Unveiling "in day the third" Rapture riddle. September 2015

Has the Lord just unveiled the "In day the third Rapture" riddle???

Hey everyone,

This morning I believe the Lord has led me to find the following. For a number of years now I have been working on this "in day the third Rapture" riddle.  Everywhere you find the phrase "In day the third" in the surface text of the Old Testament you will find encoded in this phrase on an equal letter skip of 2 the Hebrew term "Shiluv" which is the modern day Hebrew term for "Rapture."
This is the Hebrew term you see in my gematria findings which has the value of 343.

The "third day" theme in Scripture has great prophetic significance. I won't go into all of that here, but I only want to show you what I have discovered this morning.  In John 2:1 we read the following:...."And "on the third day" there was a wedding in Cana...... etc..etc."   This verse has prophetic implication in relationship to the Millennial reign of Christ.  Again, I won't go into this at this time.  Now I want to show you the gematria value for the term Cana here below because it has the same value of another important term in Hebrew.

Cana / Koph = 100  Nun = 50  Hay = 5 / total = 155

Now here is what matches it!

Church /  Kaph = 20  Nun = 50  Sameck = 60  Yod = 10   Yod = 10   Hay = 5 / total = 155

Below you will see the Hebrew spelling for this phrase "In day the third."   Notice how the modern Hebrew term of Rapture / Shilhuv is encoded in this phrase starting from the left with the letter Shin - ש  and going to the right. 

[.................In day the third.................]
ב   י   ו   ם    ה   ש   ל   י   ש   י
10  300   10   30   300    5      600    6   10    2 / total = 1273
.....300....+....30.....+.....5........+......6...+.....2 = 343 Rapture

Now what I am about to show you is tied to the "seven day countdown" starting with the ending of  Elul 23 and the beginning of Elul 24 and counting to 1rst Tishri.  Example below.

( Anniversary )
...Elul 23 /......Elul 24th - 25th - 26th - 27th - 28th - 29th - 1rst Tishri / Rosh HaShanah
...( 9 - 11 )
Seven days..........Day..1........2........3........4........5........6......1rst Tishri, Day 7 ( seven day Rapture window ).

You can see in the diagram above that Elul 24 is the first day of the seven day countdown.  This year in 2015 the Jewish date of Elul 24 falls on September 8th which is a "Tuesday" which once again is the "third day" of the week.

[.................In day the third.................]
ב   י   ו   ם    ה   ש   ל   י   ש   י
10  300   10   30   300    5      600    6   10    2 / total = 1273
.....300....+....30.....+.....5........+......6...+.....2 = 343 Rapture

( A Tuesday ) September 8th / Sameck = 60   Pe = 80   Teth = 9    Mem = 40   Beth = 2   Resh = 200 / total = 399

We will now add together the gematria values for In day the third, Rapture, and September 8th. 

In day the third 1273 + 343 Rapture +399 September 8th = 2015......Amazing!

Now look at the following Hebrew gematria below.  It has the total value of the phrase "In day the third." 

Once again, totally amazing!

[.....................In September 8th and Elul 24th, 5775..................]
ב  ס  פ  ט  מ  ב  ר  ח     ו   א  ל  ו  ל  כ  ד    ת  ש  ע  ה
5   70   300 400      4  20  30   6  30   1     6        8   200  2   40   9   80  60    2 / total = 1273...= In day the Third

Biblical Jewish weddings traditionally took place on "Tuesday's" which is the third day of the week. I will share more important information on Jewish weddings below my findings that you won't want to miss.

In Hebrew the spelling for Tuesday reads "Day third "......]

י   ו   ם    ש   ל   י  ש   י
10  300 10   30   300    600    6   10 / total = 1266

God's divine number of completion and perfection is the number.....7

Tuesday 1266 + 7 ( Divine completion and perfection ) = 1273 .......= In day the third

Now look at the following.  Absolutely hair raising!!!

[...........................The Rapture in Tuesday September 8th......................]
ה  ש  ל  ה  ו  ב     ב  י  ו  ם    ש  ל  י  ש  י    ס  פ   ט  מ  ב  ר  ח
8   200  2   40    9    80  60     10 300 10  30  300   600   6  10   2        2    6   5   30  300   5 / total = 2015


It "appears" to me at this time, and from my perspective that this "seven day" window of time between Elul 24th to 1rst Tishri seems to line up perfectly with this whole "third day Rapture" riddle.  The days, the months, and gematria values of all these Hebrew terms ( components ) are telling and unveiling a prophetic theme like a puzzle, of which when it has been completely assembled is then understood and made known.

Jewish weddings / http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/time-place-for-a-jewish-wedding/

The following quote below from the link above is going to suprise many of you.

Quote:......." Similarly, weddings are forbidden on the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Pesach [Passover],   Shavuot, ( Pentecost ) and the first and last days of Sukkot. But weddings may be held on Purim, the intermediate days of Sukkot, and during Hanukkah.........( end quote ).

Here is another Jewish source which also confirms the same as to when traditional jewish weddings can and are to be held.....http://www.interfaithfamily.com/life_cycle/weddings/Timing_and_Location_of_a_Jewish_Wedding.shtml

  So according to Jewish tradition it is "forbidden" for a Jewish wedding to be held on Rosh HaShanah.  Therefore I personally believe that if the "seal judgments" are going to be opened at the start of a new "seven year sabbatical cycle", then the marriage between Christ and the Church will have to be "consummated" by Rosh HaShanah , and that the wedding will "Not begin" on Rosh Ha Shanah as many have assumed, but rather come to its conclusion by Rosh HaShanah.   The "wedding" between Christ and the Church has to have already concluded before Christ can open the "seals" and begin His judgments.  Christ and the bride therefore have to already be married by Rosh HaShanah.  This means that the wedding has to already be in progress days prior to 1rst Tishri.  This wedding could easily take place over a period of "seven days" ( traditional ancient Jewish wedding ) while we are in heaven leading up to the day of Rosh HaShanah, at which time this wedding has concluded.

The "Bema Seat of Christ" is the first event for the Church once it has been Raptured and taken to heaven. The believers works which were done for Christ during their life will have to be examined first, and thus the believer will be rewarded for their service to Christ before the "wedding" can be consummated.  The "casting of crowns" by the Church ( who are the 24 elders ) at the feet of Jesus in Revelation 4:10 represents the climax or "conclusion" of this wedding ceremony, at which time then in Revelation chapter 5 the Church is seen singing the new song. Then in chapter 6 Jesus opens the first of seven seals.  Therefore the beginning of the "wedding ceremony" cannot be taking place on Rosh HaShanah, but the wedding between Christ and the church will have to be consummated by that day, and then the Christ's judgments can begin with the opening of the first seal.

In conclusion here, I don't know about all of you,  but I am convinced that we are going home to heaven this September.  And after reveiwing in my mind the dangerous middle east situation and the shaky and volatile global economic system, along with a whole host of other things going on in this world, then this tells me that we are at the end,  and that "God's appointed  time" has now arrived, and that He is NOT going to "by-pass" this very important upcoming seven year sabbatical cycle which begins on Rosh HaShanah this year.  For God to wait another seven years does not compute based on what it taking place right now!   Everything is ready and in place presently.

  And so I can hardly believe or accept at this time that the world has another "seven years" to go before the Rapture can take place and the whole world system collapses.  It is too unrealistic for me to assume this!   For heaven sakes, the reality is that the Global Stock Markets which are already on the verge of collapse NOW certainly do NOT have another seven years to linger!  Also Scripture says that Peace is not taken from the earth until the second seal.  And so I believe that God's "timing" of the Rapture of the Church is directly related and connected to the "timing" of the collapse of the global economic system as we know it.  For the Church to still be here to witness and experience a "global economic catastrophy" would be "out of order" with God's word and His prophetic program. Such a catastrophic event as the collapse of the "global economic system" would most definitely bring with it "world war", which by the way cannot take place while the church is hear.  God is restraining presently and peace is not taken from the earth UNTIL the second seal.

Now think with me for a minute.  If we had another seven years to go,  then mankind would easlily ( at the present rate ) have himself in an "apocalyptic" setting before he could reach the end of another seven year period.  Jesus is the one who is going to bring about the"Apocalypse" when He opens the "seal jugdments", and not mankind.  And it is clear to me that the whole world economic system would most definitely collapse before another seven year duration could even be completed.  Therefore it makes logical sense to me that after observing the obvious, then I cannot see how God is going to by-pass this upcoming sevem year sabbatical cycle on September 13 /14th. And so at this time I believe that we are in the "final moments" of the Church age, and that the Rapture of the Church and the beginning of the tribulation hour could be only weeks away!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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