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Page 1. Bible Code..."Rapture."



This Bible Codes is found encoded in Proverbs 17 to18.   Encoded in chapter 18 is the phrase "In Apocalypse" on an equal letter skip of 1 interval.  This term Apocalypse in Hebrew is a reference to the book of Revelation.  It is encoded in here in this Bible Code of Rapture.



 I ran the Hebrew term Rapture and it came up inProv. 17:2, 5, 9, 12, 16.  You will see in the upper righthand corner of the page are the codes..."In Jupiter the Alert!,  Planet,  Niribu,  5776.   The term "cloudiness" goes right across this phrase "In Jupiter the Alert!" 



When I first found this phrase concerning Jupiter, then I looked to see if the term "Planet" was there.  Lo and behold it sits right next to it!  then I decided to see in the term Nibiru was there.  I didn't think it would show up, but miraculously it is sitting right there with this phrase of Jupiter.  If Nibiru is coming through our solar system, then it is going to "play havoc" with our other planets due to its gravitational pull.  



The phrase..."In Purim"....is encoded there with the term "Vanished" and "Day 14" ( 14th Adar - 1rst day of Purim ) connecting it.  And what is amazing is the fact that the search term of Rapture has the term "Ghosts" butted right up against the left side on a vertical skip of one interval.  You will see on pagetwo that this has reference to the "spirits" of the saints who have "risen." And joining the search termRapture is the 5 letter Hebrew term "Approaching."  In otherwords....THE RAPTURE IS APPROACHING!  And what I can see from this Bible Code is that our departure is associated and tied to the coming of Nibiru. Also the phrases "The Bride" and "the spirit" both join together with the term "Resurrection" right there with it.


 Now ask yourself the question......"What is this termNibiru doing encoded in this Rapture Code next to the phrae..."In Jupiter the alert" with the year 5776encoded right there with them?  And why is the phrase..."In Purim" encoded there with the term "Vanished" connecting it?  I believe that these terms are NOT random, but that God had to encode and place them there.  It appears that there is going to be "disturbances" on the surface of the planet Jupiteras Nibiru approaches and gets closer.   



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