Don't Fall for Right Punch while Blocking the Left


Don't Fall for Right Punch while Blocking the Left

John MacArthur Calls Out Tim Keller, Andy Stanley, for Trying to Appease the Culture

Clarification:  As an American, I fully endorse and applaud John MacArthur and his church's stand against the tyrannical directives against the US Constitution by singling out church assemblies.  As a Christian, I completely find today's church buildings to be completely apostate and not biblical, it is nonetheless the right of these people to gather in a peaceful assembly as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

As I've noted in the past, John MacArthur is a false teacher and yet appears to the right-wing conservative Christian as the guardian of the Christian moral majority values and stand against government oppression.

In reality, the facts are clear of the last days deception of the Devil is an age-old tactic known as the Hegelian Dialectic which I have identified before as you can see in the Links in notes below.

It is no surprise that John has been promoted by seemingly staunch defenders of the faith with the likes of this feature article by Jeff Maples of Dissenter and others like Justin Peters who rightfully and dutifully call out today's liberal reprobate preachers and teachers like Andy Stanley and Tim Keller.  

Note:  Tim Keller and Andy Stanley are at the head of the list of the blind leading the blind in the woke church ecumenical liberal alphabet agenda infesting the so-called church today. 

Just Like I applaud John MacArthur for standing against government overreach - even though John is a Hypocrite because he is a 501C3 church and 501C3 is UNDER GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY Read it for yourself. 

-    I applaud him for calling out the Liberal LEFT Reprobates.

HOWEVER, ...  Do not be deceived. John is shoveling in LEAVEN of apostate teaching.   Do your homework. Do NOT be deceived by the Right when you've learned to BLOCK the LEFT. 



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