Pray Israel be Saved. Don't pray like the Zionist Dominion Evangelical Shills Mike Evans - Joel Rosenberg


The absolute pure evidence of those who seek God's will and pray in accordance with God's word will speak God's word when praying.

The following - epiphany - struck me quite strongly this morning regarding prayer for modern day Jews - regardless of their location. I feel a strong unction to clarify in reference to a Blog I recently completed titled, " 

The Biblical Evidence of Why I don't pray for the Peace of Jerusalem #EndTimes

The Biblical Evidence of Why I don't pray for the Peace of Jerusalem #EndTimes (

 We know we're to always pray in accordance with God's word, according to His will.  I believe the reason Paul writes and prays specifically for ISRAEL to be saved in Romans 10:1 KJV is based on his entire literary interlude of Romans Chapters 9 - 11.  And this being Paul taking pause to speak to the church and then to address specifically the Jews and especially related to their future cleansing through the time of Jacob's Trouble.  Specifically, only a remnant will be saved, and that remnant will be Israel and not ALL the children of Israel (Romans 9:27 KJV). Only 1/3 to be specific (Zechariah 13:9 KJV).  We know that Israel here means the "true jews" as opposed to the who say they are jews but are not (Revelation 2:9, 3:9 KJV). The major clarification here is Israel is Jacob and the true decedents.  Paul even quotes Malachi 1:3 KJV in Romans 9:13 KJV. "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." I believe the reason being Esau was of the fallen bloodlines from Ham's wife.  Henceforth I would offer my "specific" prayer for the Jews exactly as did Paul, as follows: "My prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved." If we read Jeremiah Chapter 11 KJV - as well as several other scriptures, we can see how God treats prayer for certain individuals and why Paul was careful not to say ALL ISRAEL.  And certainly, Paul's prayer didn't include the heavy leaven of today's ZIONIST shills like Mike Evans and Joel Rosenberg. 

For the church age dispensation, we are to pray for Israel as did Paul in Romans 10:1 KJV:   "Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. PERIOD! 

The NeoCon Zionist shills like Mike Evans and Joel Rosenberg pray FAR from Correct Scripture and are willingly promoting Zionism and a False Gospel.  Please see details in notes below. 

MIKE EVANS:  He has an entire building in Jerusalem and written a book expressly for the purpose of praying for Jerusalem.  "How to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem."  

I've read Mike's book and studied his Jerusalem Center.

Mike like all false teachers will mix in truth with heavy leaven.  The only truth in his prayer book is:  We are to pray for our leaders. We should stand and pray against false doctrine like: Replacement Theology.  And listed as a short quote at the end where Mike tells us the truth in that it won't be until Jesus Christ establishes his kingdom on earth will there be true peace.  Note: Mike mixes up the time of Jesus Christ's millennial rule as given in Revelation 21 and 22 KJV.

It is very clear that Mike is a Zionist, Dominionist, non Dispensationist by not rightly dividing God's word, and worse preaching and teaching a wrong Gospel, i.e., The KINGDOM GOSPEL and NOT the GOSPEL OF GRACE.  See notes below. 

Note: Ironically Mike refers to himself as a modern-day Jeremiah. If you read the book of Jeremiah, you might see the sad irony in Mike's statement. I guess Mike forgot to especially read chapter 11 of Jeremiah. Also, Jeremiah was not a false prophet and never would imagine moving the hand of God. 

Here's a few disturbing quotes from Mike's Book: How to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. (See notes below for more details of his book and Jerusalem Center promoting Christian Zionism.)

 "prayers for leadership, protection and God’s grace, and includes Scriptures that will encourage you and move the hand of God through intercession."

When opening the beginning of Mike's book: How to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, we read quote: when

Jerusalem Prayer Team Members There is no greater need today than to support Israel with our daily prayers. Israel is under attack on the political and military fronts and is threatened with total annihilation. But we believe in the power of prayer. This book is designed to help you to pray even more effectively for God’s Chosen People. When we pray for Jerusalem, we are in obedience to the Great Commission. The Great Commission mandates that we be a witness unto Him in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem is sharing God’s love and compassion.

My Comment: The Great Commission was given to the Apostles and for the Apostolic Age. Read studies in notes below.

I read through Mike Evan's book: "

The shocking disgusting combination of preaching the wrong gospel - another gospel taking pages out of the New Apostolic Reformation - the Great Commission GOSPEL KINGDOM vs GOSPEL of GRACE.

Cherry picks scriptures using perverted bible translations WAY out of context referring to the Davidic Kingdom


Joel Rosenberg:  (See the extensive exposure of Joel Rosenberg in notes below)

Most if not ALL of Evangelical pastor's today are telling their congregation to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Then you have the Zionist shills like Mike Evans and Joel Rosenberg who command and plead with their sheeeple to be good Christian Zionists and pray for the PEACE and SECURITY of Israel and or Pray GOD'S HAND BE MOVED for ISRAEL or GRACE over Israel.   (Note: Anyone who would fall for this either does NOT read their Bible or are so far blinded they may never see.)

prayers for leadership, protection and God’s grace, and includes Scriptures that will encourage you and move the hand of God through intercession

DP20308_EY Sep1 RD (


The Great Commission and the GOSPEL of the KINGDOM have passed. We are the Church and in the Dispensation of Grace GOSPEL of GRACE

The Great Commission -

Anti Zionism is NOT Anti Semitism

Messianic Jews have a major Identity problem (

Messianic Jews mixing The GOSPEL of GRACE with GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM (

The Trump MAGA Zionist Kabbalists Coalition

The Trump MAGA Evangelical Christian Coalition - Jesuit Vatican Coalition - The Kabbalah 3rd Temple Masonic Jewish Coalition and The Global Luciferian Elite (

We are NOT Christian ZIONISTS.   Being Jewish is as far from Christianity as possible and likewise for Christianity.  

No thanks Dr. Gustavo Perednik... This Christian is awake and not a Zionist tool (

Mike Evans: Trump will lose election if he ‘pulls support’ for Israel Mike Evans: Trump will lose election if he ‘pulls support’ for Israel (

The prominent American Christian Zionist says if the U.S. administration fails to recognize Israel’s sovereignty bid, then the evangelical community will not back the president in November.
Here are a few specific issues I have with Mike Evan's unbiblical prayers:

Background on Mike Evans the Zionist Shill and fake Evangelical leading his sheeple astray. In general Mike's book is completely out of context in his scriptures references, specifically he uses scripture that is not referring  to this dispensation and is referring to the future millennial reign of Jesus Christ on earth (although interesting in the end of his book he does correctly say that final peace will come when Jesus Christ establishes his Kingdom on earth - but is in error by saying this kingdom will be for eternity when scripture is clear it is for 1,000 years and at that point an unidentified eternal state of new heaven and new earth will be established for eternity. Revelation 21 and 22 KJV refer.  The only other truths presented by Mike Evans is praying for leadership which we're commanded to do in Romans 13 KJV and his prayers and teaching against Replacement Theology in that the church is now spiritual Israel and has replaced Israel.  

Otherwise, all the other prayers and unbiblical teachings are alarming, and I urge Christians to carefully study this for yourselves.

“Lord turn the Holy City to be a place of praise for Your Name. Cause those who would rise against Israel to stumble and break them into pieces. Establish Your purpose and guide those who stand upon the walls of Zion as ready servants to defend Israel.”

My comment: The above scripture is a major misunderstanding of both context to modern day Israel and those who would defend her,

Prayers for the Jerusalem World Center: Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28 “Father, I believe that You have Divinely inspired our Israel Ambassador, Dr. Mike Evans, to obtain and establish this new facility in the heart of Jerusalem that will house the Jerusalem World Center. I decree that it will be an outstanding witness of Your Light and Salt of the earth to all Jews. I pray a Divine Blessing on the Mandate of Prayer that will flow from this Jerusalem Prayer Center as people from every nation on earth will come and focus on the deliverance and salvation of Israel, in Jesus’ Name.” And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then the end shall come. Matthew 24:14 “I pray, Father God, that You raise up intercessors within the Body of Christ the world over. Raise up and set in position those who are the watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem to pronounce and declare the calls to prayer for Jerusalem.”

My comments:
First Mike is preaching a false Gospel of the Kingdom here which has nothing whatsoever to do with our current dispensation of GRACE.  Read notes about the extreme differences of the KINGDOM vs GRACE and how preaching another Gospel is a serious issue according to Galatians 1:8,9 KJV.  Two. Mike's JERUSALEM WORLD CENTER is NOT biblical. Where in scripture are we to build a center that by all evidence is not based on scripture according to the Dispensation of Grace that teaches another Gospel that shows itself a light to the JEWS when the Jews are being lied to as they were by the false prophets during Jeremiah and Ezekiel.  Mike is telling people that "WE" Christians have to act now before it is too late for the very survival of Israel. Are you kidding me? This is not only an outrageous lie it mocks God.  God has gathered Israel for one reason alone and that is to bring them into the time of Jacob's Trouble. Most will be wiped out only a 1/3 will come through. Read my notes directly from scripture especially Romans 9:13, 27, 10: 1 KJV, Zechariah 13:9 KJV.  3. Job 22:28 is not about decreeing that which is NOT biblical into existence.    4. Mike is NOT an ambassador to Jerusalem.    5. Of course, Mike has the Zionist star of Remphan plastered all over.  See notes on what the star of David actually represents.  King Solomon used the “Star of Remphan” after which it would be called the “Seal of Solomon”. The so-called “Star of David” is essentially a hexagram, nothing more, nothing less. There is no biblical, archaeological or Jewish evidence that traces this ancient occult symbol to king David of Israel. 6. And of course, you have to pay for all of Mike's materials and are pushed for "generous" donations to his cause. 

Read about this center in link: Jerusalem World Center

There is no doubt in our minds that God has brought you into partnership with us for this Esther moment for the survival of Israel. We have an opportunity today to do something powerful and prophetic—something that will shape the future of the world. We ask that you prayerfully consider how God would have you be involved in helping create the Jerusalem World Center. Time is growing short, and we must act now before it is too late.

Your ambassadors to Jerusalem,

Mike and Carolyn Evans

Here are more quotes regarding the Jerusalem Center:

Today the Temple Mount is the center of the struggle for both political and spiritual control of one of the most important and sacred sites in the world. Our new Jerusalem World Center building is within walking distance of this ancient and strategic location, making it a wonderful spot for a prayer headquarters in our efforts to fight and win the battle for Israel’s survival. Truly this is the place that the Lord has prepared for us.

Here is what's at the heart and I believe the true purpose of the Jerusalem Center:

JWC Christian Zionist Heritage Center
Read the purpose of this center:

The Jewish perspective of “Christian” is colored by centuries of persecution, by the vile acts of a long line of despots who hounded their forefathers, killing millions in the process. And tragically, even today antisemitism is still alive and well on planet Earth! Often this antisemitism is tied to a misunderstanding of Scripture. As followers of Christ, we must realize that in the minds of many Jewish people, the acts of Hitler and others like him are thought to have been done in the name of Christianity.

The Christian Zionist Heritage Center at the Jerusalem World Center is going to help change that mistaken impression with the message that true Christians love, care for and support the Jewish people. We are going to tell the story of the amazing support that Christian Zionists have provided during the time when the Jews were scattered around the world, and especially in leading to the rebirth of Israel as a nation.

My Comment:

Christians are NOT CALLED to be Zionists.  We love the Jewish people and yes know that God has by his perfect will brought Israel back as a nation so that he can bring them through the final purging and refining of the Tribulation also known as The Time of Jacob's Trouble.  

The National state of Israel are in a time of unrepentance and out of God's will. These Zionists who are only using Evangelical Christians to propagate the political goals that hegemony that will not be fulfilled in this realm. The great irony here is Mike Evans freaking out at the latest wakeup call when Trump told BIBI NETANYAHU to "F.... Off", and saying Trump has realized he was being used. 

Please note a very ominous warning to Trump from Mike Evans who used to be a Trump zombie.  "SIR you will lose your Evangelical support!"   Wow!!!  So, Trump calls out the backstabbing he got from Bibi and then Mike and the other Zionist shills freak and threaten with pulling the Evangelical support.  THIS IS PURE DOMINION THEOLOGY. Using God to pump a political agenda. 

Prayers for the Jerusalem Christian Heritage Center & Museum: “I decree a supernatural demonstration of Your Power and Presence as Jews visit the new Christian Zionist Heritage Center. May they sense the love and compassion Christians the world over has for them, their culture and their heritage. Let them recall Who has declared the state of Israel into existence, not a man but You Almighty God. Bring to their remembrance all the mighty miracles You have provided since the days of Moses. Help them to recognize Your faithful miracle power to protect and keep alive such a tiny nation that the world has resented and hated.”

My comment:  Read the book of Acts after Paul was saved and began preaching to the Jews to bring them to Christ before his mission strictly to the gentiles. Read Romans 9 - 11 KJV.   I have traveled to Israel.  I have met and talked to many Jews including the IDF.  I know what they think of Christians.   Ask Amir Tsarfati the perfect Zionist shill what he thinks of the word Christian.  He exposed Amir for telling young American tourists he was "merchandising" using Evangelical fronts, for his tour package that they should not use the word, Christian.   If Mike's center was loving the Jews, they would be using Jews to witness to them about Jesus is the Messiah. However, all forms of proselytizing are illegal and strongly enforced.   The Jewish state uses Mike and his Zionist agenda for their political cause.  

Add Mike says pray in tongues - heavenly language

Read excerpt from doctrine. Org

Peter understood that the manifestation of the Holy Spirit with tongues was a warning to disobedient Israel just as had happened through Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. The last days were at hand and signaled a moment of crisis for the nation. The fact that Peter quoted Joel (“blood and fire,” “sun will be turned to darkness and the moon into blood”) is a clear indication that he expected that judgment was near (cf. Acts 3.23). As it had been in the past, the speaking of tongues was a warning sign of impending judgment for national Israel.

Paul also understood that tongues signified judgment. He firmly rooted the sign of tongues to the Law of Moses as a sign of impending judgment upon Jews. Quoting Isaiah 28.11, Paul wrote to the Corinthians:

“In the Law it is written, ‘By men of strange tongues and by the lips of stranger I will speak to this people and even so they will not listen to Me,’ says the Lord” (1 Corinthians 14.21).

In the next verse, Paul declared,

“So then tongues are for a sign not to those who believe, but to unbelievers; but prophecy is for a sign, not to unbelievers, but to those who believe” (1 Corinthians 14.22).

From the context, it is clear that Paul was writing about unbelieving Jews, not Gentiles. Every time tongues occur in the book of Acts, Jews are present (cf. Acts 2.4-810.44-4719.4-6). We also find that these verses teach that the apostles and only the apostles had the ability to impart the Holy Spirit. Today, the office of apostle no longer exists since no one meets the qualifications (cf. Acts 1.21-221 Corinthians 9.1-2). Paul also gave specific instructions regarding the management of tongues (1 Corinthians 14.27-36) for the carnal and disorganized

All of Israel shall be saved (Romans 11:26-27)

Scripture with scripture read this with Romans 10:1KJV; Romans Chapter 9 KJV, Zechariah 13:9 KJV, Hosea 1:3 KJV, Daniel 9:24-27 KJV, Revelation 2:9, 3:9 KJV.  Israel refers to his chosen - Jacob - the True Remnant.  All Israel in the context Mike is using here would have the reader believe God has promised to save every single citizen of Israel and those who are of any Jewish lineage anywhere in the world. 

Scam Alert: Mideast Peace Charities


We all want peace in the Mideast, but beware of solicitations from bogus Mideast charities arriving now in your mailbox or on your phone.

Thumbs down on Jerusalem Prayer Team:

I’ve just received a thick mailing from this so-called prayer charity, which wants my money and yours so it can pray for peace in a fancy church it wants to build with your money and mine.

Jerusalem Prayer Team sent me a stack of colorful and glossy mailing labels, a four-page letter explaining why only this global prayer movement can actually bring peace to the Mideast, and asked to buy their embroidered wall hanging about peace, a Bible Promise Box, and a book written by the prayer movement’s founder, entitled Why Christians Should Support Israel.

Jerusalem Prayer Team fails charity watchdog standards

I refuse to donate to charities which do not pass muster by charity monitoring and rating groups such as Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau.

In 2019, Jerusalem Prayer Team got a one star rating – the lowest – for “accountability and trransparency” from Charity Navigator

Jerusalem Prayer Team does not pass muster with either charity watchdog.

Plus, I prefer not to support charities which waste donation funds by sending unsolicited mailing labels, notepads and such to prospective donors.

Most importantly, I refuse to donate to a group that does not have a 501 (c) non-profit designation as a legitimate, registered charity, as yours seems not to be.  There’s no mention of your being a legally registered charity on any of the literature you sent me, none on your website, and none I could find on the charity watchdog agencies I checked.

Granted, large international charities such as Red Cross and Sierra Club don’t usually include their registered non-profit status in mailings, but they are so large and so reputable that they don’t have to. Smaller and lesser known charities always do so you know they are legit, and that your donation is indeed tax-deductible.

Tax deductible or not?

So I also will politely refuse your kind invitation to achieve “substantial tax liability savings” by “blessing” your ministry with a donation of stocks, jewelry, real estate, art, or other valuable personal possessions that my children are expecting to inherit, even though whatever I donate you promise will also be deposited in my own personal Kingdom of Heaven account.

What exactly is Jerusalem Prayer Team, and where does the money go?

According to the watchdog magazine Charisma, it is primarily an extensive mailing list that solicits donations and sells books by its founder, Mike Evans.

Oh, yes, it claims to be building a $15 million Jerusalem World Center for Christian Bible study, which has little or nothing to do with supporting peace between Muslims and Jews in Israel and Palestine.

And on the so-called charity’s own blog, the building is described as a museum to Christian love, and a ministry of Christian outreach to Jews. For whatever reasons, Muslims are not mentioned, even though they are a significant presence in the Mideast.

Also according to Charisma, Mike Evans appears to lead multiple nonprofit organizations in the U.S., Netherlands and Israel, and his wife is on the payroll of at least one.

There are so many legitimate and worthy charities in need of funds, including those trying to promote peace in the Mideast, feed the homeless victims of Syria’s brutal civil war, and save the historical artifacts of ancient civilizations from the lunatic destructive barbarism of ISIS thugs and hoodlums.

Do not waste your hard-earned money on bogus charities

Check the sender’s reputation and rating thoroughly before you give,

Don’t donate to any group or self-proclaimed charity that does not have a 501 (c) non-profit designation as a legitimate, registered charity

Don’t donate to any charity which does not meet the minimum standards of the top charity monitoring and rating services.

Extensive Blog studies on Joel Rosenberg


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