Sad Humor: Conservative Dominion Theology vs Liberal Dominion Theology

If it wasn't so tragic- I would have had a good belly laugh this morning reading a so called Christian calling out Liberal Christians for involving themselves in godless Liberal Social Justice politics.. 

Read it for yourself Lamb and Lion Ministries article 

Some Christians Indeed Drank the Kool Aid

Sadly once again Lamb and Lion Ministries has gotten themselves entangled in the political world again.

Read 2 Timothy 2:4 KJV

 I guess they weren't drinking the MAGA Trump Kool Aid. After all the Evangelicals seemed to know Trump was a devout Christian who was soon to abolish abortion if only he could get reelected. 

Please read my studies on Dominion Theology and the lies of the deceived Trump zombies. And see how the Pendulum swings to the same but different Dominion Theology. 


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