Waiting for The Rapture reminds me of waiting for Dad when I was a kid. #Rapture Watch #Maranatha

Waiting for The Rapture is like going back in the 1960's,  when I was a kid growing up in foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

We'd get a call from Dad that he'd be coming home soon. Seriously that could mean 1 hour or 5 depending on a million variables.  So me and my siblings would go out to the end of our property and WATCH and WAIT. We could see miles down an old dusty dirt road.  Sometimes my father would have been away from home for weeks at a time.

  We knew we'd get a present like a stick of gum. But the only thing we really wanted was to see, hear, feel, and smell this giant of a man. To see his huge grin, to hear his laughter. To feel his massively huge, warmth hug, and smell the leather, diesel fuel, and his unique scent that only belonged to Dad.

 I being the oldest would climb up on a large fence post, squinting my eyes trying to pick up signs of first dust rising and then the beloved 1954 red Chevy pick-up truck.

 My yearning siblings would keep repeating, "ya see anything yet?" "No, nothing yet, be patient, I will tell you. Don't worry, he's coming any minute now!" And then... there it was, the dust cloud plume rising over the horizon.  "I'd yell, "Oh my God, he's coming over the horizon. Okay YES! There he is." I jumped off and we ran like maniacs down the hill and would wait for him to pull up and pick us up. We'd ride to our farm house all overwhelmed with joy 😊 😃.

  I often remember this when I look back at my many years now watching for the Rapture.  There were moments we'd be weary in our waiting, but the Meeting was worth the Wait. Be strong dear Saints. Do not grow weary. Encourage each other. Amen! 

Thank you to all the true watchmen who encourage and equip the Saints as we eagerly wait for our blessed hope. 
 God bless you.

 Can you imagine the unspeakable joy we will share when we are at the feet of our Kinsman Redeemer? 
Praise God! 


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