Final Piece of the Puzzle - Marxism - Antichrist Beast System

 Marxism is both a political as well as an economic tool of tyranny to control the masses.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ideology permeates everything

Brother Muzi of Practical Christian posted this captivating video 

When I watched the video, I immediately realized this is a problem here in the United States as well. In fact, over the entire world.  I also realized this is the missing piece I was looking for in a deeper extremely relevant understanding of the very late hour in which we are now living. 

We of course see clearly and understand end-time scriptures of the last days: the rumors of war, civil unrest, our economy, increase of severe earthquakes. 

It is important we see and connect the dots to Cultural Marxism to Economy and the connection to set up the Antichrist Beast System.

Brief background:  I lived and worked for over 6 years in a Communist country.  I personally witnessed the extreme control the Marxist chain of command plays in the lives of the ordinary person.  The watchers are watched by their watcher and everyone is paranoid of doing, saying or even the appearance of doing something wrong. I was summoned by the ward boss - block leader more than once from anything like having a questionable guest over (a known Christian from Australia who was already on their list) who was talking about religion or speaking about Jesus Christ with literature to some students. 

As the Chinese can tell you, the People's Culture Revolution began as a class struggle between the haves and have nots.  The same in Russia and elsewhere in the world.  Here in the west it is about cultural and racial struggle even through Racism and class war has increased since the civil rights act of 1964, almost 60 years ago.  It hasn't gotten better, but worse. Far worse.

Connecting the DOTS. 

When Jounalist Tim Poole came out with this breaking news headline of the billions that failed banks spent on BLM and other WOKE MARXIST programs, I had an Ephinay when Tim said this is laundering taxpayer money into ideological subversion.  

Please take a moment to see this:

What we are witnessing here is the Executive Government of the United States - and all countries of the world - dictating and manipulating a new BEAST SYSTEM Currency like Bit Coin - Digital Currency FEDCOIN to distribute and manipulate every citizen.

For background into the central bank and how the few elite control citizens and place the people under their control - bringing a so called democratically elected government of and by the people under the control of the Luciferion Elite.

See my study on MONEY POWER The Antichrist

Money - Power - The Antichrist #EndTimes (

Now connect this DOT:

(19) 'If A Drop Of Rain Lands On Your Property... The Federal Government Is Going To Show Up!': Massie - YouTube

Thank you Brother James for sharing.

 THIS IS ALL PLANNED PEOPLE. Taking into account Brother Muzi's study, my study links below and now add Tim Poole's breaking video. We can see clearly what they are doing,.




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