The Present Chain of Events by Pastor Riley

The Present
Chain of Events
                                                                               By Pastor F. M. Riley
                                                                                               June 30, 2015

    “Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the Master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning.
    Lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping.
    And what I say unto you, I say unto all.  Watch.”
                                                                              Mark 13:35-37 
    We who are true New Covenant believers are right now living in one of the most interesting periods of time, prophetically speaking, which I have ever personally experienced.  I felt compelled this morning to point out and emphasize this period of time for my readers.
    The period of time of which I am speaking is June 26th through July 4th.  This is a nine day period of time, starting with the 26th and extending through the 4th day of July.  Count it for yourself.  Already events have happened, and more are happening daily, which should cause this period of time to capture the attention of every serious student of Bible prophecy.  And this is the subject of this brief study…..
Friday, June 26th
    Let’s begin with this particular “date.”  This is the day when five of the United States Supreme Court Justices felt themselves capable of “spitting in the face of God.” On this “date” these five “Justices” handed down a ruling “legalizing” so-called “Gay Marriage;” that is, marriage between two men or two women, and making such marriages “legal” in all fifty states in the United States of America. 
    There are a number of inspired Scriptural truths which these pathetic excuses for “Justices” ignored or never bothered to consider.
    [1]  First, such marriages between men and men, or women and women, are explicitly labeled as an “abomination” to God in His Word.  The Hebrew words translated as “abomination” literally mean, “detestable thing; loathsome; uncleanness; stench; stink; to be despised; cursed; rejected.”  See Gesenius Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon, pages 849, 859, and 870, Strong’s No’s 8263, 8441, and 8581. 
    “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination,” Leviticus 18:22.
    “If a man shall lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them,” Leviticus 20:13.
    There are many other Scriptures in God’s Word which set forth these same truths, but the two listed are entirely sufficient to reveal how Almighty God views this matter of homosexuality and homosexual marriage. 
    [2]  Second, these wicked men obviously have never paid any attention to the fact that they are in their position as “Justices” only because the Lord God permitted them to rise to those positions.
    “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers.  For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God,” Romans 13:1.  See also Daniel 2:20-22.
    The Lord God, who permitted these “Justices” to come to their present positions of power and influence, can also remove them from those positions, and no doubt will do so in the very near future.  The “wages of sin” have never changed in all of human history, even if some today refuse to believe it, Romans 6:23.
    [3]  Having been permitted by God to rise to their present positions as “Justices” of the United States Supreme Court, these wicked men have obviously chosen to ignore the numerous statements in God’s Word, which clearly and repeatedly tell those in positions of authority to set forth “righteous judgment.” 
    June 26, 2015 is a day on our calendar this year, which shall “live in infamy,” for it very well may mark the day that the Lord God, the same Lord God who brought this nation into existence, determined to pour out His righteous judgment and wrath upon it.  Think about it!
    Immediately following the public announcement of the decision handed down by these five morally bankrupt “Justices,” Sodomites began gathering in front of the Supreme Court Building in Washington, and began a celebration of their “victory” which is still
going on today as I write. 
    As if this wasn’t enough of a violation of God’s Word, almost immediately some hare
brained woman “Christian” preacher [Sic!], set up her podium on the street and began serving “Holy Communion” to that gathering of Sodomites.  Dozens of them rushed to
take “communion” in order to display their devout “Christianity” [Sic! Sic!].  It appears that neither the woman preacher, nor the Sodomites, have ever bothered to carefully read
the Word of God. 
    The inspired Word of God states quite explicitly,
    “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?  Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
    Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God,” 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.
    The Greek texts indicate that this is speaking of one’s lifestyle; manner of life; the way one habitually or customarily lives.  People who habitually follow such lifestyles are not saved, and are not Christians, and have no hope of ever entering into God’s Heaven, regardless of how much they deceive themselves.  Such people are as certain for damnation in  hell as if they were already there, UNLESS the Lord God mercifully grants them the grace to renounce their wicked lifestyle, and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation with their whole heart and soul, 1 Corinthians 6:11. 
    Remember that the Scripture itself clearly states, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,” Romans 10:17.  Those who refuse to hear and believe the Word of God, and live in obedience to its teachings, are only deceiving themselves about being saved.  Their vain “profession” won’t buy them a drop of water in hell.        
    This particular “date,” June 26th, on the Jewish calendar, was the 9th day of Tammuz,
exactly 9 days before the 17th day of Tammuz, which falls on July 4th.  Any reader who seriously studies God’s Word should know that the 17th day of Tammuz was the day when the armies of ancient Babylon surrounded the city of Jerusalem, and began a 21 day siege of the city, leading to its fall and destruction on the 9th day of Av.  Why did the Lord God allow His own chosen city to be destroyed in ancient times?  For the very same rebellion and wickedness against God, which these morally corrupt “Justices” have just “legally” sanctioned, and which today is being practiced by multitudes of people in America. 
Saturday, June 27th
    All across this country, in every large city, and even in cities in other countries around the world, thousands of sodomites poured out into the streets to celebrate this decision handed down by these five morally  bankrupt Supreme Court Justices.  They  marched, demonstrated, congratulated one another, hugged and kissed and fondled those of their same sex, and thumbed their noses in the face of Bible believing Christians and other decent peoples, and joined the “Justices” in “spitting in the face of God.” 
    After all, America has set the moral example for the whole world for the past 200 years.  When America then officially sanctions homosexual sodomy, Sodom and Gomorrah has risen again, and it is time for the sodomites to celebrate.  Read Luke 17:28-30.
Sunday, June 28th
    Ditto for this day too.  A repetition of the celebration by the Sodomites which began on the 26th following the Supreme Court decision by the five “Justices.” 
    Strange…..on this “date” terrible fires broke out in the state of Washington, and as I write those fires continue to burn.  The fires have already consumed thousands of acres of brush and forest, and dozens of homes, leaving many people homeless. 
    Even more strange….on this same “date” in mid-America,  severe storms with high winds, hail, massive rain, and tornadoes, swept across parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and elsewhere.  Nahum 1:3 is still in the Bible, for those readers who haven’t read it lately. 
    Now was it just “coincidence” that these terrible fires and storms broke out across this country just two days after the “Justices” handed down their decision  “legalizing” marriage for sodomites?  Hmmm!  Something for people to consider!
Monday, June 29th
    Of course it could be just “coincidence” that the nation of Greece closed all their banks on this “date.”  The government of Greece first told their people that none of their money would be available to them for 60 days.  This created such an uproar that it was quickly changed to a limit of withdrawal of no more than a certain amount each day.  The banks in Greece closed in view of a swiftly approaching collapse of the Grecian monetary  system, and of the whole world economic system.  Makes one wonder how long it will be before the banks in America shut their doors, and refuse to let the American people have access to their money? 
    The effect of all this?  On this same “date” [yesterday] the American stock market plunged downward over 300 points.  Millions of dollars were lost yesterday by many different investors in the stock market.  Have any of our readers read “The Parable of the Rich Fool” lately?  You will find it in Luke 12:13-21.  If not, perhaps you should! 
Tuesday, June 30th
    This “date” is today, and the day isn’t over yet.  But interesting things are already
    I am thinking of the announcement by astronomers that the “Star of Bethlehem,” which appeared in the heavens at the birth of Christ is now appearing again.  The ancient “birth star” has long been attributed to a conjunction of the Planet Venus and the Planet Jupiter, which appeared in the night sky for several nights, long enough to guide the ancient Magi from Babylon to Jerusalem to worship Him who had been born “King of the Jews,” Matthew 2:1-12. 
    Now go out and look in the night sky TONIGHT, and you will see that Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction again, and will continue in conjunction each night right through July 4th.  These two planets in  conjunction appear as one great, bright, beautiful star in the night sky.  Don’t miss it!  If this is indeed the magnificent star that appeared at the birth of Christ into the world, why is it appearing again RIGHT NOW
     Since this star announced the first coming of Christ into the world, is it possible that it is now appearing again to announce the Lord’s second coming to resurrect and rapture His New Covenant believers to Himself in glory?  I suggest every reader give this some very serious thought! 
Wednesday, July 1st
    What will happen on this day.  I haven’t the slightest idea, but many unusual events are occurring now with every passing day.  Train wrecks, planes falling out of the sky, rocket ship exploding, riots and demonstrations, shootings, bombings, church burnings, and the ongoing war by ISIS against anyone standing in their way.  And fires, floods, and earthquakes everywhere.  A complete upheaval in the natural realm.    
    And looking down upon all this crisis in this country and elsewhere, is the “Star of Bethlehem.”  Read again Genesis 1:14-18. 
Thursday, July 2nd
    That beautiful “Star of Bethlehem” which announced the first coming of Christ will continue to appear in the night sky right on through the 4th day of July. 
Friday, July 3rd
     And yet one more night when the “birth star” of Christ will appear in the night sky.
    This “date” will be the 16th day of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar, and will be the 8th day since the “Justices” handed down their devilish ruling imposing Sodom and Gomorrah on the American people again. 
    This “date” will bring to an end (9) nine days since the 26th of June, when the “Justices” handed down their ruling “legalizing” marriage between sodomites.  Are our readers aware that, according to Jewish scholars, the only previous time in human history when marriage was “legalized” between people of the same sex, was just before the flood in the days of Noah?  Hello!  Read Genesis 6:5 again, and let the truth stated there soak in.
    This “date” is the 17th day of Tammuz on the Jewish calendar.  This is the day in ancient history when the Babylonians laid siege to the city of Jerusalem, a siege which lasted for 21 days.  During that time the Babylonians allowed no one to enter into the city, and killed every person who came out of the city.  The people in the city ran out of food, and hundreds starved to death.  Those who survived were reduced to eating the corpses of the dead and their own children to survive.  Read it for yourself in Lamentations 2:19-20. I am made to wonder if this 17th day of Tammuz might be the beginning of a 21 days
siege against America.  The Lord God knows this nation has plenty of enemies which would be glad to see this country destroyed.  At the end of this 21 days is the 9th day of Av, Destruction Day on the Jewish calendar, the 25th of July on our calendar.
    This “date” is also the 239th anniversary of the birth of the United States of America, as
indicated by the Declaration of Independence dated July 4, 1776. This number, 239, is an interesting number itself in the light of Biblical Numerics.  “2” is the Bible number which signifies “separation; division; to divide or separate.”  “3” is the Bible number which signifies “the Trinity; resurrection; rapture.”  “9” is the Bible number which signifies “a spirit; evil or holy; Holy Spirit.”  Now isn’t this interesting? 
     The inspired Word clearly teaches that at the end of this present “dispensation of grace,” “the fullness of the Gentiles” will be completed and the Lord Jesus will return in the air to resurrect all true New Covenant believers and snatch them upwards into Heaven itself by the rapture, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.  Yes, I am aware that some readers today do not believe this clearly stated truth in God’s Word.  That doesn’t deter me a bit from teaching the truth of the inspired Word.  1 Corinthians 14:38 and Revelation 22:11 are still in the Bible.   
   Actually, the birth of this nation and people began long before July 4, 1776.  This nation’s early beginning really took place on the Mayflower in 1620, when those early pilgrims, seeking a place of refuge where they could worship the Lord freely without being persecuted for it,  earnestly prayed for God’s mercies and guidance upon them,  and then of their own free will made a Compact with God before they would even leave their ship and set foot on this “new land.”    
     I am driven to tears and prayer myself, as I consider what the American people living today have done with this nation, once the home of the free and the land of the brave.   What is clearly stated in 2 Timothy 3:1-9  almost perfectly describes the American people as a whole today. Sadly, it was not always like this…..
    I am now an old man, having lived much longer than I ever expected to live. Yet the Lord has graciously blessed me with a keen mind and memory.  I grew up during the years of the Second World War.  Those were terrible years for the people in Europe, and especially for the Jewish people in Europe.  But they were some of America’s greatest years. 
    Folks, the churches were filled with people during those war years; people living for God and for each other, and earnestly praying for our boys on the battlefields of Europe and in the Pacific.  Yes, I do mean “filled.”  One had to go to church early in order to get a seat.  People often stood around the walls of the churches to listen to the morning message by the pastor.  And the pastors…..   They preached the Word!  They were not there to put on a performance, to display their intellect or their doctoral credentials.  They didn’t spend time whining and crying and begging for money.  There was hardly  any money to beg for anyway.  Most people were broke during those years of the Great Depression and the war years that followed.  Those old time preachers preached the Word, 2 Timothy 4:1-2.  And how the Lord God did bless. 
     I was still a toddler when a visiting preacher was called in to preach a revival effort for the little church where my parents attended and took all of us children.  The visiting evangelist that morning must have preached a wonderful, Spirit filled, message from God’s Word, for people all over the church were crying and praying and praising the
Lord, and when the invitation was given it seemed like nearly the whole church body went forward.  As a little toddler, I just watched in amazement, wondering why all the people were crowding to the front of the church.  I wasn’t old enough to understand spiritual truth yet.  When that meeting was concluded our pastor baptized 80 people, and our whole little community was changed for the better.  Praise the Lord!  What a sweet memory. 
The Nine Day Parallel
    Now I want to show our readers a parallel in God’s Word between “the days of Noah” and this exact time period we are living in RIGHT NOW.  This parallel may just be “coincidence,” then again it may not be
The days of Noah
Day   1  The    9th day     Second month.      The seven day warning given, Genesis 7:4.
         2        10th
        3        11th  
        4        12th         
          5        13th
          6        14th
          7        15th                               
        8        16th
        9        17th day of the second month.  The flood begins, Genesis 7:11.

    Every reader can easily see that there were seven days between the day the Lord God gave Noah the seven day warning, and the day the flood actually began, making a total of nine days in the entire period.  Now let’s look at
The Present Time
June 26th     Day 1    The Supreme Court of America spits in God’s face
       27th            2
       28th            3
       29th            4
       30th            5
July    1st            6
         2nd           7
         3rd            8
         4th            9   The 17th day of Tammuz.  America’s 239th birthday. 

    Every reader can see that there are obviously seven days between each of these two time periods, nine days total.  Is this similarity in these two different time periods  just “coincidence,” or is the Lord God trying to tell His people something?
     Am I saying that the rapture is going to take place on July 4th?  Absolutely not!  Am I suggesting  that such is possible?  I sure am, and without any apology to anyone!  Is this stated clearly enough for even the hard heads to understand? 
    What a great period of nine days we are living in RIGHT NOW!  No, I do not know what a day will bring forth, yet I live by the grace of God in expectation of my Lord coming at any minute of any day now to take me home to glory.  I am no longer a citizen of this world, and am eagerly looking forward to going “HOME.”
Read Philippians 3:20-21. If any reader is perfectly satisfied with this world, and content to stay here, you likely need to examine yourself to see if you are even saved, 2 Corinthians 13:5; 1 Peter 1:10.   The inspired Word clearly states that “the grace of God” teaches the true believer that we are to live daily “looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ,” Titus 2:11-15.
    In this study I have attempted to point out truths which may very well effect the lives of our readers BIG TIME in the very near future.  Our readers are perfectly free to do with them whatever they will.  But I felt I had to “blow the trumpet” and warn God’s people of the possibility of life changing events happening RIGHT NOW.        
    Are our readers READY for the resurrection and rapture?  The Lord Jesus Christ clearly stated that His people were to live in a state of constant expectation, Matthew 24:44; 25:10; Mark 13:35-37; Luke 12:40; 17:26-30; 17:34-37; Isaiah 40:31.  Are you being obedient to the Lord?  What does the Lord Jesus Christ really mean to you?  Is He your personal Savior and Heavenly Bridegroom?  Or…do you just regard Him as your “fire escape” from Hell.  If it is the latter, I would point out that you haven’t escaped yet!
These Scriptures are still in the Bible, and obedience to them is required for passing the test the Lord has set before men, John 3:3-7; 3:36; 5:24; 14:6; Acts 4:12; 16:30-31; Romans 10:8-13; Ephesians 2:8-10.  I hope every reader passes with honors and will meet me in Heaven.  In the love of Christ Jesus, my precious Savior and Lord,
                   Pastor F. M. Riley

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    Permission is granted to any true believer or Bible believing Christian Ministry to reproduce this study to share with others, or to quote from it in context as written
    Thank you beloved brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers and your gifts.  The time of my departure is near.  It has been a blessing to serve you dear folks with my contribution from the Word of God.  Please keep me and my loved ones in your prayers.
    Please address all questions, comments, and correspondence to:  Pastor F. M. Riley, Last Call Gospel Ministry, 184 County Road 108, Harrisburg, Missouri 65256, or I can be contacted by email at
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