The Final Chapter of America. Look up Saints our Redemption draws nigh. #Maranatha

This Blog is addressed to the Saints who are awake and fully aware of our true home that comes soon. We're here in this strange land as pilgrims passing through. 

For the New World Order to take hold America must be radically changed into the Beast System to prepare the way of the Antichrist. 

For any Christian calling themselves American as I do, and to all Freedom loving citizens of planet earth,  we have to either read and believe what our Bibles say or cling on tightly to the bitter end  refusing to acknowledge the ship sinking beneath us 🇺🇸.  Yes we love our country and freedom and know God has richly blessed this country to spread the Gospel into this dark world as did Great Britain into the 19th century.  However these chapters have closed.

We need to pray for those who are unsaved. We also need to pray for those carnal Christians who still cling onto hope that things will improve and who are misled by false teachers that revival will come. It is way past time to wake up.

Even so come Lord Jesus. 


I'd like to share excerpts from attorney Clifford C. Nichol's stunning article as the perfect backdrop to the final chapter of America.

Supreme Court's failures are putting America on a path to tyranny

The Supreme Court today is thoroughly politicized...and thus corrupt.

2. In America, the rule of law is now dead.

3. Worse yet, by these decisions, America's Supreme Court has put on open display its utter disregard — and absolute contempt — for whatever the American people may think about the future unavailability of equal justice in a nation that once promised that such justice would be available to all.  

Such truths should be cause for greater alarm for the American people than even the now almost Orwellian silence of John Durham.  Consider the following recent words of attorney Sidney Powell:

The Supreme Court's failure to date to address the massive election fraud and multiple constitutional violations that wrought a coup of the presidency of the greatest country in world history completes the implosion of each of our three branches of government into the rubble of a sinkhole of corruption.  It is an absolute tragedy for the rule of law, the future of the Republic, and all freedom-loving people around the world."

Entire article in link in below


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