Yes, that would be me... The Life of the Christian Psycho

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Practical Christian Channel.  This fascinating video titled: "American Psycho vs Christian Psycho," is a powerful account of the life of a Christian.   

Watch to the end 11:05 to his poetic prose that exceeds his 28 years of age and few years as a Christian who is sold out for Christ. 




their normal desires to be sought all

that I have in common with the Ecstasy

the lusts and the passions of this world

and my hatred of all of it I have now


All That Remains is a sharp and constant

pain it makes me not wish for a better

world for anyone

in fact

I want my pain to be inflicted on others

I want no one to escape I want the

Lord's judgment to rain down on the


so all the wicked may feel the terror I

had to endure (transcript has enjoy)

but even after admitting this

there is no catharsis my death continues

to elude me

I gain no deeper knowledge of myself


than the reality that I am just one of many who

continues to feel this way until the

Lord comes.

My comments:


 The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 

 Yep, that would be me Sir.

Your powerful ending says what every Saint must hear. I self-medicated from the age of 21 through 41 - 20 years. We have the Lord raising up the young who are standing apart and not compromising. It took me from 41 to 61, another 20 years to unlearn and deprogram the world. Over these 40 years I look back through the lens you provide and say AMEN!

Praise God for your diligent work in producing this powerful and compelling study and God given insight into REALITY of the Life of the Saint in this fallen world. Oh dear Lord for those with eyes to see and ears to hear what you're saying here. Yes, Amen and Amen you got it Brother. 

 Please allow me to add that shockingly, God told Moses to go to Pharaoh even though He - God - had hardened Pharaoh's heart. We read in Exodus 10:1 KJB: 10 And the Lord said unto Moses, Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might shew these my signs before him.

Read Jeremiah and how he suffered and pleaded with the Lord not to have to go out there again and get beat up because the people would not listen, God said, I know they won't listen, get out there again and do what I told you to do.

Or how about Paul being stoned at Lystra within an inch of his life - Acts 14:19-22 KJB, Paul gets up to everyone's astonishment and gets back into preaching, exhorting the believers to continue in the faith. The faith they just witnessed, that brought Paul to near death. Look at what Paul says in verse 22 of Acts 14: "WE MUST THROUGH MUCH TRIBULATION ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD." Compare with 2 Timothy 2:12 KJB, "IF WE SUFFER, WE SHALL ALSO REIGN WITH HIM, IF WE DENY HIM, HE WILL ALSO DENY US. Compare this with Revelation 1:6, 5:10, 12:5, 20:6. It's all about the end game Brother. Amen! Maranatha!

Yes Sir, This is a case study, a lens provided by a young man that is more than aware of reality with a regenerated spirit. I am going to Blog your video and post this work because with God there is NO maverick molecule and it is no coincidence that you posted this video when all my content on Google has taken a nosedive, dropping from over 250 page views per blog to 7, when after Google has removed some of my Blogs because it violates guidelines on "hate" speech because I call out churches promoting the L...T PLUS agenda, when overall I get more hate mail, including devout so called Christian followers of Pastor Gene Kim of Berkley, the Baptist boy, telling me I need my ass kicked.

Yes Sir, Daniel was greatly loved by God that's why he was thrown into the Lion's Den. Remember GREAT FAITH DEMANDS SEVERE EXERCISE.

God Bless you young servant of the Lord. Remember God keeps every word and records it for eternity. Please read:

Regarding mental illness being over sold - I agree. 

To wit: The US liberal politicians are introducing legislation that would not charge individuals with crimes up to the age of 25.

In 2014 while finishing my teaching transition training I was assigned to a special needs unit in an affluent elementary school. After a particularly difficult day when a very large 11 year old boy tore up my classroom and his father came to pick him up. The child began calling his father four letter words and other perverse things. Without thinking I verbally reprimanded the boy, telling him never to address his father like this. The boy stopped and he left the school with his father.

Afterwards, I walked out to my car to be met out in the parking lot by the father, a man quite bigger than me although I am 6 feet tall weighing 200 pounds. He rapidly approached, fists clenched, face twisted in anger. I backed up, squared up thinking I had to defend myself as he appeared to be preparing to get physical. 

He went into a tirade telling me that I was not a professional psychologist and had no authority to correct his mentally insane child who had no idea what was coming out of his mouth. The father commanded, demanded I never correct his son again. I smiled and said I would comply with his order. The man then stomped off. That very same day, I drove out of the parking lot and went to my daughter’s preschool to pick her up. God as my witness I speak the truth. 

I walked into the school and there was a table set up taking orders for school photos. There was a very prominent woman sitting behind the table taking the orders. I normally wouldn’t stop, but the way the woman smiled, I somehow could sense her spirit and said hi to her. She said, “Honey you look like you had a rough day, tell me about it.” I said, “oh, you know, just one of those days.” She said, “no, I want to hear what happened.”

How many times do we hear this?

I said, “Ok, you asked for it, I just got verbally assaulted by an outraged parent telling me to never correct their special needs child for cursing them out. I sure learned my lesson.”

The woman motioned for me to take a seat and I did as if knowing I really, really needed to hear what she had to say, knowing somehow this woman was a woman of God and was here by divine appointment.

She said with the power of God Almighty behind her words, “Sir, I am here today as a witness before God, I have a 12 year old daughter who is clinically diagnosed with severe autism, way beyond aspergers. I tell you now that we discipline our child, she gets a good spanking when she needs it and we would NEVER, NEVER allow her to talk to us like that. These children UNDERSTAND oh dear Lord they know when they are bad. I don’t buy that. Don’t you believe that for a moment. NO SIR!”

I asked her if she was a Christian. She said ABSOLUTELY YES. BLOOD BOUGHT BORN AGAIN.

I said, “I know you are. Thank you I needed to hear what I knew in my heart.”


I'm frankly quite astonished by your gifts. Your poetic final in the video from 11 minutes to the end is profound. AMEN

WOW! you are enduring as a young man. At your age I was self medicating in alcohol. I was a highly functional drunk completing a successful career and raising a dysfunctional family with a wife cheating on me until I finally divorced. My father begged me not to marry but I disobeyed and paid dearly. I began drinking more and more to mask the pain.

I truly believe that in these last moments God is raising up a young army of sold out nazarite like yourself. Thank you. Thank you young servant of the Lord. No wonder the devil wants to silence you.




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