The Dissenter Case Study: Why a Christian Website should not be monetized


Should someone tell The Dissenter they are unknowingly supporting the infamous Mother Teresa - or is this by design?  

For those of you not familiar with The Dissenter - formally known as Reformation Charlotte - Jeffrey Maples

- they are a nationally recognized social media critic of false mainstream Evangelical teaching that is now so pervasive in our society in this apostate age.  See background information in notes below. 

For the record I believe most of what The Dissenter exposes and use and reference their material often.

Be aware that they support and promote false teachers like John MacArthur as I pointed out in the following link:

Okay...Jeff Maples of REFORMATION CHARLOTTE has gone full blown propaganda for John MacArthur #Apostasy (

 The Dissenter is a heavily monetized website.  I have always been a strong opponent of and advocate against Christian websites and Social Media platforms monetizing. 

This morning I found the perfect case study to support my claim:

The Dissenter promoting Mother Teressa on his website December 9th 2022.

  Mother Teressa was a devout Catholic who served in India for her entire life. Her beliefs are in a strong contrast to the supposed beliefs of Jeff Maples. Not only those of the Catholic faith compared to the Protestant church, but also the alleged notorious financial connection of her order and the tragic human suffering and abuse she practiced and glorified in. See links below. 


Dissenter mission statement:

Reformation Charlotte began in 2018 as a group of guys who were passionate about Evangelism, Theology, and Apologetics. While the name, Reformation Charlotte, has come to be known primarily as a conservative Christian blog, it didn’t begin that way. Originally, it was the news website for our apologetics group.

Since then, we’ve come to believe that a parachurch ministry was not necessary for the type of Evangelism work we did, and we simply worked on mission under the guidance of our local church. But the blog remained and morphed over time into a well-known internationally recognized and trusted news source.

This is why we decided that instead of a localized name like Reformation Charlotte, which is named after the city we lived, worked, and evangelized in, our blog needed a more widely accepted name that reflects the type of journalistic work we do here. Interestingly, that name has become The Dissenter.

We chose The Dissenter not out of spite or purposeful intention to actually dissent from fellow brothers and sisters, but because we found that much of what calls itself the Church today is actually not the Church. Therefore, we dissent from much of the mainstream Evangelical circus masquerading as the true Bride of Christ and we consistently report accurately, truthfully, and boldly to the best of our ability.

Starting today, all links that pointed to Reformation Charlotte’s domain ( will redirect to the new domain that we have been sitting on for quite a while: All of our past work still exists and can be found on the new site. And we will continue to own and maintain the old domain name so that all links posted in the past will continue to redirect to the new links on the new site.

And, as always, we will continue to offer exclusive, ad-free content at our Substack site to our subscribers and supporters which can be found at Here, you will get exclusive access to timely posts that Big Tech disallows, along with full access to our podcasts archives.

We thank all of you for your patronage and hope to see you at Here is some of the latest news at our new site:

Mother Teresa Exposed:

Anything but a Mother : The Dark Side of Mother Teresa | BigBrainco. ft. @Eesha Malkani - Bing video

For The Love Of God: New Doc Claims Mother Teresa Had A Much Darker Side (

Her stance on the the growing scandal of child abuse by priests was controversial after Reverend Donald McGuire was suspected of abuse, she wrote a letter to the authorities highlighting her 'confidence and trust' in him.

This allowed McGuire to abuse hundreds of boys for another decade, before eventually being put away.

Also, at its peak, her organization was receiving millions of dollars in donations, however, most of it was being paid into the Vatican bank.


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