The Wickedness of Bill HR 5 and its true agenda

Just watched this very disturbing disclosure of this bill in Congress. HR 5


It is a full blown Transgender agenda making the foundation to Gender Neutral and Gender Nonconforming standards to soon infiltrate all society.  This is Kabbalah Hermaphrodite which ultimate brings the ultimate NWO of no gender, a gender free society.

The major backers are all female Transgender people like  Wisconsin  Tammy Baldwin a Lesbian Conservative who is a full blown Transgender. Another is a Tranny Jayapal in Washington state who recently came out saying her-his son is now free and fully gender non conforming. Also in the list are Arizona Krysten Sinema.

As we're aware most of the leaders in Government.  Entertainment. Sports. Business are Transgender people.  This is Satan's World and this is how his people run things.

For the true saved followers of Jesus Christ this world is not our home.  We are in it to be a light and salt - we are here to be also a witness and testimony against this wickedness.  

Even so come Lord Jesus. 




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