The reason I haven't voted since 1972

The last time I voted was in 1972 at the age of 18. Why?

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 I love my country the United States of America. I am however, first and foremost a Christian who reads his Bible. This article sadly tells of the subversive satanic forces that are behind the scenes. We awake Christians clearly understand that Satan is the prince of this world (John 14:30 kjv, 2 Corinthians 4:4 kjv, Ephesians 2:2 kjv) . Therefore we understand that although we are in this world and NOT of it, we are in the midst of "the system" and it will not be until Jesus Christ comes and establishes His Kingdom will all of this evil end. Until that day we fight the good fight and endure until the end. Amen! Maranatha! 

To be concise I had basically been mentally traumatized by the war in Vietnam we Americans call the Vietnam War and the people of Viet Nam call the American War. Little did I know that 40 years later I would be standing in Viet Nam talking to Vietnamese people who had also been severely traumatized by the war.

Although the war was basically over by 1972, I had received a "draft call letter" in that same year. I knew my father had told me that we had to go to war to stop communism and being true Americans my father told me he'd rather see me come home in a body bag than see me run off to Canada as a draft dodger.  I was cool with that and had already been making plans to go into the US Navy which I did and served. However, my mother wasn't. She was crying over the kitchen sink. My cousin also wasn't cool with this because he had been a US Marine and had returned with a missing foot and told us things completely opposite to what we were being told on TV every night. Needless to say,... I was terribly confused.

As the days passed after my draft notice,  I watched my then President I voted for, Richard Nixon tell a string of lie after lie about how we were going to end this war once and for all with honor and strength.  And then it dawned on me clearly one day shortly after our miserable, disgusting failure in Vietnam that something was terribly, seriously wrong with our government. But what was it?

  Again it is with hope I write that God has this all under His control. It is He who appoints kings and kingdoms for His ultimate purpose.  And surely it won't be until Jesus Christ establishes his kingdom will perfect rule be established.  Until that day, I will live for that blessed hope of the saints, living in this world but Not of it.  Amen! Maranatha!

The main article is below the following updates I've posted since the main article in April 2016. 

Facts are stubborn things, and charges persist that Democrat chicanery fixed the 2020 presidential contests.  Last year’s presidential sweepstakes were corrupted comprehensively, as we’re learning.  Election Night fixes in Democrat jurisdictions like Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Fulton County, Georgia were Act II.  Read Mollie Hemingway’s bookRigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections.  Act I began long before any ballot-stuffing occurred.     

Then there’s H.R. 1 (“For the People Act”), which is an attempt at legislated elections theft

Videos of John Todd former member of the Illuminati

Video link Of the Illuminati NWO CFR

The Zionist Kabbalah Jesuit connection

How Zionists truly control our election process and all aspects of American society:  note: I am not an anti-Semite and believe Israel is very special to God. However, Zionism is an entirely different story

Note: AntiZionism in NOT AntiSemitism.  Know the difference

The Impeachment trial sham

The Jones Plantation 

The hypocrisy and more proof our 2 party system is an illusion 

To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt by actual case history that the people are not the voice of the electorate but the courts

Manipulate Votes, No Problem. Reason 777 why I don't vote

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BB ^ | 12/08/01 | Eric Samuelson, J.D. 
Posted on 12/9/2001, 6:13:57 PM by Enemy Of The State
By Eric Samuelson, J.D.

 Johnny Stewart didn't buy the saying that "If you don't vote you can't complain." After considerable research on the ruling clique of elites in the U.S., his conclusion was that both parties at the top were controlled and that all major ballot candidates were picked by international bankers.
He left behind his wife Adela, four children and four grandchildren and his pioneering effort to provide the people of the United States with the information they needed to know about "the insiders".
Johnny Eugene Stewart was born on December 19, 1924 in Livingstone, Texas. He served in the Pacific for twenty-two months in World War II (1943-1944).
In 1978 Stewart awoke from his political sleep when he became convinced that the United States was being pushed into socialism and was slowly being destroyed.
Socialist Norman Thomas stated in 1947:"The creation of one world under one government might conceivably deprive lovers of liberty of any asylum from tyranny, any area of fellowship beyond the reach of the God -- or Devil -- state. From far corners of the globe men who dreamed of liberty would echo Elmer Davis's cry, 'No world if necessary.' The solution requires more than emotional fervor for a world united under federal government."(1) In 1953 Norman Thomas, who was the Socialist candidate for President in 1928 and for every election thereafter for twenty years, said: "(H)ere in America more measures once praised or denounced as socialist have been adopted than once I should have thought possible short of a socialist victory at the polls."(2) Thomas, a six-time Socialist party candidate for President, in 1957, said that "the United States is making greater strides toward socialism under Eisenhower than even under Roosevelt (FDR)."(3) In 1962 Norman Thomas added: "The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideas of socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly."
On September 23, 1978, Human Eventsran a story on Johnny Stewart, a businessman, taking on "big labor" and winning mainly by buying newspaper ads and exposing labor campaign contributions.
In 1979-1980 Stewart created F.R.E.E. (Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate) to provide the public with an educated understanding of the workings of government, how the system operates and how it might be improved. In his information sheet, Stewart stated that "both major political parties are controlled at the top by an international network, represented in the United States by The Council on Foreign Relations." He promised to reveal the"ingenious techniques used to deceive the public and create the widespread myth that there is truly a difference in the two parties at the top." Only after becoming informed would citizens be in a position to improve the system "working at the grass roots level." The solution was to get the facts to every American home bypassing the "CFR controlled media" with what Stewart called "mind conditioning" "news".
Stewart described the TC and CFR as "private organizations based in New York City which formulate and implement U.S. foreign and domestic policy without public knowledge." He wrote: "Both parties are infiltrated by Rockefeller people. Some pose as 'conservative' patriots and others wear the 'liberal' label. Every four years, voters are privileged to choose between a CFR Democratic and a CFR Republican, or candidates surrounded by CFR 'advisors.' Voters never realize that they are given no real choice."
As examples, Stewart said that in 1952 and 1956 voters were given the choice of CFR Stevenson or CFR Eisenhower. In 1960 it was CFR Nixon versus CFR John F. Kennedy. In 1968 CFR Nixon defeated CFR Humphrey. Then in 1972 it was CFR Nixon versus CFR McGovern. In 1976 Trilateralist Jimmy Carter ran and won against Gerald Ford (who was surrounded by CFR advisors including Henry Kissinger).
Choices for President in 1980 included John Anderson (CFR/TC), Howard Baker(CFR), George Bush (CFR/TC), James Earl Carter (TC charter member), Ted Kennedy (member of the Boston CFR affiliate) and several other non-members including Ronald Reagan. After Reagan won the election, Stewart identified some 57 elites that had been mentioned as being considered for appointments by Reagan.
Students, said Stewart, were "not taught who runs the government." He said that a comfortable merger with the Russians was under consideration by the "Planners" and that Zbig's book, Between Two Ages, showed they would "doanything to establish their NEW WORLD Order."
Stewart advised: "Keep CFR/TC membership lists handy when watching TV and when reading your local newspaper. Note that many of the leading news readers and columnists are CFR members."
In 1979 it became evident that there was an urgent need for a tax-exempt educational organization to provide Americans with vital facts which would enable them to make intelligent decisions in political matters.
Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate (F.R.E.E.) was formed in late 1979 into early 1980. On April 22, 1980 we received tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
A survey disclosed that less than 1% of the population had heard of two New York-based private organizations, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Trilateral Commission (TC). Few of those individuals understood the powerCFR/TC members exercise over our economy, government operations, the military, the media, the giant tax-exempt foundations, and the multi-national corporations.
We defined as our first and most important purpose, a program to provide the public with answers to the following vital questions:
1) Who controls the United States government and formulates its foreign and domestic policy?
SIMPLIFIED ANSWER: International bankers working through an international network, represented in the United States by the Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission.
2) How do they manage to control both major political parties at the top without public knowledge?
SIMPLIFIED ANSWER: CFR/TC members, heavily infiltrated into both parties, oppose each other at election time. Top media controllers prevent public knowledge of this. Delegates and voters alike need this information as shown in our analyses in chart form.
3) Why does the United States continue its slide downward into socialism regardless of which political party is in office?
SIMPLIFIED ANSWER: Socialism is the goal of those who control the U.S. This means total socialistic control of all resources, communications, commerce, wealth, and people, by a small, powerful group. As mentioned above, both parties are infiltrated, hence the continued slide downward. The same people remain in control, regardless of party in power.
4) What plans are being made for the future of our nation?
SIMPLIFIED ANSWER: The NEW WORLD ORDER is being planned. This would be a socialist, One-World government, with no Constitutional guarantees of individual freedoms.
5) What can a concerned individual do to help restore sane, Constitutional government?
SIMPLIFIED ANSWER: Assume an active interest in the future of our nation, working at the grass roots level. Become a delegate for maximum power in the election process. A majority of patriotic delegates would turn our nation back to sound Constitutional principles of greatness.
We believe it will be impossible for our nation to remain free unless every American becomes well informed on the answers to these vital questions.
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)claims to have "no affiliation with the United States government"; however, a Congressional Report states that the CFR "came to be, in essence, an agency of the United States government. . . There can be no doubt that much of the thinking in the State Department and much of the background of direction of its policies come from the personnel of. . . The Council on Foreign Relations." (Tax Exempt Foundations, Report, 83rd Congress, 2nd Session, 1954)
Regardless of its claim to having no affiliation with the United States government, CFR/TC members have occupied almost every position of power and policy in every administration since Franklin D. Roosevelt. An examination of CFR/TC planning publications make it clear that the CFR/TC do, indeed, plan U.S. foreign and domestic policy and have done so for many years. It became evident that recent policies could not possibly have been planned and implemented by those other than CFR/TC members, ex-members, their sympathizers, and the 'Trilateral' president, Jimmy Carter -- a 'puppet' president in the "Rockefeller - Brzezinski - Carter Administration."
Rear Admiral Chester Ward, U.S.N. (Ret.) was a member of the CFR (for)16 years. Admiral Ward stated that the influential publication of CFR, Foreign Affairs, carries the "official CER party line", set by ruling cliques within the CFR, and "starts to mold U.S. official foreign and defense policies some five to ten years in advance of the changes it finally brings about" (through corresponding legislation).
An honest evaluation of the state of our economy, our military, our prestige world-wide, our security agencies, our schools, and the continuous attacks upon almost all principles underlying institutions upon which our nation was founded, especially our church schools, lead to the conclusion that CFR/TC influenced policies have not been in the best interests of the people of the United States.
It seems incredible that a small, private organization could place its members in almost every strategic position of policy and power within our governmental structure for fifty years, without public knowledge or awareness. However, on examination of the power structure, it became apparent why so few people are unaware, or uninformed. Most public knowledge is derived from the news media. The CFR Annual Report for 1980-1981 states that 10% (216) of its 2,164 members are journalists, correspondents and communications executives. CFR/TC members exert massive influence on news media, which enables restriction of the CFR/TC exposure to public scrutiny.
In the majority of past presidential elections, voters have been forced to "choose" between a CFR Democrat and a CFR Republican, or candidates surrounded by CFR "advisors", (i.e., "no choice"). The 1980 presidential race appeared likely to "pit" CFR/TC candidate George Bush against Trilateral Commission President Jimmy Carter. A closer look at the Bush campaign contributions showed many CFR/TC members and the Rockefeller family were providing major funding for Bush. David Rockefeller was quoted as having said, "Watch Bush go".
We knew most people would not have time to read books before the election. Since the CFR/TC-influenced media would not inform the people, we felt an educational tool was needed, to enable busy people to overview at a glance the CFR/TC control structure. F.R.E.E.'s graphic analysis chart was designed as a tool which would alert a maximum number of people in a minimum of time, and at the lowest possible cost.
With limited funds, 25,000 17" x 22" "Broadsides" were printed. A few were distributed at a Christian rally in Fort Worth; people recognized the potential value and impact of our chart, and we received some contributions. We then borrowed enough capital to print 1,000,000 copies, which were shipped in quantities up to 55,000 to several states. With the election only a few months away, we had no time to sell such quantities, so we asked the distributors to send any contributions they could collect.
We also produced an 11" x 17" chart with quotations from Goldwater's excellent and timely book, With No Apologies. These were distributed at many political meetings in Texas, and at press conferences.
We distributed 17,000 broadsides in the state of Illinois. Independent truckers, according to our reports, reprinted large quantities, and the chart became a major factor in what Human Events referred to as "Reagan's landslide victory . . . despite the vigorous campaign that was waged against Reagan by Illinois' two leading newspapers. . ." Human Events also reported that Bush received only 11% of the vote in Illinois.
F.R.E.E. has never supported or opposed any candidate for election. Our charts do not attack anyone. They merely pinpoints the alignment of George Bush and others who are, or have been, members of David Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations, and/or the Trilateral Commission.
When questioned about his connection with these Rockefeller-controlled, elite groups, Mr. Bush appeared quite upset. In several newscasts he complained about literature (our charts) being distributed by Reagan supporters. He stated this "was a new low in politics". He became more markedly defensive by mailing a Special Memo to "Fellow Texans", in which he defended The Trilateral Commission and denied he was a "tool of David Rockefeller". He termed it "scurrilous", "junk literature" and suggested it be "considered 'rubbish', and given the attention it so rightly deserved -- by filing it in the trash can."
Such strong defense by Bush of the TC brings up an interesting point: When Mr. Bush was asking for financial support and votes, he was simultaneously defending the organization (TC) which planned and implemented the insidious "Windfall" tax (better known as the "Windfall Profits" tax), which is hurting royalty owners and consumers of petroleum products: The Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council estimates this excise tax will take over $12 billion dollars out of Texas in 1982 alone.
15,000 broadsides were placed in New York hotel rooms during the Republican Convention. Friends of F.R.E.E. also distributed 10,000 copies of the "Goldwater" flyer at the Republican National Convention in Detroit. Goldwater stated in his convention speech, "This might be the last Republican convention, and in two weeks, - the last Democrat convention . . . there are forces working against our country . . . selfish forces working for their own interests. . ." Our revised charts included his statement, which indicates Senator Goldwater knows whereof he speaks regarding the CFR/TC planned New World Order.
7,000 broadsides were distributed on the Baylor University Campus, Waco, and large quantities at Texas University, Austin and Texas A&M, College Station.
Our large broadside explained the control of Carter by pro-Marxist Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose writings make it clear that he feels "America is 'obsolete', our sovereignty is 'fiction' and Marxism is 'a victory of reason over belief'."
Daily, propaganda continually blames Reagan for all of America's problems at home and abroad. His administration is heavily staffed with many CFR/TC members. Many of those who were in the bureaucracy are still in place.
We see the Federal Reserve destroying our economy with excessive interest rates under the guise of "fighting inflation", an inflation that is obviously caused by the Federal Reserve and the government. The CFR/TC dominated news media attempts to blame inflation on businessmen and working people. Excessive interest rates are blamed on Reagan, who has no power whatsoever over the Federal Reserve.
We believe that the media propaganda campaign will continue and intensify to the point where the nation (and perhaps the world) may be plunged into a severe depression which will be blamed on President Reagan, the Republican Party, and conservative policies. We also are convinced that the New World Order planners wish to bring this disaster about, so our nation can be pushed further left than ever before. Whether these plans materialize, we insist that CFR/TC control of our government must be explained to the people so that sane, Constitutional government can be restored swiftly.
Our planned program must continue to bring the CFR/TC into the light of public awareness and scrutiny. As Senator Goldwater stated, "An aroused America, an informed America, can overcome the perils of the present moment, and rescue freedom for our nation and the world. . ." We believe citizens will become aroused to political action once they know the truth. F.R.E.E. is qualified to quickly inform all Americans through a new and unique communications system.
A number of radio ministers have distributed our educational materials. One of our most important projects is to persuade religious leaders to cooperate with us in exposure of the impact of the CFR/TC. In 1979, Pat Robertson, President of the '700 Club', on the Christian Broadcast Network, told U.S. News and World Report: ". . . (I)t is absolutely vital that we take control of the United States government away from The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations."
We hope to show religious leaders everywhere an easy way to bring this about without endangering their tax-exempt status.
Today, there are over 6,000 contributors on our mailing list. They have provided an invaluable service to our nation by distributing our broadsides throughout the land.
When one considers the following facts, it becomes evident that their efforts have been successful:
1) Talk shows throughout the nation are now discussing the CFR/TC and listener response indicates that many people are becoming aroused and informed. CFR President, Winston Lord, has appeared on William Buckley's Firing Line, and on the WLAC talk show, Nashville, Tennessee.
2) National Review, November 13, 1981, printed a lengthy article defending The Trilateral Commission and Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, Between Two Ages. F.R.E.E. was mentioned in the first paragraph of this cover story, which sought to discredit us, (along with the John Birch Society, Liberty Lobby's Spotlight, Trilaterals Over Washington, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., leftist historian, William Applemen Williams, Harvard's George Wald, John Connally), and anyone or group suggesting that The Trilateral Commission should be viewed with inquiry or probe.
3) A reporter from Esquire, on finding our chart taped to the door of the Special Projects Division of the Council on Foreign Relations, quoted the director of that division as saying he "hoped the publicity had peaked".
We have proven our ability to circumvent the news media when necessary to provide truth to the public. By increasing our supporters to 20,000 in 1982 distribution of our educational materials can be even more effective.
We urge that supporters continue their efforts to help us reach our goal of creating an aroused and informed American electorate.
American military men have died needlessly in two deliberate "no-win" wars through influence of planning advocates of the NEW WORLD ORDER, who believe America should enter war prepared to accept something less than victory, that Christianity is a "myth", the United States and her Constitution are "obsolete", and that our national sovereignty is "fiction" and "no longer compatible with reality".
Under treasonous civilian direction, our heroic servicemen in Vietnam fought a twelve-year, no-win war that could have been won in a few weeks. The world watched our forces flee in panic and confusion as the term "surrender in disgrace" was assigned a new meaning . . . "peace with honor". American losses: 55,000 dead (if we can believe the published statistics), thousands mangled, and thousands more destroyed from hard drug addiction. The final result: A united Communist Vietnam; genocide in Cambodia; Communist conquest of all Southeast Asia, and American apathy unparalleled in our nation's history.
The plain truth, clear after our futile involvements in Korea and Vietnam, is: Under domination of a private, New York based organization called the Council on Foreign Relations, America has shown no will to win any American military victory in opposition to Communism since World War II. In fact, many of our leaders have been ingrained with a strong determination to lose.
These same "One-Worlders" managed to select, train and elect President Jimmy Carter, who continued the destruction of military begun by CFR members Robert McNamara and Henry Kissinger. With the help of pro-Marxist elements in the State Department, Carter systematically betrayed nations we relied upon as pro-American bulwarks against Communist aggression and whose minerals are strategically vital to our defense. Iran, Rhodesia, South Africa and Nicaragua are glaring examples. Under Carter's "New World Order" leadership, this nation's sworn enemies prospered as never before. The outcome of that betrayal is seen in the following excerpts from The Spiritual State of the Union, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Gables, Florida.
In late 1979, Maj. Gen. George J. Keegan, Jr., former Chief, Air Force Intelligence, directly stated to Dr. Kennedy: "We have not one single defensive weapon in this country to stop an incoming missile, and . . . no later than 1985 the Soviet Union will consider itself to be totally impervious to any threat from America; we will be able to do nothing . . ."
Keegan related to Kennedy, that in early fall, 1979, "Intelligence sources indicated the previous day in Washington, the Russians had successfully tested a 'particle beam weapon'."
Kennedy stated: "An article appeared a short time later confirming that fact; it produces a bolt of lightning that can knock missile after missile out of the sky. This dangerously alters the balance of strength between our two countries."
Under CFR leadership carefully shielded by controlled media from general public knowledge, America has become an untrustworthy ally to those who once regarded us as the strongest barrier against world-wide slavery. Fear and mistrust of our leadership has forced many weaker nations into shaky compromises with the Soviets and her satellite countries.
There is still time to turn the tide of the fate of this nation by focusing public scrutiny on those responsible for this destructive and disgraceful state of our nation. It is past time to re-examine the meaning of the word, TREASON, and at the same time, determine just who is responsible for "aiding and abetting" the Communist cancer -- at home -- and abroad.
Rear Admiral Chester Ward, U.S. Navy (ret.) was Judge Advocate General of the Navy 1956-60. He received a law degree (Juris Doctor) with highest honors from George Washington University Law School in 1968. He has lectured on national strategy in seminars conducted by the U.S. Army, the Stanford Research Institute, the Institute for American Strategy, the National Guard, and the Foreign Policy Research Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. He was a founding member, National Strategy Committee of the American Security Council. Though Admiral Ward was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for 15 years, he became one of its severest critics after his resignation from the CFR. His great patriotism and strength of character make his criticisms of great importance. A few of his comments, excerpted from KISSINGER ON THE COUCH (Schlafly & Ward): "The most powerful cliques in these (CFR)elitist groups have one objective in common; they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States. . this lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the (CFR) membership. They consider that this objective is at once so idealistic. . and so urgent (a lasting world peace can be secured only by disarming all nations down to internal police levels), that their end justifies any means." (p.129)
"Over the years we have seen substantially every one of their (CFR)America-Last programs become the official policy of the United States government." (p. 145)
Admiral Ward explains that when we elect a president. "What they think is one-man rule is actually one man BEING ruled. Instead of a president capturing monolithic or totalitarian power, he himself is captured." (Admiral Ward points to the Kissinger rule during the Nixon-Ford years.) With reference to those who 'ran' the Vietnam War, he named as ''traitors'' . . . Kissinger, McNamara, Bundy, Nitze, Rusk, Gilpatrick, Vance, McNaughton, and Rostow.
About the SALT negotiations, Admiral Ward stated: "'Conspiratorial' is the precise term to describe the nature of the entfre process involving SALT It was initiated in a conspiracy designed by McNamara, and secretly carried on through Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin. Its undenied purpose was to abort the U.S. anti-missile program that for years had the unanimous support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the near-unanimous support of both houses of Congress." (p. 319)
The Admiral cries out: "May God give these United States one Senator who will ask the right questions." (p. 305, KISSINGER ON THE COUCH)
Dr. Kennedy, in THE SPIRITUAL STATE OF THE NATION, quoting Admiral Moorer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time of the SALT I Treaty; "Every one of the U.S. defense programs to be initiated with SALT I has either been cancelled, delayed, or stretched out, and it puts us in the position of facing the threat of the 80's with equipment designed for the 60's."
Since CFR policy disarmed the United States, it is interesting to note that Jimmy Carter's mentor and New World Order advocate Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR/TC)admits that: "(I)t is likely that in the absence of these weapons war would long since have broken out between the United States and the Soviet Union." Between Two Ages (page 7)
How can Americans continue to allow themselves to be governed by leadership which intends to render us helpless before the world? We can understand it when we realize -- that leadership controls all branches of government, the military, and mass media at the very highest echelons. Americans have simply been uninformed and misinformed through CFR control of the media.
F.R.E.E.'s charts clearly show the degree to which CFR members have gained acting control of our military. Let's try to determine how they have instilled their treasonous ''no-win" philosophy into our once great fighting organizations.
Without public knowledge, for many years the Council on Foreign Relations has carefully selected military men for training at the Harold Pratt House on Fifth Avenue, New York City. Their recruits attend CFR meetings and training sessions at taxpayers' expense. We also pay $4,000 tuition per man, per year to cover indoctrinating officers in the delicate nuances of NEW WORLD ORDER politics. CFR cronies have secured command of the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Army War College, and our National Defense University. This may explain why we have so many "negotiators" at the top in our military, instead of the "fighting generals" that were victors in World War II. The very word, ''victory'' seems to have been effectively banished from military vocabulary. Apparently "victory" is not taught as a viable concept in the CFR's selective military training institutions.
As a result of concentrated CFR attention to training military leaders, the United States has a generation of officers who have never known victory. Have they been conditioned by treasonous political leadership to accept defeat when imposed upon them? Are many actively or unknowingly working toward surrender of our sovereignty to a world "super state"? Surely, astute military men recognize the reasons for such policies -- whereby CFR leaders are openly betraying the U.S. through promoting aid and assistance to sworn enemies of the U.S. An example:
-- U.S. Aid built the truck factories which provided the vehicles used in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan;
-- the trucks were powered by fuel from oil fields equipped by the U.S.;
-- the vehicles rolled over strategic American-build highways; and,
-- invading Soviet bloc soldiers marched to battle wearing American cowhide boots, while eating bread made from American wheat!
Dr. Antony Sutton, in NATIONAL SUICIDE, MILITARY AID TO THE SOVIET UNION, proves conclusively that over 90 percent of the Soviet's technology came from the West. . most of it specifically originating in America. Ironically, this same treasonous type of aid is being given to Communist China today. Obviously the CFR specializes in building up our enemies while "pushing" into Marxist hands our faithful allies like Cuba, Rhodesia, Iran and Nicaragua . . . and let us not forget Taiwan.
David Rockefeller, Chairman of both the Council of Foreign Relations, and its offspring, the Trilateral Commission, eulogizes Comrade Chairman Mao, and openly supports Marxist regimes. In addition to covert revolution, Rockefeller's single-minded idea is to profit . . . by promoting massive transfers of American technology and weaponry to yet another backward Communist power . . . even if its open goal is to exterminate the United States. As absurd and treasonous as this is, who can expect our captive CFR-trained military officers to question their CFR pro-Marxist civilian masters? Why were gallant, uncompromising men -- who dared their CFR masters -- sent home from Korea and Vietnam in disgrace? Was it planned CFR policy that we lost those wars?
General MacArthur was 'fired' for wanting victory. He was replaced by a CFR general trained to 'think differently'.
Marine General Lewis Walt writes that Marine forces in Korea were compelled to submit in advance a detailed plan of attack for approval by U.N. Command Headquarters. Each time they attacked, the enemy had been forewarned. The Marines could not achieve surprise, nor were they allowed to retain anything they won while under United Nations control.
In Vietnam, one general was 'fired' because he dared to blast Vietnamese tanks moving to invade South Vietnam. Countless Navy and Air Force pilots went down in flames when attacking useless targets, while being forbidden to attack strategic military targets.
No doubt patriotic military commanders in Vietnam felt utterly helpless when Henry Kissinger's voice over tactical radio command from thousands of miles away countermanded their field orders. Then, Kissinger, chief architect of our nowin policy, was doing what CFR people do best -- insuring America's defeat.
We cannot continue to allow the CFR to secretly plan all American policy, and its forced servitude of our servicemen to the Communist dominated United Nations.
Finally, a catalog of CFR treachery would be incomplete without a thorough examination of the disgraceful neglect of U.S. prisoners of war taken by the North Vietnamese. Only one attempt was made to rescue prisoners and it failed. Those years of untold immense and intense suffering by our captured military men again must rest in responsibility solely at the feet of the CFR.
From the December 9, editorial, Chicago Tribune: "The members of the Council are persons of more than average influence in the community. They have used the prestige that their wealth, their social position, and their education have given them to lead their country toward bankruptcy and military debacle. They should look at their hands. There is blood on them -- the dried blood of the last war and the fresh blood of the present one (the Korean War)."
The record is clear: Thirty-five years of Council on Foreign Relations control of the Department of Defense has brought us thirty-five years unrelieved defeat. With that record we think it is reasonable to expect more uncertain days in the future, which would bring continued defeats, disgrace, derision among the nations of the world, and result in our final, irreversible national extinction as well. "An end to nationhood" (as Walt Rostow, CFR, put it), has long been a stated goal of the CFR's most 'distinguished' members."
The CFR does not intend that this nation survive its leadership - and in order to forestall a revolt against wholesale treason among the military, the CFR simply took over. The evidence is clear, conclusive, unmistakable, and undebatable. See for yourself. . our charts make it easy to understand.
Norman Dodd, Director of Research during the House Committee Investigation of Tax Exempt Foundations, was told by Mr. Rowan Gaither (CFR), President of the Ford Foundation, that their grant-making policies are designed to alter life in the United States so that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.
After observing the betrayal of a number of anti-Communist nations friendly to the U.S., General Albion Knight stated that he 'fully expected an American surrender ceremony to be conducted in the White House Rose Garden and broadcast on all major TV networks."
Dr. Antony Sutton, Ph.D., in his timely expose of The Trilateral Commission, TRILATERALS OVER WASHINGTON, observed: "(T)he Carter Administration is not at all concerned with black rights or human rights, it is concerned only in helping yet another Marxist government into power. . It may take a while yet, but sooner or later this simple tragic fact is going to penetrate the minds of independent Americans and independent governments overseas."
Admiral Ward, the long-time CFR member quoted above, commented on the problems encountered by the modern-day "Paul Revere" when he wrote: "Americans are inclined to disbelieve anyone who speaks out bluntly as to how desperate our defense situation is. In the first place, it is very difficult to believe something you have neither heard nor read. If someone does speak out, the administration makes massive efforts to suppress the material and smear the one who spoke out. Most of the mass media will ignore it if possible, and if not, will degrade or discredit it, and smear the one who speaks out. Finally, the American people, especially the patriotic ones, simply do not want to hear or believe any such bad news about their country. They have an emotional and ideological blocking which tells them that America is not only the greatest but the most powerful nation on earth, and that anyone who says otherwise must be a liar attempting to downgrade our country."
Solzhenitzyn put his finger on the problem when he commented: "No, it is not any difficulties of perception that the West is suffering, but a desire not to know, an emotional preference for the pleasant over the unpleasant."
Admiral Ward had much to say about the SALT process and presented his readers with many damning facts about the CFR members who participated in it: "These additional facts make a highly persuasive case that Kissinger did care about strategic supremacy -- and that he urgently wanted the Soviets to have it . . . we have the answer to the question of why Kissinger would accept and sell the American people and their President the arms control agreements that were not only signed in Moscow, but made in Moscow. He and the Kremlin were working toward the same goal: A preclusive first-strike capability for the Soviet Union over the United States. So it was that the Soviet-drafted SALT I Agreements became one more instrument to be used by Dr. Kissinger in shaping his NEW WORLD ORDER . . ."
"If we give up and say that it is beyond us, we will have surrendered to those elitists the decision over our life or death, and they in turn will surrender us to the masters of Kissinger's NEW WORLD ORDER . . ."
"Our assertion that such a NEW WORLD ORDER is Henry Kissinger's planned objective is not a figment of a fevered imagination."
In his initial appearance at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on his confirmation as Secretary of State on September 7, 1973, he pontifically invited Congress to share his demiurgical mission: "Our task is to define -- together -- the contours of a NEW WORLD, and to shape America's contribution to it.
"Congress doesn't have a mandate to create a new world. . . The U.S. Constitution does not enumerate a "new world" project. It does, however, enumerate the duty to provide for the "common defense of the states of the United States. Influential CFR members have worked half a century to change this. . . (emphasis ours)
General Lewis Walt, U.S.M.C., was Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps from 1968 to 1971, and served in combat during World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. His book, The Eleventh Hour, should be read by every concerned American, especially our servicemen. Here are a few words of warning from that book:
"The facts are these: The United States has been brought, by its own civilian leaders, to a position of military inferiority to the Soviet Union. . . the Soviet leaders believe that with patience they can in a short time force us to surrender. I am not talking about some date in the far distant future, but some day within the next four or five years.
"As Ernest Hemingway wrote at the beginning of World War II, there are several things worse than war and they all come with defeat . . ."
"The objectives are these.' 1) To purge the Congress of the forces of appeasement and surrender which are pulling us toward war or slavery; and 2) Replace them with men and women of integrity and common sense who will restore our military superiority, the only coin with which we can buy the time for diplomacy to work."
"The destiny of the American people belongs in our hands, not in the hands of foreign tyrants."
Writing in WITH NO APOLOGIES, Senator Barry Goldwater gives us a glimpse of some tragedies related to the control of our military operations by CFR policy. The Korea and Vietnam no-win wars were controlled by CFR policies, and the disgraceful betrayal of free Cubans at the Bay of Pigs was the subject of these observations: "It was a plan which should have succeeded. . . Operation Pluto ended in bloody defeat."
"From one of our aircraft carriers standing off Cuba that weekend we did launch our aircraft. The pilots of those war planes were ordered to search out and destroy any remaining aircraft available to Castro's forces."
"After the planes were in the air, the order to strike was countermanded in a message from the President of the United States to the Admiral in command of the carrier. The American planes were recalled . . ."
"Civilian authorities denied our troops a victory in Korea by designating the area north of the Yalu as a sanctuary. That defeat had a disastrous effect on American civilian and military morale . . ."
"In Vietnam we fought a twelve-year war which could have been ended in twelve weeks. Our political masters were afraid to acknowledge defeat and wouldn't let our military win a victory . . ."
"The only word adequate to describe our conduct is 'betrayal'."
Clearly the betrayal these men write about has been by the members of two private groups in New York City; the Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission. It continues even today, very cleverly hidden from public view and understanding by a media which is controlled by these same people. American servicemen should ponder the question; Who do we serve, the American people or a group of international bankers? The question is, will Americans sit quietly by and allow a handful of wealthy elitist internationalists to enslave their children and grandchildren?
Stewart, armed with a video camera, did a short interview with Senator Lloyd Bentsen. Some of the conversation was as follows:
BENTSEN: Are you with the newspapers?"
STEWART: "Ahh, I'm doing some research."
Double talk (Inaudible)
BENTSEN: "I'll be glad to answer that. You're obviously a plant."
BENTSEN: "What is your name?"
STEWART: "My name is Johnny Stewart."
BENTSEN: "Oh, you're the fellow."
STEWART: "We're printing two million of a chart that addresses these allegations."
BENTSEN: "Uh, huh. I've read that."
STEWART: "I'm glad you may have because everything in here is accurate and documented and we hope that every American can get this in their hands, in a very short time, Senator."
BENTSEN: "I would hope so."
STEWART: "They'll know who runs their country, then."
BENTSEN: "They'll find what kind of guy you represent."
STEWART: "Senator, can I ask you one question?"
BENTSEN: "Well, I'm not interested in the kind of trash that you're..."
STEWART: "Well, I'd just like to know if you were or were not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, that's all. Would you like to tell us?"
BENTSEN: "I'm not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations."
STEWART: "Sir you were. Your name disappeared from the list in 1976, was it?"
BENTSEN: "I frankly don't remember."
Source: Eric Samuelson, "Stewart Gives Talk On Trilateralists," The Texan Express (Goliad) (November 28, 1984).
Much time has passed since Johnny Stewart wrote these reports. Goldwater has been discredited as a "right-winger" by the press and media. F.R.E.E., however, is still working to update the Stewart-originated elite charts. Write to F.R.E.E. (Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate), P.O. Box 33339, Kerville, Texas 78029. 50 copies cost $15 or 100 for $25.
1. Norman Thomas, Appeal to the Nations63 (1947).
2. W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Capitalist130 (1970).
3. James Perloff, The Shadows of Power viii (1988).
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This doesn't count -
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Just thought you might like to put this in your back pocket. Dont know how much I would regard as reliable but it does add a little extra perspective on such a "secret" organization. If either of you have any further info on the CFR please feel free to send it my way. 
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