Churches Being Burned to the Ground in Apparent Backlash After Gruesome Discovery..

This is only the beginning of what's coming. God's Judgment comes soon!


  1. I found that the most interesting part of the article was not the article, but the comments that came afterwards. For example, "Original Annie" commented in part: "There's something missing here. Over a thousand burials when you add up the totals and no families wondered why their kids didn't come back home. Kids did return home, they didn't live in these schools for their whole life, when they turned a certain age, their schooling stopped, they were sent back home. It is possible these burials are for those who died of spreadable diseases that could wipe out a town." She and others mention the lack of burial records, which are going to be in even shorter supply because of the churches' being burned down.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I'm going with foul play in addition to the countless other atrocities committed by the Catholic Church including 60 million plus Christians slaughtered plus countless molested children. Why were countless children buried in Ireland? Here's link among many many many

    2. Yes, brother; I have no doubt that foul play was part of it as well.

    3. Yes and as always, your insightful, level headed commentary is deeply appreciated. Thank you again Brother. Another great movie on this subject is Philomena' (2013) starring Judi Dench.


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