Signs of the Times: Christians for Biden - Reprobates who think they are Christian

Look Up ^ Saints. Our Redemption draws nigh.  Maranatha!

This shouldn't be a shock for those Saints who are awake and not walking in darkness as discussed in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5 KJV. Because in several places in our Bible for example in 2 Timothy Chapter 4 and in Chapter 5 KJV we're told to expect to see shocking things like "Christians for Biden" in these last days.  

Seriously ask yourself this question.  Who could seriously call themselves a "Christian" and say they are "for Biden".   

Yes, as Christians we're to pray for our leaders who've been appointed over us (even though through a perverse, rigged system).  Yes even though they are profoundly wicked.  But to say we would vote for them and support them defies scripture among many in 2 Timothy 2:4,5 KJV. 

Here is quote regarding a recent survey of Biden supporters.  For full article read in link below.

According to a new report, President Biden's base of supporters is 60 percent less likely to hold a biblical worldview, and although nearly two-thirds (65 percent) consider themselves to be Christian, many of their beliefs are contradictory to traditional biblical teaching.


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