriage,  but they chose not to do so, and they have MADE THEIR FINAL DECISION FOR THE WHOLE NATION! Their gross sin is NOW  inviting God's divine judgment upon the whole nation of America.

So what is there left for God to do?  Nothing but judgment!  And that is exactly what is coming upon this country whose "governmental leadership" has arrogantly, and proudfully forsaken and spat in God's face, and upon God's word.  As it was in the "days of Lot".....etc...etc.   YES!  WE ARE THERE FOLKS!   Therefore, just as Lot was removed out of harms way, and judgment then fell the same day on those wicked citites,  so also will the Church be removed from this earth out of harms way, and then judgment will fall upon America and consume her, and the whole world at large who has "followed in the "footsteps" of America."

Pray for America to turn around?  NOPE!  It's prophetically too late for that, and it will never happen!   America willNEVER turn "this side" of the Rapture of the Church!  God has given this country over to their own folly, as He has given this country chance, after chance, after chance to do so,  but yet her "governing rulers" have continually demontrated their ungodly behavior by how they have governed the land of America.

Our leaders in government here in America are "hell bent" on taking this country down the road that Rome, Greece, and other ancient empires have all taken which ended in their destruction and total devastation.  America is NO different, and her leaders are on the same path.

But none of this should be any surprise to any Christian who knows God's word and His prophetic program!   The apostle Paul in his epistles has already revealed what the world would be like in THE LAST DAYS, THE DAYS IN WHICH WE LIVING IN PRESENTLY!

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

In Christ,Tom G.


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