A Divine Sign Republican National Convention 2016 #ccot End is here. #Rapture Watch

By Tom Gaston Rapturetj@comcast.net :


I think the following is ominous and foretelling!   A "sign", and or a "divine message" if you will that is speaking to those Christians who are NOT "sleeping", but rather who are watching and waiting for Christ's appearing at this time!

Last night, the last night of the Republican convention, a man named "Thomas Barrack" stepped forward onto the stage and shared how he has been a very close friend of Donald Trump for 40 years.  In his speech he mentioned and used the important term...RAPTURE.  Now he didn't use this term in the context that we christians use it, but nevertheless he used this term which is very important to the "body of Christ" on the LAST NIGHT of the Republican National Convention, which also took place and unfolded on the "heels" of the upcoming important Jewish / biblical date of the 17th of Tamuz  which begins the Jewish traditional 21 days of mourning down to the other important date of the 9th Av ( The dark time in Jewish, biblical, and world history ).

This term "RAPTURE" was the last word I would have ever suspected to hear at such an important gathering and meeting of the American public, a meeting which in context revolves around an "undeniable epic moment in American history" which the American conservative public believes is going to determine the "rise" or "fall " of our country which we live in called America!

I went to Youtube this morning and got last nights telecast of the Republican Convention and wrote down the quote from Thomas Barrack who is a close friend of Donald Trump.  Here below is what he stated.

Quote:......."I'am here because of the amazing magical  Lik'sur that happened between the DNA of a thousand civilizations from the levant, and the beauty, and the wonder, and the opportunity of America that puts all of us here in this RAPTURE of the American dream..... ( end quote ).

Now what really gets my attention about this folks is the fact that the term RAPTURE was used at this specific late hour and time in our history, and in a meeting of great importancy which revolved around the electing of a presidential candidate and leader named "Donald Trump" whom I believe God is using as a "metaphoric picture" which is "signalling" the END of America and the real......."LAST TRUMP"  which is the Rapture of the Church ( 1rst Corinthians 15:50-58 )

Donald Trump ( I believe ) represents the "last hurrah", and the "last hope" for America at this most critical time in American history, that is "according to the American people themselves" who see that this upcoming American presidential election is like NO OTHER in the past.  Many conservatives have voiced and shared their deep concerns in how they believe that this election is the MOST IMPORTANT American presidential election that this country will ever see!  They believe that the very "existence" of America and our way of life which has been lived out under the historical "Bill of Rights / Constitution" is now being severely threatened by evil and corrupt forces in high place who control, and who are wanting to continue to control our government and this country we call America.

The conservative movement in America and its supporters are terrified at this present time as they see that America is "teeter tottering" and being "weighed in the balance" which will determine whether this country and its way of life will "rise" and continue, or "fall" and cease to exist!  This is why they believe and feel that this presidential election coming up will be the most important election ever for America at this time.  They see and understand clearly that the wicked candidate Hillary Clinton is a certain....."death sentence to America!"

For you who watched this Republican Convention, and who paid very close attention to what was being expressed during this four day presidential rally, then you should have noticed that the message and all the emphasis of all the speakers and contributors to this covention was that......"We are going to make America great again."  That's right! ..."We"....which omits God in the equation.

I heard NOTHING about the horrible "spiritual and moral condition" of the society of the American people and its governmental leaders. I saw no speaker ( preachers included ), nor any political leader ( including Mike Pence, a Christian ) humble themselves on stage before their audience and before the TV camera's by getting down on their knees and leading the nation in prayer before God, asking and invoking Him to lead the nation of America. NOT ONE!   All I heard was men and women "boasting" ( preachers included ) about "how We the American people, along with Donald Trump are going to make America great again." How horrible, terrifying, and ominous this is to witness as such a boastful, arrogant and haughty attitude and spirit by our leaders and the American people is surely inviting the judgment of God to come and fall on America!

The American leadership and its people are all looking too, and turning their hearts, NOT TO GOD, but to a man who is NOT a christian.  And Donald Trump's view, and the view of the American people at this time is that success and victory for America, for the people of America, and for the survival of the American dream is all wrapped up in "economics and money sufficiency."  NOT ONE WORD was said about how their is a great need of a "spiritual restoration and revival" within the hearts of the American society and its governmental leadership.  They think that this man Donald Trump has been raised up to be the "savior of America!"  The divine "hammer of God" is about to fall on this country and the whole world!  And He is about ready to "crush and pulverize" the pomp, pride, and arrogance of all men and peoples upon the earth.

I believe that God is getting ready to "pull the plug" on America and the whole world.  And the event which God is going to use will be none other than......"the Rapture of the Church!"

Get ready Church!  The hand of Jesus is on Heaven's doorknob!  That's how close His coming is for us!  And He is getting ready to turn that knob and step through heavens door and come and get His People whom He purchased with "His own blood!"

Below is the Youtube video of last nights Republican Convention, and the quote from Thomas Barrack.  Move the horizontal time button over to 3:20:17 and listen to 3:21:44.

......and the beauty, and the wonder, and the opportunity of America that puts all of us here in this RAPTURE of the American dream..... ( end quote ).

That phrase and the term Rapture which was mentioned and used last night, I believe, came out of the mouth of Thomas Barrack by the predetermined will, plan, and sovereignty of God.  It was a message to all of America, to the whole world, and most importantly a remider to all of us Christians who are looking and waiting for Christ's appearing that Jesus is just about ready to step out of heaven to come and get His bride!  And of all the places for this term to be used under such a serious time and moment in American history.  I believe God is saying to the Church.....Get ready!  I'am coming, and I'am coming quickly!

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Until He comes!

In Christ, Tom Gaston

FULL EVENT: Republican National Convention Day 4 (7-21-2016) RNC FINAL NIGHT Donald Trump Speech! - YouTube



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