The Wedding between Yeshua and the church Elul 23, September 2015

Hebrews 11:6......"And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a "rewarder" of those who diligently seek Him."

I want to thank the Lord personally for what He has allowed me to find all these  years of searching!  But if didn't "have the faith" to believe that He would reveal anything to me, and sit around and "doubt" Him and scoff, well then,  He surely wouldn't be rewarding me here for my hard work day in and day out, would He!

[......Oh Hallelujah! The wedding between Yeshua and the church has come in Elul 23.....]
א  ה    ה  ל  ל  ו  י  ה !   ה  ח  ת   ו  נ  ה     ב   י   ן     י  ש  ו  ע   
5    6  300  10     700 10    2         5  50   6  400   8    5         5   10  6  30  30   5       5    1

ו   ה   כ   נ   ס   י   י   ה      ה  ג  י  ע  ה     ב  א  ל  ו  ל     כ  ג                 
3   20      30   6  30   1     2        5   70  10  3    5         5    10   10   60   50   20     5     6

The total = 2015

I hope you are all getting the picture here as to why September 11, 2001 tragedy had to take place on Elul 23 just "seven days" away from 1rst Tishri / Rosh Has Shanah.  I hope you are getting the picture as to "why" exactly 343  N.Y. firemen left this world on Elul 23  ( Rapture = 343 ) just seven days before 1rst Tishri.  And I hope you are getting the picture here that God ( I believe personally ) was showing us ahead of time "the window of time" where we can expect the Rapture of the Church to occur in the future, which is "seven days" prior to Rosh Ha Shanah.  These are all "important clues" amongst other things.  Therefore what I have been working on all of this time is literally a "prophetic numbers riddle"........ That's what it is!

  Since Israel is 8 hours ahead of us on the clock,  then this means that the day of Elul 23 will begin here in the US. in late morning on Sunday September 6th ( while everyone is in Church ), and then close on Monday September 7th in late morning once again, at which time Elul 24 will begin. And so it is my "opinion" then that this will be the "window of  time" of our departure, in which we will find ourselves in the portals of heaven standing on the "sea of glass" in the New Jerusalem.

You say you don't believe me, nor believe what I have been finding?  Well it really doesn't matter what you believe in this matter because I believe that it is God Himself who has shown me this whole prophetic pattern which I have worked so hard on for years!  And so what really matters is that I be very careful not to let others negativity about what I am doing cause me to "dismiss" all this work I have been doing and just blow it off as "entertainment" and "numbers doodling."  That would be very rude and disrespectful to Lord for what I believe He has shown me. I cannot write off my findings at this time, and I am totally convinced that the Church age is just about to conclude, and therefore our departure to heaven is ever so near.

I have asked myself the following questions over and over again many times........."Tom, why are you so driven endlessly and tirelessly to do what you are doing?  Why do you sit at the computer day in and day out and do what you do?  Why don't you just stop this nonsense and call it quits?  And the answer which just keeps coming back to me in my brain is always the same..............."It is God who is driving me to do what I do, or I wouldn't be doing it"

I can hardly wait for September to get here!

In Christ, Tom Gaston

The "Sea of Glass"
"and before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal".‘Sea of glass’ occurs 3 Times in Revelation.the sea was translucent, like glass and some say it is like plasma at the present day.: Thrones Of Glasses, Crystals Sea, Sapphire Thrones, True Living, Jesus Christ, Revelations Th Sea, Living God, The Sea, Lord God


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