God the Father, Mount Sinai / Pentecost and the Rapture

By Tom Gaston Rapturetj@comcast.net

 The first Pentecost took place at Mount Sinai where God theFather came down and betrothed Israel and gave her His Law. It is important to mention here that the phrase "The Pentecost"  ( Bible Code statistics say " Less than one in million chance" of being encoded there ) is encoded in Exodus 18:10 to 19:22 at a skip of 365 ( Enoch ).  Encoded right across this search term of "The Pentecost" is the term "Rapture" ( Shilhuv ) on a short equal letter skip of only two letters.  And woven in with the termRapture is the phrase "The 12th day" on a skip of "one" which joins the phrase "and June."  The year of 5776 is encoded there twice along with many other terms. Also the term "Church" is encoded in this same area of Scripture in Exodus 19:13 to 19:16 at a skip of only 23 ( Bible Code statistics say " Less than one in million chance" of being encoded there ).



Question: Why are both of these terms of "The Pentecost" and "Church" encoded there so "close" together in Exodus chapters18 and 19?


Answer:  It is obvious that God is making a direct statement, as He is showing the "connection" between the "Church" and the festival of "Pentecost."  The Church was "birthed" on Pentecost, and I believe that the Church is going to "conclude" on a futurePentecost.


Now look at the amazing Hebrew gematria below which produces the gematria value for the Hebrew term Rapture.




[.........The Father, Mount Sinai..............]

ה  א  ב,    ה  ר    ס  י   נ   י

10  50  10  50    200  5         2    1    5 / total = 343 Rapture


( Shilhuv ) Rapture / Shin = 300   Lamed = 30   Hay = 5   Vav =6   Beth = 2 / total = 343


Strong's Number        <H0001>        

אב 'ab {awb} a root; TWOT - 4a; n m AV - father 1205, chief 2, families 2, desire 1, fatherless + 0369 1, forefathers + 07223 1, patrimony 1, prince 1, principal 1; 1215 1) father of an individual 2) of God as father of his people.

In Christ, Tom Gaston







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