Rebuke YouTube False Teacher FOR CHRIST'S GLORY AMEN #End-Time #Apostasy

People please wake up 

Here's another freak calling himself a Christian who tells people that if they get vaccinated they will not be with Jesus. Please beware this is a lie from Hell. 

I personally couldn't care less if you believe or do not believe in being vaccinated... But when someone equates medical decisions with our Eternal Security they are cursed.  Read Galatians 1:8,9 KJV ...

My comment to THIS REPROBATE 

Wow!!! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus... Your false teaching is a perfect example of mixing in lies from hell with truth. The wheels fall off at time 3:00 - insinuating that one can lose their salvation and then at time 4:00 you go full blown nut job whacked by telling people that injections will prevent their blessed hope. I'm going to promote your video as an example of how perverted teachers like you are extremely dangerous... 


  1. Oh, my. More nonsense, this time about a "wrong" vaccination decision causing you to lose your salvation?! First of all, and most fundamentally, for those of us who live in obedience to Christ, our salvation is 100% secure. Second, there are "medical procedures" (e.g. abortion) which are sinful, but "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate" is not one of them. Thank you for bringing this to light, brother!


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