America saw what "Church" looked like... Very Prophetic indeed

I came across the "shock click bait headline: Antifa attacks Christian worship in Oregon  

Then at time  5555 the YouTuber announces America is witnessing church.  My comment:

No! America is witnessing pro life activists who are using the unholy alliance of ROCK MUSIC -  DOMINION THEOLOGY - and add a False Gospel of Social Justice ... 🤔 

Rock music is Satanic.  Dominion Theology is the Satanic teaching that Christians are to usher in and build God's Kingdom in this realm. A false gospel is a Satanic tactic using a social gospel (social justice agenda) to replace the true Gospel.  See notes below.


The Devil's Music

Christian Rock is an oxymoron 

What is Dominion Theology?

Prolife advocacy is a very noble and highly moral cause. However! Without preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified on the Cross to pay for the sinner's sins , buried, and raised from the dead on the third day is our only salvation and that we are saved from eternal damnation if we believe this 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 KJV, a person is preaching a false gospel. By simply promoting a social cause like civil rights, ProLife, climate change, poverty,  or any other social moral cause is social gospel and preached alone without the gospel is social gospel and is a false gospel. See further studies.

Social Gospel is NOT Biblical


  1. I have mixed opinions about rock music; for example, 7eventh Time Down is a CCM band whose music--well, some of it--I have enjoyed. One thing that makes a big difference to me is whether you can understand the words!! Dominion theology is post-millenialism dressed up in a different suit, but you're right, by whatever name, it's false teaching and makes no sense in the light of Scripture. And yes, there are many examples of the "social gospel," but without Jesus, it's mostly empty words, especially in light of eternity.

    Thanks for posting, brother!

    1. And here's another of many proving just how "Unholy" these so called "Christian Musicians " truly are:



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