No Whites Allowed- The Social Gospel of MARXISM

CENTENNIAL elementary school in the Denver Public School system is promoting racially segregated playground time. No Whites Allowed…

Denver Public Schools Promote Racially Segregated Playground Time

Here's the Absurdity the Insanity the Evil that goes against The Word of God against every Civil Rights law in America against all anti Racist anti Bigotry ideals that I taught my child.

Here's a perfect example of the insanity behind CRT quote from Richard Carl Silk editor for the advocate Quora

"In a recent move, the Southern Baptist Convention passed something of an [anti-CRT] measure for the purpose of [rejecting racism]: The Daily News Journal 2021–12–09.

"The measure states that “messengers ‘reject any theory or worldview that finds the ultimate identity of human beings in ethnicity or in any other group dynamic’.”

I wonder if the SBC realizes it just rejected itself!?"  End Quote.   Priceless... 

This is the SOCIAL GOSPEL of Racial Justice joining hands with Critical Race Theory and the spirit the antichrist of MARXISM. 

See my Studies on Racial Justice the new Social Gospel 


  1. I wonder if this means only blacks are welcome or whether they include Hispanics and Asians, for example. Regardless, here we are with more segregation--of the "reverse" kind. As some conservatives have said, there are people in this country, especially elites, who just want to endlessly promote racial division--hence what this Denver public school is doing.

    1. Amen Brother! I firmly believe the elites are pushing this race war. Thank God there are blacks and whites and hispanics and other races out there who realize this and WILL NOT take the bait.

    2. Yes, brother; thankfully there are plenty of people who, as you said, will not "take the bait."


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