The Bottom Line: The BLOOD of Jesus Christ; False Teachers will run from this teaching #EndTimes


In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;

REDEEM  to save, rescue, deliver; to buy back; to buy back a thing formally possessed; to purchase and buy back that which was formerly held by another; ; to free from a charge or claim.  to restore or bring into a condition or state. to restore, set right again

THROUGH:  Preposition expressing the relation of transition or direction within something from one limit of it to the other. Primarily in reference to motion in space, hence in various derived senses. from one end, to the other; usually implying into, at one end, and out of a at the other. In consequence of, by reason of, on account of, owing to; from; for; In all points or respects; wholly entirely, out and out; 

I've noticed a vivid reality of living in the last days. Never before have I seen such a disdain 

dis•dain dĭs-dān′

  • transitive verb
    To regard or treat with haughty contempt: synonymdespise.
  • transitive verb
    To consider or reject (doing something) as beneath oneself.
  • n.
    A feeling or show of contempt and aloofness; scorn

for the BLOOD of Jesus Christ.  

There are many false teachers out there today who say all the right words but fail by wicked design to place emphasis on the BLOOD.  I attended this one church where the pastor would ramble on aimlessly about irrelevant applications of the bread and cup of communion. He never referenced the BLOOD in the Cup as referenced clearly in Matthew 26:28 KJV.  Mega Pastor John MacArthur also skillfully declines to give significance to the BLOOD and even downplays the importance.  See Link:

Also, there are literally hundreds of videos and studies exposing John MacArthur in numerous ways as a false teacher and heretic.  He as all of these false teachers of today uses a perverted Bible translation. Please see my link below regarding Bible translations.  Here's another one that is especially disturbing that exposes John's belief regarding the blood of Jesus that is completely not what is written in scripture

I also had a very painful experience with a so called Christian named Cal Teichmann cctech777 who writes mockingly a Blog titled:  "Come Taste the Fulness of The Lord"  Cal T never acknowledged in a SKYPE online Communion (as witnessed by others) or in his writings on Communion the "Cup is the Blood".  After I have rebuked him in writing, he has probably either deleted these writings or gone back and edited to mask his original teachings where he deferred the true biblical purpose of communion and replaced it with his own personal suffering.  

Rebuking CCTECHM777 Cal Teichmann:

For readers who may have a deeper understanding as to why Satan hates the blood so much please leave commentary below.  Thank you.



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