Why Pentecost is more logical for the Rapture than Rosh Hashana

Why Pentecost is more logical for the Rapture than Rosh Hashana

By Tom Gaston

WOW!  Things are really ramping up and moving very fast sister!  I am really excited about the prospect of the Pentecost window.  It has way more Scriptural evidence, types, and shadows which is showing us that this festival will no doubt be the most likely time for the Rapture of the Church. The evidence of the Rapture taking place around Pentecost is overwhelming and convincing, and it "blows away" any Rosh Ha Shanah Rapture of the Church which so many are hung up and stuck on!

The three remaining feasts of Israel "Rosh HaShanah, Kippur, and Tabernacles are all going to be fulfilled at the END of the tribulation period at the time of Christ's second advent to the earth. Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur are both connected in a short 10 day span.  Rosh Ha Shanah is a "countdown" to Yom Kippur at the time of Christ' second advent to the earth. And most importantly these three festivals are for Israel and NOT for the Church.

Pentecost is a perfect time for the "harvest of the Church, The bema seat of Christ, the wedding, and for the two witnesses to come onto the scene right after the Church has been removed from the earth. And I believe that God once again is going to address the nation of Israel through these two witnesses just like He did at the two other previous Pentecosts ( Moses at Mount Sinai, and the Apostle Peter in Acts chapter 2 ).  They are going to explain what has just happened and reveal to nation Israel who Jesus is ( their prophesied Messiah) from the Old Testament prophets and the Pslams.

Again, there is so much Scriptural evidence which shows that Pentecost is the most likely  time when God will "complete" the body of Christ.  The Holy Spirit and His "restraining hand" ( I believe ) is going to "leave" on the same day in which He came. 
The "effects" of Pentecost have been "ongoing" ever since Acts chapter 2 with the birth of the Jewish Church.  And it makes all the sense in the world that the "effects" of Pentecost ( I believe ) will "cease" on the same day that they began.  Pentecost is like "bookends."  And this "book" of Pentecost and its "effects" in which God has been adding to the Church daily ever since Acts chapter 2  is still "open" until it closes with the Rapture of the Church.  Therefore I believe that God is going to repeat Himself once again ( as He does many times in the past ), and that Pentecost will complete the "Fullness of the Gentiles" ( Rom. 11:25-27 ).

God has shown us in His word the "clear and precise order" of His unfolding prophetic events which so many have NOT even considered nor even noticed in God's word.  They have adopted the "views" of others on this subject. 1 Corinthians 15:23,24 texts is inline and in perfect harmony with the "Three harvests" in their chronological order which God has laid out in His word.
And I beleive that there is really no excuse for any of us to be ignorant on this subject when God has clearly shown us the order and timing of such prophetic events.

1. The Barley harvest ( Christ's resurrection / first Omer , after that those who are Christ's at His coming ( the 49th Barley omer / resurrection / rapture of the Church )

2. The Wheat harvest ( begins at Pentecost ...Then comes the END...etc.which represents the "END of the age" ( Daniel's 70th wk - tribulation period / Jesus' parable of the Wheat and the Tares separation at the END of the age ).

3. The Grape harvest / Jesus is going to "tread the winepress" of the fierce wrath of God at the time of His second advent to the earth ( Rev. 19:15 ).

There you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Therefore the Scriptures have already "identified" the "order" and the "season" of God's prophetic program. Christ's resurrection and the resurrection / Rapture of the church is going to take place in the "Spring" season of the year by the END of the barley harvest / 49th omer , and NOT in the fall as so many clinging too.  And the reason WHY they are confused is because they are NOT paying attention to "God's order" of these three harvests in relationship to 1Corinthians 15:23,24.
God means what He says!  And He has clearly shown us the correct chronology and order and timing of His important prophetic program which is outlined in these three harvest festivals which line up perfectly with 1Corinthians 15:23,24. And so God in His word used these "three harvest festivals" and seasons in order to teach us prophetic truth so we could understand and know the "timing" of His coming, the season and timing of His coming for the Church, and the season and timing of His coming at the END of the seven year tribulation in order to rule

Very important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are moving very fast prophetically!  And this breaking news below is now making Pentecost  look like a "very high watch time" for the possibility of the Rapture of the Church to take place?

Special thanks to Andrew for sending this important breaking news out of the middle east!

In Christ, Tom Gaston


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