Okay...Jeff Maples of REFORMATION CHARLOTTE has gone full blown propaganda for John MacArthur #Apostasy


I've seen this building here in recent weeks.  The once stalwart beacon against apostasy and false teachers Jeff Maples of REFORMATION CHARLOTTE has been posting more positive articles on Kohn MacArthur.  REFORMATION CHARLOTTE latest article is nothing short of a full marketing campaign to support Johnny Mac and his school...

God has a sense of humor indeed. Look at the John MacArthur quote that Jeff Maples loves:

"Pastor John MacArthur recently said, “the gospel, the word of God, the Kingdom of Light, does not need any help from the Kingdom of Darkness” to accomplish its purpose."

Shame on Jeff Maples of REFORMATION CHARLOTTE for promoting a false teacher in hopes of preserving conservative religious freedom to forfeit the true gospel. 

Wake up time Christian...

Here again I post the overwhelming evidence that John MacArthur is a false teacher who is brilliantly promoting an Hegelian Dialectic and false gospel. 



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