There are NO contradictions in the King James bible God is not a liar


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Recently someone asked me the following question on Quora

Is there a contradiction between Exodus 20:13 and Numbers 31:17?

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First there are no contradictions in the King James Bible* (why I say King James Bible read comment below) otherwise it would make God a liar. What the Bible does present are paradoxes and parables. A paradox are two scriptures when compared appear to be contradictory but on closer study reveal a greater and deeper truth in both. I did a detailed study on this. I will include link below.

In addition to understanding the use of the Paradox, we have to apply the 3 essential rules to solid Bible Hermeneutics when understanding scripture. 1: CONTEXT, 2. Grammar, Vocabulary in Exegesis, 3: Scripture with Scripture (Harmonizing).

We see in Exodus 20:13 KJB the context is proclaiming the Mosiac law to the Hebrews that it is illegal to MURDER someone (think especially in the context to premeditated murder). We see the grammar and vocabulary in context means MURDER not to kill someone by accident. See Hebrew Strongs H7523 Ratsach: To Murder by premeditated, intentional. See H7523 applied in a few other scriptures that clearly show mal intent, premeditated intentional murder. Numbers 35:17, 35:25, etc.

We see in Numbers 31:17 KJB the context is commanding the armies of Israelites to slaughter the enemy of God who sacrifice their children in fire BAAL Worship the bloodthirsty Canaanites, etc. We see the grammar and vocabulary in context to mean to kill and destroy (not murder). See Hebrew Strongs H2026 Harag which means to kill, destroy. slay with deadly intent as in destroying the enemy in combat in war. See H2026 applied to a few other scriptures that clearly show Isaiah 10:4, 14:20, Joshuah 10:11 KJB etc.

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*Comment: Read 2 Timothy 3:16 King James Bible and compare with other translations.  Now go to Psalm 12:6,7 King James and compare with other translations.  

Understand The Paradox - The Parable to unlock God's Word


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