For all you former Ravi Zacharias and current RZIM followers... More Evidence pours in on the Reprobate #EndTimes #Apostasy

For all you former Ravi Zacharias lovers & followers - and current RZIM followers... More evidence pours in on this Reprobate and his fake, false ministry...

FOR THE RECORD. Back during my former years on Twitter ( I had over 10K followers)...  I had more hate mail over me calling Ravi Zacharias a ravenous wolf than any tweet. 

Here's my Blog years back before Ravi Zacharias' death exposing him as a wolf.

Here's documented proof of how lost so called Christians are that poured out there love and support for Ravi after his death

and now the latest...

Donors File Class Action Lawsuit Against RZIM For Using Money to Pay Off Sexual Abuse Victims

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) for allegedly using donation money to pay off sex abuse victims.

The suit alleges that Zacharias “deceived faithful Christians” by promising them that their donations would be used to support the stated mission of his organization, but instead used the funds as “hush money.”…[Continue Reading]


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