Calming the Hysteria from Amir Tsarfati Wake Up Christian

Disclaimer:  I want the reader to know I certainly believe we are very close to our redemption - the Rapture of the Body of Christ.  What I want Christians to realize - however, is the number of fakes and frauds out there pimping the immeninent Ezekiel 38, 39 war which is not Biblical.  Please read the email I received today from someone claiming Amir has breaking news.

Amir Tsarfati: BREAKING NEWS: Russian threat on Israel.

Neil Lipken

This is very important information from Amir Tsarfati, an Israeli who is a Jewish Christian. This video is around 21 minutes long and well worth the time if you have it. I would like to throw in my personal opinion here. The Russian winter is very inhospitable, very inhospitable! Ever seen the movie, "Dr. Zhivago"? Everything was frozen in that movie, including him! LOL! Well, it is my opinion that in light of the harsh Russian winter, that if the Russian / Ukrainian war is to morph into something much bigger (like World War III), the Russians will make their move before the harsh winter sets in. That means likely in just the coming few weeks.

Remember in Scripture that the Rapture is tied to an event of "sudden destruction". I won't go into all the Scripture here. Might those who know Jesus (Israel's long rejected Messiah) be Airborne soon? Maybe, yes maybe! Israel is nearing 74 1/2 years old, and from the "parable of the fig tree" in Scripture, we are the "generation" (from 1948) that will see all end time events come to pass!


My Response without even opening up Amir's sensationalism.

Andrew Sheets <>

9:10 AM (28 minutes ago)

to Neil

Good to observe all news and look for our blessed hope. Beware of Amir Tsarfati is not a jew but an Israeli Arab posing as a jew who has very limited Bible knowledge who is duping Evangelicals into useful Zionist tools.

Before you jump to conclusions thinking that I'm being too critical or perhaps you don't really care about him but rather his message- realize this...

I am a deep King James Bible Only blood bought born again Christian who has traveled throughout the world, retired naval officer. I have extensive studies exposing Tsarfati as a wolf.

The Russian invasion EZ 39 of Israel will not happen until well after the Rapture.

Amir and other pimp charlatans pump this to sell books.

Read the EZ 38 39 WARS Revelation 19 20


  1. Hello Andrew, have you checked out this blog? They talk about Tsarfati:

    1. Wow! Praise God! Thank you very much for sharing this with me.


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