Be Wise: 'BREAKING NEWS' SOLAR X FLARES; Begley vs Science

Disclaimer:  I am excited by the birth pangs that are increasing each day that apply to end times scripture of our soon Rapture to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We know we're in the season praise God. Lift up your eyes to heaven dear Saints; our redemption draws nigh.

Warning, Be Wise...

Instead of being caught up in the massive INSANE hysteria of the likes of Paul Begley and others screaming about doomsday X CLASS SOLAR FLARES - I'd recommend these two YouTube Channels on Solar Activity.

Until Jesus is ready to Rapture His Bride, the Church we will continue seeing the birth pangs.  The earth must and will function until that day.  What these screaming CLICK BAIT, FEAR PORN Queens are doing is preparing their followers for the Tribulation.

Dr. Tamitha Skov

Ben at Suspicious Observers

Disclaimer:  Ben Davidson of suspicious observers does excellent work on solar activity; however, beware that he is most likely working on a cult doomsday program and is NOT a legitimate scientist.  There is also a tremendous amount of evidence showing Ben is a fear mongering charlatan.  I would only recommend his solar activity reporting and stop there.

You might want to take the time to compare Begley with 

Note:  I've called Begley out a few times in the past. One of his most outrageous was screaming the Chinese Navy was off the coast of California:

Stop the Insanity Paul Begley #Charlatan (

Here's Begley's X CLASS FLARE RANTS:


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