Why Do The Heathen Rage? Chicago Mayor curses out Clarence Thomas at Pride Parade

Chicago mayor curses out Clarence Thomas at Pride parade.

My response:

Chapter 2


  1. Mikeableme@gmail.comJune 28, 2022 at 10:37 PM

    Bro sheet , have you heard a bro Prasch who believes in the trinity?

    1. Yes, absolutely. Not only have I heard of Jacob Prasch I've written a great deal about him exposing his outrageous claims of being a Hebrew and Greek Scholar, his completely erroneous bible eschatology and misguided understanding of Messiah and His church. He's a modern day Judaizer. A Zionist who actually believes the church is going through the time of Jacob's Trouble. I invite you to read:



  2. Brother it wasn't just a response. It was from the very depth of her soul. I absolutely cringed when I heard her. Anyone could see her eyes. Could tell this was absolutely demonic from the very pits of Hell.This woman is truly evil. And Brother anyone with the any deferment can tell she's not the only one.
    Look at the poison coming out of the mouths of the rest of our Congress and Senate. Pure toxic poison from their demonic souls.
    These follower of Satan himself are no longer hiding.
    I'm pleading with folks to cry out to a Holy and Righteous Lord. Time is up. Call upon the Name of the Lords Jesus while you can

    1. Amen Brother. You nailed it. Thank you for commenting. People better LISTEN. TICK TOCK. Time is striking the final second before JUDGMENT COMES SOON!

  3. Nothing that Lori Lightfoot says surprises me anymore. However, she took it a step further by cursing a Supreme Court Justice with such vulgarity. As Anonymous said in his comment, "This woman is truly evil." Isaiah 65:6 tells us that the Lord will "pay it back into [her] lap."


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