More Revelation of the Evils of Zionism and the JUDAIZERS The KOSHER PIG EXPOSE DARKNESS


  The top ones know exactly what they do to us.
And find great pleasure in it too. 

 And the church  system hides it from us and that is why they do not allow us to see spiritually, or question,
but make  all manner of false doctrines to hide that they serve these wicked overlords for gain and position.

The churches are nothing but controlled opposition today.

And will ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to my people that hear your lies?" (Eze 13:19)

I wanted to share with you this video and the interpretation of the symbolic sayings spoken in the  video, which came up in my Youtube feed, a very disturbing video, which I believe the Lord has enabled me to understand and interpret.    I share it  with you, as you may find this helpful as you watch over and care for  some of the  people of God, and so you will need to inquire if this is for your eyes only or if you feel you want to share it. 

 It consists of very dark sayings, by what I perceive to be  a very dark spirit.  So it is up to you with whom you share, or perhaps rather to keep private and for your personal understanding.  

I want to point out something regarding this video and Trump as the manifested "goat" (There is a spiritual goat, the false messiah "Yeshua" the Jewish replacement of Jesus,  and a manifested flesh-and- blood "goat", the visible representation of the false messiah as a political leader on earth, (which very well could be Trump)  When I watched your latest video I thought of  something very significant regarding the dog in the video about "Azazel"which I have interpreted (see attached PDF for my interpretations and link to video below)  .  

When watching the video, notice the massive red dog at the 1:00 min mark, its "paws" to me also are formed out of   the red "Kabbalah rope" which you will notice all the people hold on to in later scenes . This red rope starts to enjoin the people of the world,   and entangle everything more and more in the video.    The red colour represents Esau, the goat and also the dog is  blood red.  This red dog  made me think of Trump, the way he is lionized and sits as larger than life among the people.  They often display huge balloon-like models  of him at rallies, and the massive  dog reminds me of Trump in this way.

And I thought of how Trump is called "Orange man".  Orange is red + yellow.  Yellow I believe stands for Vatican/sun worship/Apollo/Baal worship.  This is what Christianity has been engaged in from the earliest days.  Once "yellow" is removed from "orange"  (via Judaizing) you are left with RED .  So to me it says once they turn away from their Baal worship of the western system,  through bowing in alliance to Israel by the false peace, Trump or whoever embodies the Judas goat will be  spiritually  "red".  Trump  or the Judas goat western leader who leads the west   to perdition will go from "orange"  to red (RED HORSE) once the alliance shifts fully away from loyalty to  Christianity and  traditional western values  and towards openly serving Judaism and the state of Israel, 

 He will also be a physical representative of  the goat  "they" throw to Satan, the bribe, meaning, the false leader given as "hopium"  to deceive  and mislead the masses.  They "throw them a bone" by giving them Trump or some great leader they believe will save them.  This is just a thought, should it be Trump to be "the chosen one" (as he himself called himself).  However, this will be true of any western leader they raise up to ally themselves with Israel by bowing to Zionist Israel. They will go from "orange" to "red" spiritually and be the "red dog" who receives the "bone" (bribe) to betray their own.   This means Christianity as it  now is, like Queen Vasthi, will be disgraced, deposed  and  replaced...but this you very well know.

I notice through-out the video the red rope connecting peoples of all people groups, ethnicities, religions   and classes.  They all hold fast to this signifying, I think,  they are all of one mind and purpose. ( The red rope, among many meanings,  stand for the  Kabbalah strand adherents tie around their wrists)

Notice also in the end how the nations (represented by the flags) and the religious leaders of the "celestial court" (which is shown as the Vatican) all are fully convinced  to "stand by Israel"  and condemn the Christians, who like the goat are "banished" and enslaved, I believe as Noahides.

This video just confirms everything I have been seeing, yet it is from what I perceive to be  a Kabbalist's viewpoint. I think we are starting to  more clearly see the end game now.


Prosecutor turns defender

Transcript and interpretation

The “goat” or the “bone” represents sending a bribe into the camp of the Christians (which

they call “the other side”). The goat or the bone also represents the false messiah/false

prophet/false teaching, that lead them astray, the Judas goat or goat for Azazel.

(In practical terms it means teaching Christians false doctrines and lies to lead them astray)

The reason is so the Christians stop accusing the Jews (and consequently also secular

sinners) of their sins and instead start siding with them and defending them. (Just look how

the church defends those who openly sin, and shut those who speak truth up)

They ask Ben Zoma is it permissible for us to emasculate a dog?

He replies: “Neither shall you do thus in your land”. The meaning is you shall not do thus to

anything in your land, even to a dog, for as the world needs one thing it needs another,

meaning there is nothing in the world that is not needed. Therefore we learned that “And

behold it was very good”, which refers to the angel of Death, that he should not be blotted

from the world because the world needs him, even though it is written about him :

“The angel of Death, yay the dogs are greedy they never have enough”.

Come and see friends

It is commanded that the high priest should perform the service of that day as need be and

should dispatch the goat to Azazel. The secret is as you said, in order that the other side be

separated from the holy nation and not make demands for their sins before the king .He

should not accuse them as he has neither strength nor authority but when anger is

intensified above with this gift of the goat to Azazel, he is then converted to be their

Guardian. As a result he is banished from before the king. We establish that this is so

because he represents the end of all flesh. The holy nation gives to him what is needed for

him, namely a goat, namely a sear, this is the secret of “Behold Esau my brother is a a hairy

man” (Gen 27:11)

A popular saying goes like this: Throw a bone to a dog and he will lick the dust of your feet.

Here also we give to the other side a goat and he is converted to be a Defender.

It is not good that they should become extinct from the world. Everything is needed, both

good and bad, hence we need on this day to throw a bone to the dog, meaning the goat

of Azazel .

While the church is preoccupied with “the goat” ( fighting wars for the state of Israel

politically, fighting internal wars due to the chaos the new doctrines bring, and following

and implementing strange new teachings introduced into their churches , for example

fund raising for Israel (rather than fund raising to evangelize) or study of or even learn

how to keep the Jewish feasts, which Torah laws to follow as Christians etc), they do not

dare to stop the quite open and blatant Judaizing in the churches, even as they see many

“enter the Palaces of the king” (leave Christianity and enter Judaism via Hebrew Roots,

Torah keeping movemennts or Messianism)

The Christian church is no longer salt and light, chastising and pointing out the sins of the

Jews (and all mankind) , and restraining the Jews in their evil and pernicious ways, but

actually turn to defend them. The Christians (specfically those of European ancestry) also

become the scape goat and take all the sins of the Jews (and all the world also) upon

themselves, no longer chastising the Jews for their wicked deeds in the world but accusing

the Christians or the secular world of it.

(Think for example of the ADL and calling out “antisemitism” everyhere, even just for the

slightest criticism, and blaming ”white supremacy” for all the evils in the world)

While he is dragging the bone people may enter the Palace of the king and no one dares to

stop them for the Accuser is preoccupied with his gift Afterwards he will still be wagging his

tail, meaning he will become a Defender.

It is written: “And confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel and the Goat

shall bear upon it all their iniquities”.

They do not spiritually emasculate all the Christians by leaving them to all become totally

secular and atheist (and therefore fruitless for spiritual work) as the apostasy and mass

secularization continues to grow, but takes the most zealous Zionist Christians in and

enslave them, so as to preserve them and make them useful to the Jews .

This is because the church and Christianity serve a function to them, even though they see

it as an evil force of death. (Of course from their viewpoint Christianity is a force of death,

since if Jews convert, they see it as destroying the Judaism of the Jew. They even

traditionally held funerals for their children when they converted to Christianity)

Since the Christians have received the gift of the “goat”, they are forced on account of

their own deception to bear the guilt, since the guilt was placed on the head of the goat.

The “goat” comes laden with the sins, it is part and parcel of the “gift” (meaning it is part

of Christian Zionist teaching ) They must agree that they are guilty and to blame for

everything, and the Jews are innocent and “the chosen ones”, otherwise they are not

regarded as “mainstream” (orthodox), and are therefore rejected as “anti-semitic”, and


(All this is primarily done by the Christians to themselves, since they believe the lie.)

They do this trick in order to - as they see it - save mankind from judgement and

annihilation. So they offer up the Christians by scape goating them, so as to avoid their

own destruction, along with the nations. (They see it as doing good, like Caiaphas who

said it is better that one man die rather than the entire nation).

If the Jews and the nations destroy Christianity, it saves them from the judgement of God

(whom they view as Satan), and everything in the system can continue as before, only in an

“upgraded” way - in their way of thinking- because they are now “the head”, having

usurped the place of honour the Christians held in the world, like Jacob stole Esau’s


When the other side sees this goat his desire towards it is aroused to be with it and he does

not know which of the sins the goat took upon himself. He then returns to Israel and sees

that they are free and clear of sins and blemishes as all sins are upon the head of the goat

He ascends and praises them, namely Israel, before the Holy One Blessed Be he, for the

Holy One Blessed Be he, pays attention to the testimony of the Accuser and since his desire

is to have mercy on his people, he extends Mercy to Israel even though he is aware of all

that transpired.

The Christians become greatly desirous to be part of this new movement (Christian

Zionism) and they become totally preoccupied with it. Since the church and the Christians

become the scapegoats, when they now look at the Jews, they seem to be totally blameless

and innocent in contrast to the Christians, who now take upon themselves the guilt for what

they are deceived to believe are all the ills of 2000 years of church history, and so the

Christians start to praise the Jews rather than accuse them. In this way the Jews obtain

mercy even though they deserve judgement.

(They see Christianity as “the Accuser” (that is, Satan) and their god “Hashem” is one who

winks at sin and allows them to scape goat others for their sins and so get away with it)

The entire remedy depends upon this: Not to arouse the secret of the judgment on high and

thus intensify this judgment to annihilate mankind, All this can come from harsh judgment if

this judgment is awakened. it is awakened by the sins of mankind. For all of this the Holy

One Blessed Be he, gave counsel to Israel to be saved in every aspect, as it is written :

“Happy is the people that is in such a case. Happy is that people whose Elohim is Hashem.”

(Psa 144:15)

He says a very shocking thing here namely that one cannot really accuse “Jacob” (the Jews)

of deceiving “Esau” (The unfaithful Christians) because Esau despised his birthright,

meaning, the Jews see it as that the Christians who fall for the Christian Zionist deception

and partake (“eat and drink”) of it’s doctrines (which they “cooked up” for them), do not

truly value their spiritual inheritance and the responsibility it brings, and therefore prefer

the Jews to perform the role of nation of priests, rather than they, the Christians. They

became “weary” of their task due to being in the field, like Esau, and therefore Christian

Zionism appeals to them, because it gives their inheritance as being the kingdom of priests

back to the Jews, and therefore they no longer need to bear responsibility of being a light to

the Nations.

And of the verse: “And Jacob cooked a pottage and Esau came from the field and he was

faint”.....Rabbi Elazar explained that “And Jacob cooked” refers to the mourning for

Abraham who had died on that day and Jacob cooked round lentils which have no mouth.

This alludes to the mourners who are without a mouth. He asks: “But should not it have been

written: And Isaac cooked a pottage since he and not Jacob was the mourner? He answers:

Jacob cooked a pottage because Jacob knew the origin of Esau and the side he cleaved to,

therefore he cooked red dishes, namely red lentils, for this dish breaks the power and might

of the red blood and can break the power and might of Esau, who is the secret of the red

blood, as it is written: “And the first came out red” (Gen 25:25)

Come and see

Rabbi Shimon was sitting with the other friends when his son Rabbi Elazar appeared. The

friend said to Rabbi Shimon: “We have an important question to ask you concerning Jacob

and Esau. Why was Jacob unwilling to give Esau a pottage of lentils unless he sold him is


In addition Esau said to Isaac his father: “ For he has supplanted me these two times” (Gen

27:36). “How can Jacob deceive Esau?”, he responded. Now you deserve a whipping

because you believed Esau and lied about Yakov's words. The scripture bears witness that

Jacob was a plain man (Gen 25:27), which means that he cannot cheat. Also it is written:

“You will show truth to Jacob” (Micah 7:20)

This was the situation concerning Jacob and Esau: Even before the red stuff, Esau detested

his birthright and he asked Jacob to take the birthright without payment.

Thus it is as written: :

“And he did eat and drink and rose up and went his way”. (Gen 25:34)

Thus Esau despised the birthright.

Jacob “cooked up” something that he knew was the perfect deception for Esau because he

knows his brother intimately. He gave Esau exactly what he wanted, meaning, the Judaizers

gave the masses of Christians exactly what would turn out to be the perfect deception,

namely Christian Zionism, to entrap them and strip them of their power. The stripping of

Esau’s (Christianity’s) power lies in what is here called “the secret of the red blood”,

meaning the power of the blood of Christ. (Remember, they see Christians as Esau). Once

they strip them of the power faith in Christ provides (the blood atonement) , they become

powerless and have no voice (“mouth”) in this world any longer. “Abraham died” is very

likely code for the end of the righteousness by faith (which Abraham symbolizes) , by

breaking the power of Christianity, by exchanging faith in Christ for faith in the false

messiah (“Yeshua”), who is an Advocate for the Jews and the righteousness by Law, and an

Accuser of Christians. “The mourners” who are “without mouth” are the Christians who

mourn as they see Christ being crucified afresh. They no longer have a “mouth”, as they

have been shut up (due to the majority of Christianity having embraced the deception, and

who have received the teaching of Christian Zionism) and therefore they remain silent as

they mourn.

(This could also perhaps be the symbolic, Kabbalistic reason for covering the mouth with

the mask while being poisoned by the “snake bite” in 2020 and on)

By selling Jacob his birthright, , Esau became a slave. Instantly Jacob knew that for the

one goat that the children of Israel sacrificed on Yom Kipipur to his level, namely “ to

Azazel Into the Wilderness”, the secret of the Samael , the minister of Esau, he becomes a

slave to his descendants, and will not accuse them. And because of the level of wisdom of

Esau, Jacob dealt wisely with Esau everywhere, so that Esau was unable to rule and was

submissive. Jacob was not defiled by him, but ruled over him.

The theft of the birthright makes Esau a slave to Jacob, meaning the Christian church

subservient to Judaism, initially through the world wide ecumenical movement (which was

the binding of the strong man in order to plunder his house), then the Hebrew Roots and

Messianic movements, and eventually (I believe) Noahidism, to fully make “Esau” part of

them, because he makes Esau (Christianity) “kosher” so he can join up with him, and yet

rule over him. (This is not going to be an equal partnership, just listen to any Messianic and

you will soon see this)

The friends remarked that when Israel were ready to cross the sea and take revenge on the Egyptians,

the prosecutor said I have passed the Holy Land and I see that these are not worthy of entering it If you

mete out punishment their punishment here is like the Egyptians. What is the difference between them?

Either they will all die together or they will all return to Egypt. Was it not you who said: “...and shall serve

them and they shall afflict them 400 years” (Gen 15:13) , but from the reckoning only 210 years have

passed, no more. The Holy One, Blessed Be he, said: “What shall I do? This calls for some busy work,

something is needed to bring here and draw near him. I shall give him something to be occupied with so

he will leave my children. Let us find someone for him to be busy with”.

He says basically when the day of the LORD comes, the Prosecutor will say that the Jews have been as

bad and perhaps even worse than the secular world, and so needs to be punished and perhaps even

destroyed along with the rest of the world, and so they distract the Prosecutor by the gift of the “goat”

(false messiah/false leader who accepts the bribe and misleads his own people) so they (the Jews) will

not be destroyed along with the rest of the world.

Forth with he said: “Have you considered my servant Job that there is none like him on Earth?” (Job 1:8)

He interrupted the Prosecutor with words. Then the Adversary answered Hashem and said: “Does Job

fear Elohim for nought?” This is likened to a Shepherd who wanted to pass his flock across a river. A wolf

passed by and afflicted his flock. The wise Shepherd said: “What shall I do? He might destroy the flock

while I move the lambs across. He raised his eyes and saw a wild goat, big and strong, He said : “I shall

throw him before the wolf. While they do battle with each other I shall remove all the flock and they

shall be saved from him. So does the Holy One Blessed Be he do. He said: “I shall certainly throw a

great powerful and forceful goat in his way, namely Job While he will be occupied with it , my children

shall cross the sea without a prosecutor over them.”

The occupied Prosecutor (the Church whom they see as their Adversary) is too busy with internal

struggles and too confused by the sudden bait & switch, to do it’s job properly (the strong man is

bound), therefore the Jewish people get to go scott free. The “goat” that is thrown to the “wolf” is called

“Job” (meaning the Christians who fail to understand what is happening to them ) This means that the

Christian church (the wolf) blame their own and advocate for the guilty, just like Job got blamed by his

friends for the things that came upon him.

There is a great parable about this. Come and see...

There is the lowliest in the King's house. Give him a little wine, and he will praise you before the

king., otherwise he will speak evil words about you before the king. Sometimes the superiors in the

king's house receive that evil speech and the king punishes that man. Rabbi Yitzhak said, this is

likened to a fool who is in the king's presence. Give him a little wine and then tell him and show

him all the abominable things you have done and all the evil, yet he will praise you and say there

is none in the world like you.

He says that the basest in the house will be made drunk easily, and when you have given him wine,

and then tell him all your sins and wrongdoing, he will still praise you. Meaning target those of the

weakest in faith, the weak brother, by Judaizing them ( giving wine of fornication). Then you will

seem to him as being one who can do no wrong, even if you show him all your abominations openly.

I think it also applies to secular people. If you give them sensual pleasure they will forgive

anything you do and endlessly praise you. That is why, even though all the atrocities done are now

openly known and spoken about, people do nothing, because of all the propaganda that has

confused them and also the comfort and ease of modern living which lull them to be in a state of


Immediately and “Hashem” said to the adversary: “Have you considered.” Eventually the

Holy One, Blessed Be he, joined them together, as it is written: “Behold he is in your hand.”

(Job 2:6). While he was busy with him he left Israel alone and uttered no denouncement on

them. Similarly on that day of Yom Kippur the Satan is ready to spy out the land and we

should send something before him with which to be busy. While he is busy with it he will

leave Israel alone

On the great day of atonement, meaning on the Day of the LORD , they “trick” the Accuser (that

is the church from their viewpoint) to leave Israel alone . Eventually “Hashem” joins the church

and Judaism in one. “Behold, he is in your hand” refers to Job being given into Satan’s hand for

a season, but may also be an allusion to the two sticks prophecy of Ezekiel 37.

Here too the prosecutor is constantly in the king's presence. Israel give him this offering

of the goat to Azazel. in this offering there is a note where all is written down of the evil

things, the abominable things and the iniquities Israel did, yet he comes and praises

Israel and becomes their defender. And the Holy One Blessed Be he, returns everything

upon the heads of the wicked of his people since it is written: “For you shall heap coals

of fire upon his head” ( Proverbs 25:22 )

The Prosecutor (the institutionalized church) is shown all Israel’s evils but because of

the “gift” he praises and defends Israel and returns all the evil upon the Christians (his

own people)

Rabbi Yosi said: “Woe to the people of Esau when that goat is sent to that slanderer who

is appointed over them, namely the Samael, the minister of Esau, that comes to praise

Israel for it’s sake” The Holy One, Blessed Be he, returns all those iniquities on the head

of his people, because it is written: “He that tells lies shall not remain in my sight.”

(Psa 101:7)

“The minister of Esau” (the institutionalized Christian church system ) comes to praise

Israel and turn on their own people. Meaning the Christians bear all the punishment and

are spiritually cut off, because they have believed and spoken lies (due to the strong

delusion spoken of in 2 Thes 2, in which they received the lie rather than the love of the

truth) .

(From their viewpoint the Christians are “slanderers” because they point out the Jews’

sins, yet fail to first deal with their own...they call it “Lashon Hara” or evil speaking,

which is speaking words that cause harm, even if it is true).

Rabbi Yehuda said if the idolators knew of the goat they would not let Israel live one day in the


Come and see,

All day he busies himself with that goat. Then the Holy One, Blessed Be he, forgives Israel and

cleanses them in every respect and there is no prosecutor in his presence. He then comes and

Praises Israel. The Holy One, Blessed Be he, then asks him, as it is written: “And Hashem said

to the Adversary, from where do you come?” And he answers by praising Israel. The

prosecutor turns into a Defender and goes his way.

The rabbi’s think that if the Christians knew of this trick they would destroy Jewry. They

believe they get away with what they do and let others pay for it, and that they have tricked

God (whom they see as mean, satanic and as their Adversary). They believe their god

“Hashem” (who is the god of this world) winks at their sins and gives them a pass.

The Holy One, Blessed Be he, then says to the seventy ministers that surround his throne

namely the secret of the celestial Courthouse; “Have you seen this slanderer, how he is always

about to slander my children? Behold, there is a goat by him with a note with all their

iniquities, all their abominable acts and all that they sinned and transgressed before me but he

accepted them upon himself”. They all agree then that these iniquities go back on Esau's


The “ministers” probably refer to the guardian angels of the nations who are in charge of the

religious leaders of the Christian world. These all acknowledge the “transaction” of the scape

goat and agree that the Christians will pay for the sins of the Jews.

Enough has been revealed for the wise to see


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