Is Obama the antichrist?

The following below tells me that this is why NO ONE has been able to "touch" president Barack Obama. He is the "devil's man", and possibly even the "Antichrist" which Scripture speaks of ?

[.......................The man of Satan Barack Obama....................]
ה  א  י  ש    ש  ל    ה  ש  ט  ן    ב  ר  ק    א  ו  ב   מ  ה
5    40     2   6    1    100  200  2    700   9  300   5      30 300     300  10  1    5 / total = 2016

Wow!!!!!!!  What are the odds of this above folks?

א  נ  ט  י  כ  ר  י  ס  ט
9    60 10 200 20  10   9  50   1 / total = 369

The Number ( 13 ) in "Bible Numerics / Mathematics" stands for......"Rebellion and Depravity."   And isn't it interesting to note that it is in Revelation chapter 13:18 where we read about the number 666.

Rev. 13:18...."Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast. for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six."

א   מ   ר   י   ק   ה
5   100   10   200   40     1 / total = 356

[.......Barack Obama........]
ב  ר  ק     א  ו  ב  מ  ה
5    40   2    6   1      100  200  2 / total = 356 ....+..... 13 ( Rebellion and Depravity ) = 369 Antichrist

א  נ  ט  י  כ  ר  י  ס  ט
9    60 10 200 20  10   9  50   1 / total = 369

Now look at your Jewish / Gregorian calendars for this year and you will see that in 2016 the important Jewish date of the 9th Av ( important information and link below concerning this date ) is going to fall on the August 13th. And I think it is very interesting to note here that August 13th - 14th, which are the important Jewish dates of the 9th and 10th of Av forms the number which is the gematria value for United States.

[...............United States.............]
א  ר  צ  ו  ת     ה  ב  ר  י  ת
400 10 200 2    5       400  6  90  200  1 / total = 1314

The 9th Av in 2016 falls on Saturday ( Sabbath ) August 13th.

Watch this!!!

Sabbath / Shin = 300   Beth = 2    Tav = 400 / total = 702.....+.....1314 United States = 2016

Now check this out!

[........The antichrist the president Barack Obama will be revealed in August........]
א  נ  ט  י  כ  ר  י  ס  ט     ה  נ  ש  י  א     ב  ר  ק     א  ו  ב  מ  ה     ת  ת  ג  ל  ה
5    30  3  400 400       5   40   2    6   1       100  200  2        1  10  300 50   5        9   60  10 200 20  10  9  50   1

ב  א  ו  ג  ו  ס  ט
9    60   6   3   6   1     2 / total = 2016............Whoa!  Look at that!

The year 2016 is the Jewish year of 5776.

Now look at this!

[........................................Barack Hussein Obama, August 5776..................................]
ב  ר  ק     ח  ו  ס  י  י  ן     א  ו  ב  מ  ה,     א  ו  ג  ו  ס  ט     ה  ת  ש  ע  ו
6  70  300 400   5        9    60  6   3    6   1           5   40   2    6   1      700 10 10 60   6   8       100 200  2 / total = 2016

  If these gematria's above pan out and come true in the month of August in 2016 ( ? ), then it would mean that the coming of Jesus for His Church at the time of the Rapture would have to be any day now, since we know that this "man of sin" who is called the "Antichrist" cannot be "revealed" while the "body of Christ" is still present on the earth.  The Church has to be removed first according to Scripture before this man can come forward onto the world stage.  And the Scripture passage which reveals this is in 2nd Thessalonians 2:7- 8 which tells us that the "restrainer" ( who can be none other than the Holy Spirit ) and "His restraining hand" must cease first from holding back this man Antichrist before he can come onto the world stage in order to "play out his prophetic role" according to Scripture. Therefore the departure of the church in the Rapture .................

........................Must be very near at this time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question:  Will any of these amazing gematria's come true in 2016?  I don't know ( ? )  Nevertheless they sure have my attention at this time like never before!  Especially since America's presidential election of 2016 is one of the most "critical and important" presidential elections that this country will ever witness, as this presidential election of 2016 is going to determine whether America will "continue" as we know it, or just simply "collapse" and cease from being America since the "Declaration of Independence" was signed in 1776.

Now most of us know the importance of the Jewish dates 9th / 10th Av in Jewish and secular history, and these important Jewish dates are going to fall on the 13th - 14th August in 2016.  And it was former Prime Minister of Israel "Ariel Sharon" who carried out the "disengagement plan" and removed all the Jews from the "Gaza strip" back on August 15th, 2015 / 10th Av, which is the day after Tisha B' Av ( which is the 9th Av )

what happened on the 9th Av in history
Jewish date of the 9th Av,  A day when judgment or destruction occur.

Events occurred on this day in Jewish and secular history:

1) The 12 scouts return from Canaan and 10 of them report that they
    cannot take the land, disbelieving God, resulting in their wandering the
    wilderness for 40 years before entering Canaan.
2) Babylonians destroyed Solomon's temple ( 587 BC ).
3) In 70 AD, the Romans destroyed Herod's temple.
4) In 71 AD, the Romans plowed Jerusalem with salt.
5) In 135 AD, the Romans destroy the army of Israel (their last rebellion).
    About 1.5 million Jews were killed.
6) In 1290 AD, England expelled the Jews.
7) In 1492 AD, Spain expelled the Jews.
8) In 1914, World War I was declared, and Russia launched its program
    to persecute the Jews ( 100,000 were killed on the day they launched
    that program).

Note 1: When the Jewish historian, Josephus, recorded the temple destruction in 70 AD, he noted that he thought it was the hand of God behind it occurring on the same day as the destruction of Solomon's temple.

Note 2:  After expelling the Jews, England's power severely eroded.  When England allowed Jews to return ( during Cromwell's revolution of parliament against the king ), then England began to rise as a world power.

Note 3:  The chance or statistical odds of 8 national disasters ( disasters for Jews ) occurring on the same day is

1 in 863,000 x 1 Trillion ( 863,000,000,000,000,000 ).

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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