History of The Rapture

Subject: history of the rapture


  The information in the link above is good to know because those who are apposed to the the rapture teaching always go back to John nelson Darby as the origination of the pretribulation in the late 1820's.  Historical evidence shows that this is NOT true nor accurate. The reason why the rapture and its teaching was being developed and taught were mainly because of the return to the grammatical-historical literal method of interpretation of Scripture.  Morgan Edwards, who clearly taught a pretrib rapture came in the late 1700's came 40 years before John Darby developed and popularized the view.  But Morgan Edwards isn't in this writing.  Tommy Ice is the one who wrote the article in the link above.

The more we study protestant history and early church writings the more we discover new historical evidence which reveals that the "rapture" was taught by the early church believers.  Two ancients wrote about a rapture of the saints before the tribulation.  One name Pseudo Ephreum ( a 4th century syrian churchman ) makes a clear distinction between the rapture of the saints taking place BEFORE the event of  the second coming of Christ to the earth.  The only thing Pseudo Ephreum was incorrect about was that he made the tribulation only 3-1/2 years instead of seven years.  But in his mind he was a pretibulationist who goes all the way back to the ancient church.  And for the first 250 years almost everybody was a premillennial which is the building block for pretribulation Rapture of the Church.

Praise the Lord!  we stand on good ground brother!


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