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Revelation 6:2- 4........."I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow;  and a crown was given him, and he went out conquering and to conquer...........When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, "Come." And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him."

There are several different interpretations I have read from other commentaries on this passage of Scripture who give their view of who they think this man on the white horse represents, or what he symbolizes...etc...etc. I don't agree with some of these views, but I want to share with you if I may what I believe this Scripture is showing us.  All we need to do is let the Scripture speak and use our brains to decipher and reason it out.  It is not hard to do. This is what I am going to try and demonstrate below. I am going to present to you a totally different approach to what you have been hearing from others on these verses.

The man on the White Horse!

  The one who comes on a "white horse" is the man whom the Bible calls the "antichrist."  He has a "bow" in his hand which is a symbol of war, but yet he has "no arrows."  Question: Why does he have no arrows?  Some have different views on this, but I believe that this shows that this man has obviously already been to "war", and that he has already been involved in a military conflict / campaign, or else he wouldn't be riding a white horse with a bow in his hand with "no arrows", and a "crown" on his head which is a statement of "victory." 

In ancient times many military commanders would ride and parade through the streets on a "white horses" after returning home from a victorious battle which they have won. Therefore the white horse from acient times has become the symbol which symbolizes the spirit of conquest, militarism, and victory. He is also wearing a crown which expresses this very thing. This term crown in this passage is the Greek term "Stephanos" which means "Victors' crown", or a victors' wreath. It is not the Greek term "Diadema" which is the royal crown.  This Greek term "Stephanos" is the term which the Apostle Paul used in reference to Christians who will win "crowns" ( rewards ) for their service to Christ, as we Christians are fighting a "spiritual battle" against demonic powers and forces in high places ( Eph. 6:12 ).

  Now some say that the reason why this man on this white horse has no "arrows" is because it demonstrates that he comes in "by way of peace", and or that he will decieve those into thinking that he is a "man of peace" ( more on this later below ). Well if this was the correct interpretation, then "why" is he riding a white horse with a bow in his hand which is a "symbol of war?"  Instead I believe that this symbolism is showing us that he has already been involved in a "military campaign", and that he has already used his arrows in a battle which he has just fought and won, otherwise he wouldn't be given a "crown" representing "victory."  This is just common sense and clear observation from the text.

  Now understand that it doesn't necessarily mean that he "himself" was on the battlefield personally fighting this battle persay, but rather that perhaps he is "the ruling authority" who was behind this military campaign, and who thus carried it out?  He obviously used "military power" which he had authority over, and of which was at his disposal in order to initiate and authorize such a military campaign. This also suggests to me that he could possibly be a "ruler" ( perhaps a president? ) of a powerful nation with a great and mighty military ( USA / America?  Just a thought. ). And so this "crown" was given to him which represents his "victory."

  After this crown is given to him, then and "only then" does he go out "conquering and to conquer."  This shows that the "world governing body" ( The ruling global community / United nations..etc. ) has now given him the authority to now take his military campaign to a higher level and execute it on a "global scale" in order to establish a "utopia of peace" around the world.  And so the world body of nations now conslidate and join together in an effort to eradicate from the face of the earth this radical Islamic terrorist threat which is treatening the whole global community, which in the end would result in a "New World Order" of a one world political, religious, and economic system which would do away with Islam.  How do you think the Islamic world will feel about this?

  Once again the "crown" which he is wearing reveals that he has already participated in a "military campaign" which resulted in victory.  And I believe personally that this "victory" had to do with destroying the "terrorist opposition" who resided in the following countries of Syria, Lebanon, and Iran ( the terrorist machine) who have prevented peace between Israel and her arab neighbors in that region of the world ( The Church will not be here during this transitional period ). And so it is this victory which then allows "Peace and Security" to be attained and established for the nation of Israel ( and with the "many" ) in the middle east region which no other politician or president has ever been able to accomplish in the past since the establishment of the state of Israel.  This is "why" he is given this crown in Rev. 6:1,2.  The beginning of the seven year tribulation begins with the opening of the "first seal."

Therefore it is clear to me, and it must be noted here that there is no doubt that certain important world changing events have already transpired and taken place on the earth ( between Rev. chapters 4 and 5 )  in which this man on the white horse has been a part of before the first seal was even opened. Therefore he has already demonstrated his capabilities which has astonished the global community, and of which has now prepared the way for this man to come forward onto the world stage.

Important question!

Question:...."So what "time frame" or "window of time" did this man on the white horse achieve a military victory which allowed Peace and Security to be attained and become a reality for Israel and the "many" in the middle east region?

Answer:  It can be nowhere else but within the "time frame" between Revelation 4:1 to Revelation 5:14.

The Church is Raptured at the end of Revelation chapter 3 and is seen in heaven casting her "crowns - Stephanos / Victors' crowns" at the feet of Jesus in Revelation 4:10.  This shows that the Bema Seat of Christ has already taken place for the Church. And it also means that "time" had been passing on the earth between Rev. chapters 4 and 5 while the Church is in heaven.

So when the Rapture happens, then there is going to be a "regional conflict" in the middle east which is going to remove the terrorist threat, opposition, and power of those who are presently creating the problem which is preventing stability and peace in the middle east to transpire. And as we look at what is already taking place presently in the middle east region, then it is obvious that Bashar Assad and his regime in Syria ( the destruction of Damascus the captial - Isaiah 17 which is already in the process right now!  ), Lebanon, and Iran" are the culprits.  These are the three main terrorist supporters and sponsors of Islamic terror in that region of the world.  And so until something is done to dismantle this syndicate of terror and destruction, then there will not be any "Peace and Security" in that region. Therefore these changes must come, and come quickly following the Rapture of the Church.

  The religion of Islam has spread and infected every nation in this world presently with their demonic religion. Radical Islamic terrorism is now what the whole world is facing. It is a "global problem" which is growing and gaining momentum everyday. It it being reported and talked about in discussion on our National Media constantly as it has become the number one threat to the civilized world at large at this time. And you can see right at this very moment in history that our world and its leaders and their citizens are getting sick and tired of their everyday lives being disrupted by Islamic terrorists who are willing to sacrifice and blow themselves up, and who want to kill everyone who does not conform nor bow their knee to Islam. These are classified as "infidels" according to the Islamic world who believes that these kind of people should be killed and destroyed according to their own "koran" and its teachings.

  Presently Syria, Lebanon, and Iran are all working in concert with one another ( providing weaponry and financing ) which is fueling their Islamic terror war machine in the middle east region and around the world at large.  There can be no peace in the middle east UNTIL these terrorist countries have been taken down and their infrustructure and capability destroyed.  But in all reality this is going to take "military action" in order to be successful in destroying their syndicate of terror.  This is exactly what will be taking place BEFORE the seals are opened between chapters 4 and 5 of Revelation.  This military campaign will be "regional " in scope at the beginning, and "not global", but of which will become global in scope as this man on the white horse goes out "conquering and to conquer" during the seven years of tribulation ( more on this a little later ).

  And so there is going to be a "a period or gap of time" ( how long? ) in which "rapid and dramatic prophetic and events" will be taking place in the world, and especially within the "epicenter" which is Israel and the middle east ( within the 10 / 40 window ). These rapid moving events is what will be unfolding following the Rapture of the Church which takes place at the end of Revelation chapter 3 and the opening of the first seal in Revelation chapter 6. 

Again this time-slot is needed in order for these important events to take place between chapters 4 and 5 of Revelation because the tribulation begins with the opening of the first seal in chapter 6. Time will be passing on the earth while the Church is in heaven being "wedded" to Christ. The Bema Seat of Christ must conclude first before Jesus can open the "seal judgments" and begin His 21 judgments.  And so very important and fast moving events are going to be transpiring and unfolding BEFORE the opening of the first seal, as we see that this man who is riding on a white horse in Rev. 6:1,2 has apparently already been involved in important military campaign which ended in victory ( established peace and security ) within this "window of time" ( between Rev. chapters 4 and 5 ).

  Now I need to explain the following so that no one will be confused.   Daniel 8:25 states the following:

Daniel 8:25......And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

This verse here in Daniel, which is talking about this man on the white horse ( the antichrist ), I believe, is directly connected to Revelation 6:2 which states "and he went out conquering and to conquer."  Therefore his conquest for achieving "global peace" is being "fueled and driven" by his "vision" of wanting to create and establish a "New World Order of Peace", but of which can only be achieved through "military conflict." And so "yes", he is a "man of peace", but only in the sense of establishing and achieving it by way of "military conquest." And so he obviously is going to deceive the world into thinking that he is capable of creating this "utopia of global peace" for the world which is now being supported by a joint cooperation and consolidation of the "global community" and their resources in order to address the immediate global threat of which is none other than radical Islamic terrorism which is threatening the whole world.

It is obvious from Scripture that the world will be deceived by this man and will appoint him as world leader.  But then at "mid-trib" the beast which comes up out of the pit will possess this man ( Rev. 11:7 ), who then will break his covenant with Israel. At this time ( which is mid-trib ) the nation of Israel will then become the object of satan's wrath ( Rev. 12:12,13 ).

So we see in Revelation chapter 6 that this man on the white horse who has a "bow" in his hand and a crown on his head ( at the opening of the tribulation period ),  then goes out.."conquering and to conquer" in order to fight against who, and or what?

  Well, just think about it!  What is the global community right now concerned about the most?  Well, just turn on your TV and watch the global news networks and you will see what the concern is all about.  And it is the concern of the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism world wide.  Terrorist attacks are intensifying, and so the nations want "national security" for themselves and their citizens.

The ground work is being laid right now for this man on the white horse to come onto the world stage. And so I believe this man antichrist is going to go after "radical Islamic terrorism" ( at the beginning ) which is threatening the whole global community ( even at this present time ). And because of this, then the world ( who wants to get rid of this Islamic terrorist syndicate ) will unite behind this man because of what no other political or president has ever been able to achieve or accomplish within the region of the middle east, and that is that he has established "Peace and Security with Israel and the "many " in that region of the world ( Dan. 9:27 ).  Following his victory in establishing "Peace and Security" in the middle east region,  then his campaign will go "global"...."Conquering and to conquer."

  I can guarantee you that this "Peace and Security" is going to be accomplished by no other means, but only by a military campaign which will take out three of the main countries who are sponsoring and financing radical Islamic terrorism machine at this present time. And those countries are Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.  These are the three main culprits.  And as we watch the news and get daily updates coming out of the middle east region, then we can see without a doubt that such a military scenario is about to take place and be executed dealing with these three countries, even as I am right writing right now!  Plans are no doubt in the works right now which will involve taking out Syria, Lebanon, and Iran.


The current president and leader of Turkey ( Erdogan ) wants to turn the whole world system into a "caliphate."  And so when this man on the white horse sets out to deal directly with radical Islamic terror, then Turkey ( which is Islamic ) is going to feel threatened by this man on the white horse who is on a military mission in order to take control of the world and do away with Islam, and thus establish a new one world religion ( with the help of the "false prophet" ) which would replace Islam ( Dan. 11: 36 ).  And because of this threat against the religion of "Islam", then Turkey is going to form an alliance between Russia and herself ( and other nations ), and they will make an attempt to invade Irsrael from the north and stop this man ( antichrist hears rumors from the north - Dan. 11:44 ). In Dan. 11:36 - 44 we read that during the antichrist's military campaign he will overun many countries who will fall by his hand.

  I believe that this man is going to seduce the world into thinking that his military campaign of destruction is going to be successful in bringing about a "utopia of peace" for the world. And we can see already that the world presently is poised and ready for such a lie as this due to the fact that the radical Islamic terrorism has become for us today the number one threat and concern of nations and their leaders around the world, as radical Islamic terror has become an ongoing daily event. And so this is why I believe that this man on this white horse goes out "conquering and to conquer."  His main target will be radical Islamic terror right off the bat which he and the world is going to try and stomp out, but of which at the same time is going to cause the Islamic world to "rise up" in defensive in a way that the world has never seen. It will turn this world into a blood bath of beheadings and slaughter.  And we see as early as the "fifth seal" that there are those saints / souls who are underneath the altar who have already been slain because of the word of God and their testimony early on at the opening of the tribulation period.

In closing I would like to say that "I don't know who the antchrist is?"  And frankly it really doesn't matter to me who this man is because the Church is not going to be here to encounter him. For he cannot be revealed to the world until the "restraining" of God's Holy Spirit has been removed and His indwelling ministry within the believer ceases at the time of the Rapture of the Church ( 2Thess. 2:7 ).

And so I can tell you this, that president Donald Trump has been speaking out publically against "radical Islamic terrorism" in such a fashion which has not been demonstrated nor seen by other political predecessors who have come before him.  His words are "prophetic", and his demeanor and character is resembling this man who is to come on the "white horse", and who thus will go forth "conquering and to conquer."

  President Donald Trump is like no other president which we have ever seen before.  And most importantly he has now become the number one threat to radical Islamic terror syndicate as He is threatening to "wipe them off the face of the earth" ( His own words ). 

And so Just take a look at the links below and view Donald Trump's statements against radical Islamic terror.  And especially notice the first one below in which Donald Trump states....... "We will completely annihilate radical Isalmic terrorism from the face of the earth."

The prophetic hour is late, and our departure to heaven is imminent like never before.

Jesus is coming for us!

In Christ, Tom Gaston

Trump says.."We will completely annihilate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth."

Jan 20, 2017 ... “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate."

Donald Trump: US will wipe out 'Islamic terror groups' | USA News | Al Jazeera

Mattis says Trump's orders will annihilate ISIS

Trump Tweet.....Quote.........."All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and in peace" ( end quote ).

Trump approves new Pentagon strategy to "annihilate ISIS."

Trump addressing Nato leaders / All people who cherish "life".....MUST UNITE and "drive out" the Islamic terrorists.

The following is where we are at.....Right Now!

General Wesley Clark: ( Interview from 2011 ). The following Wars Were Planned - take out Seven Countries In Five Years - YouTube ( 2 minutes long )

Take out...Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, finishing off......"Iran."  This is where we are at right now!


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