According to the Bible, Will God eventually save ALL of the Jews referred to as his people?

According to the Bible, Will God eventually save ALL of the Jews referred to as his people? 

According to the perverted bible translations and the false prophets and teachers like John MacArthur the answer is yes.

However, according to the King James Bible which is continually under attack, the answer is NO, but rather Only a Remnant which will be saved and join the Church, The Tribulation Saints and the Old Testament Saints as True Israel will be saved.

 How the false Prophets like John MacArthur are as the time of Jeremiah

EXPOSING Ben Shapiro and John MacArthur Sunday Edition The Religious Decline of West, June 9, 2024

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After I posted the above Video I realized that the greatest tragedy that most will miss is how the false prophets as in the days of Jeremiah are lying to the Jewish people and lulling them into a false premise of hope in that God will spare them all and that National Israel is synonymous with God's chosen people and all of the Jews will be saved. This is sold as bill of goods by John MacArthur and the other false prophets and teachers like John Hagee and very tacitly by Amir Tsarfati and Joel Rosenberg and Ask Dr. Brown and so many others of the ZIONISTS and Messianic Jews and Judaizers and their kind.

I urge you to read and truly understand what happened during the time of Jeremiah:

The False Prophets talking to #Israel same a Jeremiah's day #EndTimes (

Amir TSARFATI, What have you done? (

Major Point that many will miss: 

At Time Stamp 1:21:38 John MacArthur states:

 People Israel I have a plan for my People Israel as the New Testament says so ALL Israel will be saved." End Quote.

 This is NOT .. repeat NOT what the King James Bible states. 

The King James Bible states in Romans 10:1: 

 "Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved."

 As I pointed out when I read Romans 10:1 the word ALL and People Israel is not there. 

To demonstrate how prolific this false premise is, how pervasive it is as thrown around, I found myself mistakenly saying it at time stamp 1:29 while listening to John say it.

 The perverted bible translations all use a reference to either The Israelites or they or them as an antecedent pronoun back to how Paul opens Romans 9 referring to all Jews, but only the word ISRAEL is used. 

This harmonizes over and over again with scripture showing true Israel as revealed in the MYSTERY given to Paul in his gospel from Jesus Christ. Read Romans 2:16, 4:16, Ephesians 2 and 3, Galatians 2 and 3, etc. 

As I pointed out when I read Romans 10:1 the word ALL is not there. This is a sick, sinful, wicked way John MacArthur is lulling Ben Shapiro and the Jews into a false sense of security.

 ALL infers every single Jew which Jews believe they are covered as the Pharisees believed because they claimed Abraham was their father. Jesus made it clear that this does not matter. Judah before they were destroyed by Babylon and the first temple destroyed also believed God would never let the heathen destroy his holy temple and Jerusalem. 

How terribly wrong they were. John MacArthur is the same as the false prophets in the time of Jeremiah. 



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