Rebuking Justin Peters Ministries for defending John MacArthur

Today I was saddened to see Justin Peters defending John MacArthur.   You can see him in video link above.  What also saddens me is to see over 300 sheeple defend MacArthur and praise Justin Peters.

We clearly see Justin has proven himself to be one of them.  Birds of a Feather do flock together.  I had a chuckle reading a comment from a retired police officer to Justin Peters.  


" I am sure you have a business and personal relationship with Dr. MacArthur and I get why you are doing it but it really comes down to transparency and then let the people decide what is right or wrong.  Hiding, denying or deferring is not forthright and dilutes the ministry’s testimony if you ask me." End Quote 

And to those who attack me personally instead of what I say, I say to them: '"The reason you can't see the truth is because you as your father do not have the truth in you. John 8:42-47 KJV refers.

Here's my research report on John MacArthur:

Here's ample proof that John MacArthur is a wolf in sheep's clothing:

The powerful trickery of John MacArthur



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