Very Interesting Bible Code re: Judgment America and Obama July 2015

Bible Code....."June 26th - July 4th "
 Since the Supreme Court passed the same sex gay marriage law on the 26th of June, I therefore decided to run that date and the date the 4th of July with it  Behold one came up which is startling to me!   The vice president Joe Biden and Barack Obama are both encoded in this bible Code.
 Now, do you all remember when Yitzak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel who was assassinated back in 1995.  Well,  if you remember "Michael Drosnin" who wrote two books on the Bible Codes ( sharing his findings ) had warned Rabin of his coming assassination, but of which Rabin did not believe him.  Drosnin found the Prime Minister's name  "Yitzak Rabin" with the phrase..."The assassin who will assassinate" going right across the name Yitzak Rabin
  Well, I have to tell you that in this Bible Code which shows the possible assassination of Barack Obama has the very same text of Scripture running through it which contains this phrase ..."The assassin who will assassinate."  This Bible Code shows a "window" between June 26th to the 4th of July
 Once again, a word of caution.  None of this is "conclusive" at this time. Just because it is there encoded does not mean that it will happen?   As always we will have to "wait and see" if anything will transpire???  
Look below.
In Christ, Tom Gaston

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